Tuesday, November 13, 2018


“The years following the American Revolution were a critical period in American history, when the newly independent states teetered toward disunion under the Articles of Confederation.  Looking at a selection of Washington’s most pivotal acts—including conferring with like-minded nationalists…” ~ from the book “George Washington Nationalist” by Edward J. Larson
When asked what nationalism is, Professor Nicholas Giordano stated, “Nationalism is important because it’s what links us together as a country. We are a nation state. And so, when you’re looking at the concept of nationalism, it’s the acceptance of the American creed; the tenets of the American creed. As well as it helps us to motivate us to help our country. Nationalism is one of the most important concepts out there. Macron is just wrong; it’s as simple as that.”
Is it inherently a racial creed?  Does it have anything to do with race?”
“No, it doesn’t. What nationalism does, it fosters Democratic consciousness. That’s an important point that people get wrong. We have a stake in the system. We have legitimate authority over the system as people of the United States. Prior to nationalism, loyalty was to one leader. Now it’s to the country as a whole and nationalism forces patriotism.”
Why would there be such a loud caucus against nationalism? Against national unity?”
“I think there are two things going on. When you look at someone like President Macron of France, I think he likes the idea of transnationalism. Trying to replace nationalism with this regional nationalism,” Giordano pointed out. “If we look at the United States, the people that say that nationalism is a bad thing or nationalism is racist, I think they just aren’t necessarily proud of the country that the United States is. They’re focused on all the bad that the United States has done.”

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Some people can't stand the truth... I posted this video earlier on FaceBook where someone was attempting to display Walter Cronkite as some folk hero of the news media. The video was taken down and that's too bad, we should never hide the truth else the lie would be all we have left. First I should point out that Walter Cronkite was promoted as "The Most Trusted Man In America"... Well who told you that? CBS news told you that as they covered up his true identity. Remember, CBS (or any of the so-called main stream media) do not by any stretch of the imagination report objective news but rather the news 'they' want you to know. (Former CBS News president Richard Salant (1961 - 64 and 1966 - 79) explained the major media's role: "Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.") Now listen to the anti-American Cronkite talk about doing away with American sovereignty, supporting the Law of the Sea Treaty (one of the worst treaties ever devised by man), the World Federalist Organization ( a communist inspired group dedicated to destroying American sovereignty), George Soros (we all know that SOB financier of most anti-American movements around the world)...well I can go on an on but listen to Cronkite tell you who's side he's really on...the side of the devil.  That should wake up a few people! Oh, and his friend at the end of the video is a big supporter of his goals...she says so herself!

Norman E. Hooben