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Islam, Latest Contributions To The Religion Of a little behind the scenes look at why

Have you ever wondered why we hear so much about Islam in recent years?  Sometimes we have to brush away a little gloss to find the villian...

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace
"Mohammed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another"
Quran 48:29
2011.09.15 (Pattani, Thailand) - Islamists set off a landmine under a vehicle, then drag out five injured soldiers and shoot them in the head.
2011.09.15 (Lower Dir, Pakistan) - A suicide bomber detonates in the middle of a packed funeral, killing dozens of mourners.
2011.09.14 (Tirah, Pakistan) - Islamists behead a civilian.
2011.09.14 (Hillah, Iraq) - Seventeen people die in a car bomb blast outside a restaurant, including three children.
2011.09.14 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - A Muslim soldier murders two Buddhists in a suicide attack.
2011.09.14 (Ramadai, Iraq) - Six Iraqis at an airport are sent to Allah by Jihad bombers.

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Social Security...What security? The Democrats giveth and the democrats taketh away...there's no contract! (So says Congressman Jim Cooper D-Tenn)

SEC. 202. (a) Every qualified individual (as defined in section 210) shall be entitled to receive, with respect to the period beginning on the date he attains the age of sixty-five, or on January 1, 1942, whichever is the later, and ending on the date of his death, an old-age benefit (payable as nearly as practicable in equal monthly installments) as follows:...blah, blah, blah

So what's with the "shall be entitled to receive"
Then there's this:

SEC. 203. (a) If any individual dies before attaining the age of sixty-five, there shall be paid to his estate an amount equal to 3 1/2 per centum of the total wages determined by the Board to have been paid to him, with respect to employment after December 31, 1936...blah, blah, blah
So what's with the "there shall be paid to his estate"

It appears to me that the "shall be..." is contractual

Meanwhile we all know that there is no money in the accounts...President Johnson (you remember him...the war on poverty guy) took all the Social Security money and placed it into the general fund...and ya'll know what happened to the general fund...they spent it all !!! ...the crooks !!!  ~
Norman E. Hooben

The following from CNS News

Democrat Congressman: Gov't Has No Contractual Obligation to Pay Social Security Benefits

( – Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) said that most Americans do not understand that federal entitlements are not “bank account” programs that hold their money, adding that Social Security is not even a legal guarantee.
“Are these vested benefits? Are these contractual benefits?" Cooper asked of Social Security benefits. "Well, it turns out they’re not. Legally, they’re not even promises. They’re scheduled benefits and most Americans are not even aware of that.”
Cooper, asked about potential reforms to Medicare and Medicaid, said that the core problem was that the public does not understand the true nature of entitlements.
“Many Americans don’t really realize that Medicare is a government program,” Cooper said at a press conference with fellow Blue Dogs on Wednesday. “We have to start first with diagnosing the problem, helping all Americans understand the true nature of the programs.”
“Many people think that Social Security and Medicare are bank account programs, and money that they’ve paid in is stored up in their name just for them,” he said. “That is a widespread misconception.”
Cooper said that Congress could do itself a favors by explaining to Americans that the payroll taxes deducted from their paychecks go into the government’s coffers and are used to pay benefits for current retirees and are not saved for their retirement.
“There’s a lot we could do to help people understand that the payroll taxes they pay in this month are paid out next month to somebody they’ve never met, a complete stranger,” he explained.
Cooper also said that Congress should be explaining that it does not account for entitlement spending in the normal way, but puts it off on what he called a “government credit card,” rather than accounting for it through the normal budgeting process.
“There’s another huge set of issues having to do with government accounting,” Cooper said. “We put most of these precious, vital programs on the government credit card, as opposed to treating them in the regular budget process.”
Cooper is referring to a process known as off-budget accounting whereby Congress accounts for the Social Security and Medicare trust funds separately from its regular revenue and spending calculations. This process separates entitlement spending from the regular yearly budget, often making it difficult to gauge how much money the government actually spends in a given year.
Many critics have argued that bringing entitlements back into the regular budgeting process is a more honest way to account for them because it would allow the public to see the entirety of federal spending and taxation every year.
Cooper noted one final misconception that Congress should correct--that most people believe that Social Security benefits are legal obligations of the federal government. In fact, he noted, they are nothing of the sort. Instead they are merely “scheduled benefits” that can be altered at any time.
“A further issue has to do with the legal treatment of these programs,” Cooper said. “Are these vested benefits? Are these contractual benefits? Well, it turns out they’re not. Legally, they’re not even promises.Tthey’re scheduled benefits and most Americans are not even aware of that.”
Cooper said Congress has “a lot of work to do” to educate the public about the true nature of entitlement programs.
“So we have a lot of work to do here as a Congress to start getting people’s heads in the game and understand the true nature of the dilemma,” he said

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The List

I don't know when this list was compiled nevertheless it should come under the scrutiny of people that refer to themselves as Democrats for most Democrat voters are not aware of the ideology behind the fa├žade of their party's designated candidate.  A case in point...Democrat voters who voted for John F. Kennedy and also voted for his brother Edward 'Ted' Kennedy obviously were ignorant of either's political desires for we the people.  John was very anti-Communist whereas Ted was pro-Socialist and even conspired with the Communists in his efforts to downplay Ronald Reagan. Obviously the list was compiled while Ted Kennedy was still alive else he would not be listed.  His death was anti-climatic for me; I would have much rather had him live and suffer the slings and arrows of a long term prison sentence...but the ignorant voters kept him free for 'way too long!  Whatever good John F. Kennedy did for we the people brother Ted took it all away. ~ Norman E. Hooben
The following from: Discover The Networks

One of the great myths of the left is that socialism is a movement of the people, the working classes, or the poor. In fact -- as Frederick Hayek pointed out long ago -- all socialist movements are the creation of intellectual elites, liberally pollinated by millionaires.  Karl Marx was the kept intellectual of factory owner Frederick Engels; Bill Ayers, a leader of the terrorist cult called the Weatherman, was a scion of the American upper class; Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, is a multi-millionairess; Michael Moore, leftwing propagandist, is a multi-millionaire who has profited handsomely from the "struggle." The Leftwing Millionaires Club is a very incomplete list designed to illustrate this point and to serve as a reminder that everything is not always what it appears. (Text: Frederick Hayek "The Intellectuals and Socialism," in Hayek, Socialism and War, University of Chicago Press, 1997)


  • Anagnos, Aris

  • Arafat, Yasser

  • Baldwin, Alec

  • Baron, Fred

  • Belafonte, Harry

  • Benjamin, Medea

  • Bing, Stephen

  • Castro, Fidel

  • Cher,

  • Chomsky, Noam

  • Clinton, Bill

  • Clinton, Hillary Rodham

  • Clooney, George

  • Couric, Katie

  • Donahue, Phil

  • Ehrenreich, Barbara

  • Evans, Jodie

  • Farrakhan, Louis

  • Farrell, Mike

  • Fonda, Jane

  • Friedan, Betty

  • Geffen, David

  • Ginsburg, Ruth Bader

  • Glaser, Robert

  • Glover, Danny

  • Goodman, Amy

  • Gore, Al

  • Hayden, Tom

  • Jackson, Jesse

  • Jennings, Peter

  • Jong, Erica

  • Katzenberg, Jeffrey

  • Kennedy, Edward (Ted)

  • Kennedy, Jr., Robert F.

  • Kerry, John

  • Kerry, Teresa Heinz

  • Kirsch, Steven

  • Kirsch, Michele

  • Leno, Jay

  • Lewis, Peter

  • MacArthur, John R.

  • Maher, Bill

  • Mailer, Norman

  • McKay, Robert

  • Moore, Michael

  • Moyers, Bill

  • Navasky, Victor

  • Obama, Barack Hussein

  • Penn, Sean

  • Pot, Pol

  • Raitt, Bonnie

  • Rappaport, Andrew

  • Rather, Dan

  • Redgrave, Vanessa

  • Reiner, Rob

  • Robbins, Tim

  • Roberts, Julia

  • Rockefeller, Wendy Gordon

  • Sandler, Herb and Marion

  • Sarandon, Susan

  • Scheer, Robert

  • Seeger, Pete

  • Sheen, Martin

  • Smiley, Tavis

  • Sontag, Susan

  • Soros, George

  • Spielberg, Steven

  • Springsteen, Bruce

  • Stone, Oliver

  • Streisand, Barbra

  • Turner, Ted

  • vanden Heuvel, Katrina

  • Vidal, Gore

  • West, Cornel

  • Zinn, Howard

    Obamacare Funeral Itinerary


    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Obama: An Insult To Our Founding Fathers...he prays to Allah in the White House!

    Oh, yes, Obama prays all right:
    Oh, yes, Obama prays all right:
    This is OUR President at a MOSQUE prayer session LAST WEEK AT THE WHITE HOUSE, on the site where the INAUGURATION is held every 4 years!
    For Obama to continue as our president is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!
    If you question the impact of the above picture, get a copy of the book The Sword of the Prophet by Serge Trifkovic. It is well researched, documented and highly trustworthy.
    Anyone who believes that 'Islam is NOT a major threat to our freedom and country' has their head in the sand. This includes Obama himself.
    Excerpt from the book: "the broad sweep of the global military, political, moral, and — yes — spiritual struggle that faces us; and what we must do if we wish to survive. Above all, we must avoid the twin perils of complacency and despair, and for that a sober, factual, and contextual presentation like that found in Trifkovic's work is essential. Every American owes it to himself to know the real score of the post-9/11 world — and this slim but invaluable volume is the place to start .
    Enter Serge Trifkovic, a man of extraordinary intellectual courage. His book, THE SWORD OF THE PROPHET" departs from the moral “neutrality” of academia and, in six lucid and well-documented chapters, provides a “Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.” Citing the Kuran and the voluminous Hadiths - the Traditions of what Muhammad said and did - Dr. Trifkovic exposes Islam's prophet as cruel, ignorant, and lascivious. He examines Islam's fatalistic theology; reviews this religion's devastation of other civilizations; warns of the Muslims' insidious penetration of America and Europe; criticizes U.S. appeasement of Saudi Arabia and other Islamic regimes; and goes to the heart of what must be done to prevent Islam's global ascendancy.
    Bonus Videos...What you don't know will make you a slave.
    For all the complacent people who don't bother to find out what it is their government is up to, here's a primer...coming to a neighborhood near you! ~ Norman E. Hooben

    It's not only the United Nations...

    It's people you know...or think you know!

    George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and Barack Husein Obama fulfill the meaning of Cicero's definition of a traitor.  The question is, "What are you going to do about it?"  While you're contemplating don't be complacent!  ~ Norman E. Hooben

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    The Flight Of The Dollar

    "The United States appears to be a well-ordered and stable society. How could anyone seriously hope to challenge the economic might of America? Yet, there is reason to worry that America's strength has long rested on a false foundation. Slackness, intellectual laziness, obesity and cultural degradation - are causes for serious concern. Under a regime of false expectations and artificial stimulants, the United States has been weakened financially, and is ill-prepared for further trouble. Yet trouble may be on the horizon. (Rumors of an impending large-scale terrorist attack, greater in effect than 9/11, continue to make the rounds)."

    Say "Goodbye To The Dollar
    By J. R. Nyquist
    The BRIC Summit, held on 14 April in Sanya (People's Republic of China), brought together the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The key to understanding the summit may be found in the joint statement, which refers to "the inadequacies and deficiencies of the existing international monetary and financial system...." Without question, this statement is about eliminating the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. Therefore, the BRIC countries are asking for "the reform and improvement of the international monetary system, with a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty."
    It appears, with the addition of South Africa to the BRIC alliance, that gold is being contemplated as a means for backing a new reserve currency. China and South Africa are the two leading gold-producing countries. Russia is the sixth leading gold producer, and Brazil is 15th. But this is not an easy game to win, because the dollar's position is almost unbeatable. Furthermore, the United States, Canada and Australia have steady gold production. But here, at the BRIC Summit, a serious challenge is being mounted. If the dollar is to be overthrown, a humble beginning must be attempted. And who knows what countries will join the BRIC Summit next year?
    The United States appears to be a well-ordered and stable society. How could anyone seriously hope to challenge the economic might of America? Yet, there is reason to worry that America's strength has long rested on a false foundation. Slackness, intellectual laziness, obesity and cultural degradation - are causes for serious concern. Under a regime of false expectations and artificial stimulants, the United States has been weakened financially, and is ill-prepared for further trouble. Yet trouble may be on the horizon. (Rumors of an impending large-scale terrorist attack, greater in effect than 9/11, continue to make the rounds).
    In 1998 Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, a strategist and master spy, conceived of an economic alliance between Russia, India and China. The purpose of this combination was to counter the international influence of the United States. In subsequent years Brazil was added to the combination; yet the anti-American purpose of the idea should be underscored. By now it should be apparent that Russia and China intend to launch an attack against the U.S. dollar.
    Do we yet realize that such an attack is possible? And have we reckoned the political consequences? As these words are written, a small minority of persons inside the United States are trying to stir up a revolution. If the economy continues to function, these people have no chance of success. But if the U.S. economy collapsed, the extremists of Right and Left would gain millions of followers. The greatest potential for harm would then come from inside the country, through internal conflict. Political revolutions occur from time to time in all states; and they are to be dreaded.
    The strategist and historian Viktor Suvorov was recently asked in an interview whether he saw signs of revolution in today's Russia. His reply was characteristically wise. "Certain people prepare revolutions," he said, "many accomplish them, but the fruits always go to the bastards! In all the past revolutions throughout the world, those who join with an open heart usually die." Suvorov then quoted the famous remark that, "Revolutions devour their own children." The same would hold true if a revolution took place in the United States.
    It is true, of course, that people are becoming angry at present-day policies. However bad things are, they can be much worse if a revolution begins. Actions born of anger engender counter-actions born of anger - and a vicious cycle of violence invariably follows. Under current strategic conditions, there is a further consideration. An economic disruption, followed by a political upheaval in the United States would tend to the spontaneous disarmament of the country. The nuclear deterrent could cease to function, with potentially fatal consequences for hundreds of millions of people.
    The potential for a revolution in the United States has long been a topic of discussion by strategists in Moscow and Beijing. In fact, the breakdown of America's economy leading to a revolution was discussed by Soviet bloc leaders as far back as 1967, and Soviet strategy envisioned this eventuality as the key to victory over the United States. Even more alarming: There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the United States, with all its self-made problems, has been pushed deeper into crisis by the hidden hand of Moscow. Readers should be directed to Kevin Freeman's June 2009 report titled, Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses. Freeman outlines a three-phased attack on the U.S. economy which he suspects is already underway. The First Phase involves a "speculative run-up in oil prices" that generate as much as $2 trillion of excess wealth for oil-producing nations. Second comes "a series of bear raids targeting U.S. financial services firms." Third is a "direct attack on the U.S. Treasury and U.S. dollar." Freeman explained that, "A focused effort to collapse the dollar by dumping Treasury bonds has grave implications including the possibility of a downgrading of U.S. debt forcing rapidly rising interest rates and a collapse of the American economy. In short, a bear raid against the U.S. financial system...."
    This is not wild speculation. The Chinese regime is a Communist dictatorship, and the Russian Federation is run by the KGB (together with former Communist Party structures). Do we imagine they will not take advantage of the situation? As the Federal Reserve has massively increased the money supply by an estimated $12.8 trillion in economic stimulus, the system's vulnerability is without parallel. Put this together with massive annual Federal budget deficits and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. "Based on the assumed nature of Phase One and Phase Two," noted Freeman, "a Phase Three attack would likely involved dumping of U.S. Treasuries and a trashing of the dollar, removing it from reserve currency status. This is clearly foreseeable as a risk...."
    The sequence of unraveling is easy to follow. If you dump U.S. Treasuries, how will the U.S. dollar remain the global reserve currency? In that event, how will the United States finance its deficit spending? Interest rates would skyrocket, with predictable consequences. "Pushed to the limit," Freeman wrote, "the U.S. dollar would follow the path of the German currency ... following defeat in World War I." The danger should be perfectly clear, and Freeman spells it out so that even a simple person could understand: "U.S. military strength hinges on economic well being and innovation. These facts are well understood by our enemies, prompting the desire to change the balance of power."
    The BRIC summit testifies to the desire of Russia and China to undermine the dollar. However crazy you think such a scheme, they are nonetheless pursuing it. You might say it makes no sense, but you are not a "former" KGB officer or a member of the Chinese Communist Party. Do you really imagine that KGB officers and Communists are bourgeois, like you? No, they are not. They are the declared enemies of the bourgeoisie.
    You may rationalize this any way you please. You can tell yourself that Communism is dead, that Russia and China are attempting to build consumer societies like our own. BRIC may sound foolish today, but tomorrow you may find your local grocery store empty and gasoline unavailable because the dollar is no longer worth anything. But then it will be too late.

    Google Map Find...What's this?

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