Wednesday, October 29, 2014

California here I go...

I once lived in California...correction, I lived there twice but never longer than two years in a row.  It was every body's Uncle Sam that sent me there during my military career.  Spend a long enough time in most any branch of the military services and you're bound to see California at least once or twice if only for a visit before departing somewhere over the Pacific.  When I was a kid I heard that oft repeated line from a song, "California, here I come Right back where I started from..." but never remembered all the lyrics that over the years had been recorded by numerous artists including the likes of Al Jolson and Ray Charles.  Yes, the land of fruits and nuts was a huge attraction for many generations of Americans.  They moved there in droves during the dust-bowl times of Oklahoma and even during the best of times in other areas.  "Go west young man." was more than an inspiration, it was a wishful dream for many.  But the first line of the song, California Dreamin' would foretell of the demise yet to come, "All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray."  Sounds dismal to me!
Whatever made California the place-to-be would soon be run by the most weirdest of all political hacks the world has ever seen.  Boxer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown and God only knows the wierdo's in the state house have turned California into the place-not-to-be.  And so it's no longer, "California here I come."  It's California here I go! ~ Norman E. Hooben

I found the following over at Cap'n Bob and the pretty much describes the current California climate.

Exiting California
Posted by Cap'n Bob
We are now completely disassociated with Kalifornistan, save for our friends and relatives there. We will go back for visiting purposes, but our money and property will be elsewhere.
And, we’re not the only ones leaving the formerly Golden State. Millions of retirees, like us, are out of there. Plus, businesses and manufacturing jobs are moving. The Lisa Benson cartoon above adds some snark, but a very good article by Daniel J. Mitchell links the changes in California to a steady flow of jobs to Texas and other places.
Much of my writing is focused on the real-world impact of government policy, and this is why I repeatedly look at the relative economic performance of big government jurisdictions and small government jurisdictions.
But I don’t just highlight differences between nations. Yes, it’s educational to look at North Korea vs. South Korea or Chile vs. Venezuela vs. Argentina, but I also think you can learn a lot by looking at what’s happening with different states in America.
So we’ve looked at high-tax states that are languishing, such as California and Illinois, and compared them to zero-income-tax states such as Texas.
With this in mind, you can understand that I was intrigued to see that even the establishment media is noticing that Texas is out-pacing the rest of the nation.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Re-setting the doomsday clock ~ Are we just a half minute before midnight?

Doomsday Clock
Back in 2009 Leonard Eiger wrote a piece called "It's 5 Minutes to Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Nukes Are?"  In that essay Eiger clearly states his position on nuclear weapons.  A position I take as very dangerous to the existence of the so-called free world we live in today.  Those of us who have lived through all the Cold War years remember the doomsday clock that warned us how close to war we were with the Soviet Union.
Originally set at seven minutes to midnight by the designers based on the political climate of the times, it was my personal feeling that we were much closer to midnight during the Cuban Missile crisis.  The Cuban thing was dominant for me because it was within a year or so after I entered the United States Air Force so I would surmise that the clock was less than five minutes before all hell was to break loose...but I would be wrong.  The closest the clock got to midnight was in 1953 when both the Soviets and the United States were testing nuclear bombs at the same time.  That clock was set to two minutes before midnight for that event and has never got closer since. 
Just as I was wrong about where the clock should be set, Mr. Eiger seems to think that because we have a new guy in the White House that we can turn the clock back; here, let me quote him:
"With a new president in The White House we have just the opportunity we need to turn back the clock. But it will require the engagement of the American People in an issue that most have found untouchable since the dawn of the nuclear age. President Obama has stated his desire to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but is taking a cautious approach."
Although I haven't seen any official position by anyone of note, the doomsday clock is within seconds to midnight since the arrival of Obama so Eiger is dead wrong... More wrong than I ever was, if I could say so myself! 
What prompted me to write this piece was a voice I was listening to over satellite radio while on a recent cross-country trip.  I didn't get the interviewer's name nor the one being interviewed but the overall conversation was very interesting seemingly coming from very knowledgeable people.  It was the interviewee that stated, "The doomsday clock is one-second before midnight."
Now I played around with my own doomsday clock several years ago.  No, I wasn't concerning my self with all the world's events that may be leading us into hell, I was studying the catalyst that would nudge the second hand to that magic hour and that catalyst is none other than the guy in the White House.  I made the following without regard to a second hand; just the hour and minute hand.  (I believe my depiction of Obama was more accurate than Eiger's.)
This clock was set in June of 2008 if I had to reset it today (Oct 27, 2014) I
would set the minute hand within a half minute to midnight. ~ N. Hooben