Friday, August 28, 2009

Officer Wesley Cheeks Turn In Your Badge...YOU don't make the laws!!!

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See video below.
Is this why we need the 2nd Amendment?


Anonymous said...

He works for Fairfax County School Security.
The cop's supervisor is Carl Davis, Mr. Davis's number is 571-423-1200

24-Hour Dispatch/Call Center 703-764-2400
Main Office 703-658-3760

Jim McLain, Security Coordinator

Lt. Daniel Townsend, Fairfax County Police/School Liaison Commander

Mark Harvey said...

dumbass fat-ass cop

Unknown said...

He is NOT a security guard. He is a sworn police officer. Check out Oath Keepers website for more information on this:

Also, if you would like to file a complaint against Officer Cheeks, you may contact the following individual:

Major James A. Morris
Fairfax County Police Department
(703) 246-2918

Anonymous said...

You can file a complaint against Officer Cheeks at the Fairfax County Police Interna Affairs website at: