Monday, May 5, 2014

I came across this story last December but you can still laugh out loud in a solution for most of our current problems

I frequently send myself an email with a link to a story I find interesting and/or suitable enough for someone else's LOL* moment.  Of course these messages to me, from me, sometimes get lost in the volume of legitimate and junk mail I receive on a daily basis...but the intent of SARE (Self Addressed Return Email) is for posting such saved links to this blog at a future time; usually when I find the time.  But as the Roman poet Virgil once said, "Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore" (The shorter, more well known, version, "Tempus fugit" ..."Time flies") and my SARE's seem to get lost in the shuffle.  As time flies and these messages become outdated and I go through the deletion process with barely a second glance...but then again, there are some that seem to beg publication; if for no other reason but the LOL moment mentioned above.  I came across this story last December but you can still laugh out loud in May.  Enjoy. ~ Norman E. Hooben
*Laughing Out Loud

Duct Tape Comes in Handy During Trans-Pacific Flight
from The People's Blog
A passenger attempts Obamacare talk during
flight, with predictable results
An airline passenger had to be duct taped to his seat after becoming insufferably overbearing to other passengers during a trans-Pacific flight.
It happened on an Japan Skyway flight Thursday from Tokyo to New York.
According to witnesses, the unidentified man got up in front of the entire economy section area of the flight just after the captain of the flight had turned off the fasten seat belts sign and demanded everyone to pay attention as it was time for, “talking to all of you about signing up for Obamacare after we land."
The man then started “hitting all the canned OFA talking points,” according to airline spokesman Minoru Sato, who also said the passenger “just kept raising his voice as the boos got louder and louder from all the other passengers on the plane, but he just couldn't or wouldn't take the hint.”
“Finally to ensure a peaceful flight for those on board, he was restrained by passengers and crew and was monitored for his own safety for the duration of the flight,” he added.
Japan Skyway confirmed the incident adding that plastic ties and tape are standard on all flights.
“This equipment is on board all our flights in case an incident like this arises,” Sato said and also added with a bit of pride in his voice, "we made sure he was put back in his assigned seat, because at Japan Skyway when we say if you liked your assigned seating plan, you can keep your assigned seating plan, we actually mean it."
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