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A Philosophical Approach To Obama Health Care

There is a story of a Bolshevik revolutionary who was standing on a soap box speaking to a small crowd in Times Square.  After describing the glories of Socialism and Communism, he said, “Come the revolution and everyone will eat peaches and cream.”
A little old man at the back of the crowd yelled out, “I don’t like peaches and cream.”   The Bolshevik thought about that for a moment and then replied, “Come the revolution, Comrade, you will like peaches and cream.” 

"Ain't that the truth !"

Ever since you came into power you've destroyed everything you put your hands on...

Now for the rest of this video replace the words British and/or England with the word American, then direct this monologue at Barack Husein Obama...and when you're finished you'll say, "Ain't that the truth !"

This video was previously posted at this site here ...just thought it needed some refreshment. ~ Storm'n Norm'n

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Should your husband obedient and uncomplaining. ...yeah right!

I'm not sure the author has the correct era for this story...the picture is more reminiscence of the 1930's or 1940's.  And as I am a product of the 40's I don't give much credence to the story byline for I'm sure I would have heard of such titillations during my adolescence but it makes for intersting reading.  Also, one might ask whether the author was a male or female...I just can't picture a mother telling her daughter this stuff.  Now I wonder how many of you will go look up the definition of congress after reading may find the reason so many politicians are...well, lets just say, "screwing over us!" ~ Norman E. Hooben

Was it the white guy who baked cookies and the black guy who first stepped on the moon? ...or were you watching while they took over your child's mind?

Something to think about...
"The regime also used its new powers to destroy first the parties of its enemies and then those of its friends. The KPD was outlawed right after the Reichstag fire and the SPD followed suit a few months later. The leaders of the free trade unions were also arrested and their organizations forced to form a new, Nazi-controlled organization, the German Work Front (DAF). In the intellectual and artistic realm Nazi terror destroyed almost all aspects of the rich Weimar culture. Goebbels staged a public burning of books by democratic, socialist, and Jewish authors in Berlin. Erich Kästner, an author whose books were given to the flames, watched the scene without being recognized. He commented: First they burn books; next they will burn people. Thousands of intellectuals, including the luminaries of Weimar culture and science, left Germany and emigrated, mostly to the United States." ~ Excerpt from the Third Reich
The following from

The Reagan Textbook Test

There's quite a battle over textbooks in Texas right now, and one historian offers an easy way to tell if your kid's history books are biased:
If you want to know just what your kids are learning from their history books, all you have to do is apply the "Reagan test," says Professor Larry Schweikart.

As the Texas textbook battle continues to simmer, Schweikart says the first thing he does to determine whether a book is politically slanted is to go to any section discussing President Ronald Reagan. What you'll find there, he says, will tell you everything you need to know, he says.

Schweikart says the majority of books he’s examined credit former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev with ending the Cold War, and not Reagan. That's “a joke,” Schweikart says. “I lived through the Reagan years, I remember.”

“The reason why textbooks get to where they are is because this is the world view of (a) the people who write the text books, (b) people who edit the text books, and (c) people who publish them,” the history professor says.

Schweikart says the textbooks' authors bring an inherently liberal viewpoint to their work.

“They all tend to come from New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia,” giving them a “drastically” different viewpoint from the rest of America, he says.
So, what's been happening in the Texas battle? This will give you an idea of what happens to history when liberals control the information:
An unelected review panel, not the elected members of Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), attempted to push through a number of highly questionable changes to the standards – removing Independence Day, Neil Armstrong, Daniel Boone, and Christopher Columbus – from them. They even dumped Christmas and replaced it with Diwali. You can’t make this stuff up! After a huge outcry from citizens and strong leadership by conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education, each of these changes was reversed.

Sadly, the attacks didn’t stop there. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were removed from World History, yet Mary Kay and Wallace Amos (of Famous Amos Cookies) were added, it appears, for more “diversity.” That’s unbelievable. Edison is the greatest inventor in American history with over 1,000 patents; oh, and by the way, that Einstein guy was pretty successful too!

Again, that’s part of why the liberals attack. They don’t like the concept of American exceptionalism, both by those who were born here and by the other great high-skilled men and women who are so attracted to the United States that they moved here from other countries.

Thankfully, the conservatives on the SBOE once again held the line. Edison and Einstein are back in World History. An attack to remove “B.C.” and “A.D.” -- denoting historical time periods before and after the birth of Christ – also lost, and, so far, the attempt to remove the statement about the religious basis of the founding of the country has failed.
History used to be about facts - what happened, who was involved, when did it happen, where did it happen, and to some extent why it happened. Now it's all about "diversity" and making sure every little protected class gets its day in the sun even if it's contribution pales in comparison to that of others. That's how we end up learning about a black guy who bakes cookies but not about the white guy who was the first man to step on the moon.

One Nation Under God...a pledge you can believe in!

Source: SFGate

Appeals Court says 'Under God' not a prayer

Friday, March 12, 2010

(03-11) 17:32 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- The federal court that touched off a furor in 2002 by declaring the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to be an unconstitutional endorsement of religion took another look at the issue Thursday and said the phrase invokes patriotism, not religious faith.
The daily schoolroom ritual is not a prayer, but instead "a recognition of our founders' political philosophy that a power greater than the government gives the people their inalienable rights," said the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco in a 2-1 ruling.
"Thus, the pledge is an endorsement of our form of government, not of religion or any particular sect."
The dissenting judge, Stephen Reinhardt, said statements by members of Congress who added "under God" to the pledge in 1954 show conclusively that it was intended to "indoctrinate our nation's children with a state-held religious belief."
In a separate ruling, the same panel upheld the use of the national motto, "In God We Trust," on coins and currency. The language is patriotic and ceremonial, not religious, the court said. Reinhardt reluctantly joined the 3-0 decision, saying he was bound by the court's newly established precedent in the pledge case.

Atheist sued

Both suits were filed by Michael Newdow, a Sacramento atheist who has brought numerous challenges to government-sponsored religious invocations. He said he would appeal the rulings to the full appellate court and the U.S. Supreme Court, but was not optimistic.
The rulings sent two messages, Newdow said: "To be a real American, you believe in God, and the judiciary unfortunately sometimes can't be trusted to uphold our constitutional rights when you're a disenfranchised minority."
Former Justice Department lawyer Gregory Katsas, who represented the Bush administration in the pledge case when the court heard it in 2007, heard a different message: that "one nation, under God" suggests a government that "is limited and bound to respect individual rights."

Swift reaction

Newdow first challenged the Pledge of Allegiance in 2000 on behalf of his daughter, a student in a Sacramento-area elementary school. The appeals court ruled in June 2002 that the addition of "under God" was religiously motivated and sent "a message to nonbelievers that they are outsiders," in violation of the constitutional separation of church and state.
Congress reacted furiously, passing a resolution with virtually no dissenting votes that denounced the decision. The court put its ruling on hold until the case reached the Supreme Court, which sidestepped the constitutional issue and ruled that Newdow could not represent his daughter's interests because her mother had legal custody.
Newdow then refiled the suit on behalf of the parent of a kindergartner in the Sacramento suburb of Rio Linda. He won the first round before a federal judge in 2005, but a new appeals court panel issued a 193-page ruling Thursday upholding the pledge.

Pledge isn't prayer

In the majority opinion, Judge Carlos Bea acknowledged that "the words 'under God' have religious significance," but said they do not "convert the pledge into a prayer."
The 1954 law that added those words at the height of the Cold War was meant to convey the idea of a limited government, "in stark contrast to the unlimited power exercised by communist forms of government," said Bea, joined by Judge Dorothy Nelson. "Congress' ostensible and predominant purpose was to inspire patriotism."
Reinhardt, a member of the 2002 panel that found the language unconstitutional, said Thursday's majority ignored overwhelming evidence of religious motivation by the 1954 Congress.
He cited statements by numerous lawmakers denouncing atheistic communism and declaring a belief in God to be part of the American way of life. Reinhardt also pointed to President Dwight Eisenhower's signing statement that millions of schoolchildren would now proclaim "the dedication of our nation and its people to the Almighty."
During the same period, Reinhardt said, Congress adopted "In God We Trust" as the national motto, ordered it inscribed on paper money and established an annual National Prayer Breakfast.
By inserting religious language into the pledge, Reinhardt said, "we abandoned our historic principle that secular matters were for the state and matters of faith were for the church."

The ruling can be viewed at E-mail Bob Egelko at

Former New Jersey nuclear power plant worker arrested in Yemen


Al Qaeda-linked New Jersey man Sharif Mobley, arrested in Yemen, worked in nuclear power plants
Friday, March 12th 2010, 9:57 AM
Sharif Mobley, 26, is pictured at a barbecue in Buena, N.J., where he grew up - before his arrest in Yemen as a suspected Al Qaeda-linked terrorist.
AP Sharif Mobley, 26, is pictured at a barbecue in Buena, N.J., where he grew up - before his arrest in Yemen as a suspected Al Qaeda-linked terrorist.
A New Jersey man charged in Yemen as an Al Qaeda member worked at nuclear power plants in the U.S., officials said Thursday. Sharif Mobley, a 26-year-old American native of Somali heritage, was arrested in Yemen this month in a roundup of suspected Al Qaeda members. He was being treated at a hospital in San'a when he killed one guard and wounded another in an escape attempt, officials said.
Read the full story here

al-Qaeda's Obsession

Source: BareNakedIslam a must-see video below!

Ex-terrorist confirms that al-Qaeda is still obsessed with destroying the United States

According to one former colleague of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, they don’t care how many innocent civilians are killed.

CBN News recently spoke with former terrorist Noman Benotman in an extensive interview about the inner workings of Al-Qaeda’s leadership.
These days, Benotman lives a quiet life in London with his wife and children. But it wasn’t long ago that Benotman stood face-to-face with Osama bin Laden. “He insists on inflicting pain to his enemies,” Benotman said of bin Laden. “Beyond your imagination. You can’t miss it when you talk with him.” Benotman had spent most of his adult life as an Islamic holy warrior–or mujahideen.
“If any Muslim appears and says ‘Okay, there is no jihad in Islam whatsoever,’ please believe me, he is a liar,said Benotman. “A pure liar. People, they need to face it because it is a serious issue. Jihad, it’s part of Islam because it is something that’s in the Koran. There is more than 40 verses, I think, in the Koran that mention jihad.” Read More: CBN
Interview with Benotman here:

2009...a recap (Has it been that long?)

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Subject: Fwd: Recap 2009

                                                                       What a year! - WOW
  1.  The American people inaugurate a half-arab president with a total of 142 days experience as a U S Senator from the most politically corrupt state (city) in America whose governors have been ousted from office.  The President's first official act is to order the close of Gitmo and make sure terrorists civil rights are not violated.(honest mistake?)
  2.  The U. S. Congress rushes to confirm a black Attorney General, Eric Holder, whose law firm we later find out represents seventeen Gitmo Terrorists. (An honest mistake?!)
  3.  The CIA Boss appointee, Leon Panetta, has absolutely no experience, has a daughter Linda, we find out, who is a true radical anti-American activist and a supporter of all the Anti-American regimes in the western hemisphere.  (There were socio-economic factors involved!)
  4.  We got the second most corrupt American woman (Pelosi is #1) as Secretary of State; bought and paid for.  (You  can put lipstick on a pig, but it still stinks!)
  5. We got a Tax Cheat for Treasury Secretary who did not properly file his own taxes for 12 years.  (He misspoke!)
  6.  A Commerce Secretary nominee who withdrew due to corruption charges.  (Another honest mistake???) 
  7.  A Tax cheat nominee for Chief Performance Officer who withdrew under charges.  (Hmmm...another screw-up?)
  8.  A Labor Secretary nominee who withdrew under charges of unethical conduct.  (Ok, maybe this person was just plain stupid.)
  9.  A Secretary HHS nominee (Daschle) who withdrew under charges of cheating on his taxes.  (I'm running out of excuses for these idiots!!)
10. Multiple appointments of former lobbyists after an absolute campaign statement that no lobbyists would be appointed.  (Dear God, I am getting a headache!)
      All this occurred just during the first three weeks. . . but who's counting?  America is being run by the modern-day Three Stooges ; Barry, Nancy and Harry and they are still trying to define stimulus..."it's spending!!!"  The congress passes the $800,000,000,000 (that's $800 billion) pork-loaded spending bill where the government gives you a smidgen of your tax dollars ($13 per week), making you feel so good about yourself [stimulated], that you want to run out to Wal-Mart and buy a new Chinese-made HDTV and go home and watch Telemundo!
     Only with the Liberals... Pray for our country. 
     Here's the good news though - Obama took Air Force One to Denver to sign the stimulus package, wasting as much as 10,000 gallons of fuel OR 24 JOB S FOR ONE YEAR.  Don't you just love hypocrites?
     Obama went to the International Olympic Committee to have them choose Chicago for a host city - he failed. 
     Obama went to Copenhagen to lecture them on global warming - he failed.
     Obama went to new Jersey to promote the Democratic candidate for governor - he failed, 
     Obama went to Virginia to promote the Democratic candidate for governor - he failed. 
     Obama  went to Massachusetts  to promote the Democratic candidate for senator - he failed.
     Speaking of praying, Obama has now been president for a full year and yet he & wife (first lady) Michelle, the Christian family they claim to be, have not attended church since the inauguration.
     Obama is the 1st president in history who did not attend any Christmas religious observance.  He must miss Reverend Wright!
     And finally, he is the 1st president to remain on vacation after a terrorist attack.
     In these times 'I'll keep my God, my freedom, my gun and my money.  Anyone that supports this insanity can keep "THE CHANGE".

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Sebelious: Lying or Stupid? ...Hey she's just following the leader...and we all know what he does!

Is the Administration Stupid or Lying?
Once more with feeling: Businesses don't pay taxes.

By Dan Kennedy Business & Media Institute3/10/2010 10:35:17 AM

 On “Meet the Press” March 7, Health Care Scam and Inhumane Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius delivered a most remarkable statement. In answer to a question about proposed taxes and other punishments for the badly behaving insurance industry, she said: “It puts the insurance companies, which ultimately pay these taxes, on notice that these taxes are coming.”

Were I David Gregory, I would have stopped and repeated her statement. Then I would have asked the obvious follow-up question: “Are you lying or stupid?”

Insurance companies do not pay taxes and never will. No other business does either. No such thing occurs. And telling people that it does is an attempt to delude them into thinking they can get something for nothing. It’s either adeliberate, cynical, vicious con job or crass stupidity.

It might be the latter. Years back, I sat next to former Vice-President Walter Mondale on a cross-country flight and spent three hours trying to educate him about this, and failed. I came away convinced he’s a nice fellow who is sincerely stupid.

But if I’m anything, I’m stubbornly persistent. So here we go again.

Secretary Sebelius: whatever taxes you levy on insurance companies are not “ultimately” paid by those companies. Not one red cent of them. Those taxes are paid by people in four groups:
  • Policyholders who pay for insurance directly or in lieu of wages if provided by employers – via higher premiums and/or reduced benefits.
  • Employers buying health insurance for workers, who must then raise prices on goods and services, including milk and diapers – also known as inflation.
  • Wage earners who see jobs eliminated or full-time jobs replaced with part-time positions without benefits, and wages frozen or cut back – also known as unemployment and under-employment.
  • Shareholders and investors whose capital is essential to the stability of the entire industry (Every extra $1 you take from them in taxes is $1 taken out of private capital markets and poured into the bottomless pit of the trillions-sized deficit.) 

You need to stop selling the public this despicable fairy tale. No insurance company can be taxed. Ever. It can be made to collect taxes from others and put them in a box and ship them to Washington. But it can’t be forced to pay taxes. Whatever tax you aim at insurance companies misses by a country mile and lands squarely in the laps of every working American.

Any such tax actually taxes every consumer of anything and everything – and not just those earning over $250,000.00. It’s not a something-for-nothing gift of health care from a government that merely grabs money from evil, heartless, rich insurance companies. It is sneaky, sleazy theft from everybody but insurance companies. Be ashamed.

If you’re spinning such nonsense out of honest ignorance, please, sit down with the owner of any business, large or small, and ask him to draw you a little picture. He’ll help you understand who pays your taxes and who doesn’t; who is punished and who can’t be punished with taxes. He can use little stick figures and different colors.

If you aren’t this ignorant, but are a knowledgeable liar, why?  Are you really the kind of person to set aside any shred of integrity in order to push forward Obama’s fiction?  Again, why?

It’d be nice to see somebody besides Sen. Judd Gregg refuse to be used as pawns and poster-children and lying weasels by the president. It’d be nice to see a “journalist” ask a tough, direct question, too.
Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur, adviser to business owners, sought-after speaker and author of 13 books. More information about Dan can be found at, and a free collection of his business resources including newsletters and webinars at

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Why not become a fireman in San Ramon Valley? Who needs college when you can get a government job like that! (pension = $284,000...not bad!)

"When will students figure out the politicians have sold them out?"  How often had I used similar verbiage about the general population?  No its not your fault that everything is so screwed up today.  Health care, taxes, mortgage and banking?  How can that be your fault?  You silly goons, its the people you voted for!  Thats who's fault it is!  I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings (especaially you union members) by adding to the fault lines (pun intended for you in California) your insatiable greedy attitude and unthankfullness to your employer for everything you own.  I hope that when you read the article below that while you are digesting the words that on a larger scale the same thing is happening to the entire country. And then we can write a new essay beginning with, "When will all the people figure out the politicians have sold them out?" ~ Norman E. Hooben

The Wall Street Journal

When will students figure out the politicians have sold them out?

Hundreds of University of California students rallied against a 32% tuition hike last week. Let's hope their future employers get a better work product. With just a little research, the students could have discovered that compensation packages won from the state by unions were a big reason for the hike.

Last year, the state cut funding to the 10-campus system to $2.6 billion from $3.25 billion. To make up for the reduction in state funding, the UC Board of Regents increased tuition to $10,300, about triple 1999's cost.
Understandably, students have gone wild. The UC system is supposed to offer low- and middle-income students a cheaper alternative to a private college education. Now a year at a UC school can cost students as much as at many private schools.
Associated Press
Students block Sather Gate on the University of California at Berkeley campus Thursday, March 4, 2010.
Who's to blame? UC President Mark Yudof rightly notes he had no other means of closing the university's budget gap. The university used $300 million in reserves last year and cut staff salaries by furloughing them between 11 and 26 days this year. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says "we've done everything we could, but the bottom line is it's not enough. We need to put pressure on the legislature not only this year in a year of crisis, but in the future."
The California legislature? Good luck with that. In 1999, the Democratic legislature ran a reckless gamble that makes Wall Street's bankers look cautious. At the top of a bull market, they assumed their investment returns would grow at a 8.25% rate in perpetuity—equivalent to assuming that the Dow would reach 25,000 by 2009—and enacted a huge pension boon for public-safety and industrial unions.
The bill refigured the compensation formula for pension benefits of all public-safety employees who retired on or after January 1, 2000. It let firefighters retire at age 50 and receive 3% of their final year's compensation times the number of years they worked. If a firefighter started working at the age of 20, he could retire at 50 and earn 90% of his final salary, in perpetuity. One San Ramon Valley fire chief's yearly pension amounted to $284,000—more than his $221,000 annual salary.
In 2002, the state legislature further extended benefits to many nonsafety classifications, such as milk and billboard inspectors. More than 15,000 public employees have retired with annual pensions greater than $100,000. Who needs college when you can get a state job and make out like that?

In the last decade, government worker pension costs (not including health care) have risen to $3 billion from $150 million, a 2,000% jump, while state revenues have increased by 24%. Because the stock market didn't grow the way the legislature predicted in 1999, the only way to cover the skyrocketing costs of these defined-benefit pension plans has been to cut other programs (and increase taxes).

This year alone $3 billion was diverted from other programs to fund pensions, including more than $800 million from the UC system. It is becoming clear that in the most strapped liberal states there's a pecking order: Unions get the lifeboats, and everyone else gets thrown over the side. Sorry, kids.

Get ready for more. The governor's office projects that over the next decade the annual taxpayer contributions to retiree pensions and health care will grow to $15 billion from $5.5 billion, and that's assuming the stock market doubles every 10 years. With unfunded pension and health-care liabilities totaling more than $122 billion, California will continue chopping at higher-ed.

Mr. Schwarzenegger has routinely called for pension reform, but the Democratic legislature has tossed aside the Terminator like a paper doll. Last year, he proposed rescinding the lucrative pension pay-off for new employees, which he estimated would reduce pension pay-outs by $74 billion and health-care benefits by $19 billion through 2040. More recently, he called for doubling state worker contributions to their pensions to 10% from the current 5% of their pay. But these propositions have little traction in the legislature.

California has a governor's race on, and the candidates are semi-mum on this catastrophe. Democratic candidate Jerry Brown has supported modifying public employee benefits but hasn't offered specific proposals and opposes defined contribution plans. Republican Meg Whitman supports increasing the retirement age to 65 from 55 and asking employees to contribute more to their benefits, but she won't support a reform ballot measure for fear it would drive up union turn-out in November.

Memo to marching students: The governor can't save you. You guys need a new legislature. This one is selling you out. Organize an opposition and vote them out in November. Plan B is quit school and become a state billboard inspector.

"Green Zone" isn't cinema. It's slander - (Its also indoctrination of our youth)

Whenever I see this kind of headline "New Damon flick slanders America" I immediately think of such things as "Molding American Minds" and other atempts to re-write history in order to indoctrinate our younger generation into accepting the politic elite's New World Order.  But lets get back to Damon's flick (by the way, I do not support any actor that would stoop so low as to play a part [literally] in degrading our country) and see what others are saying.
From the LA Times we have, "Is 'Green Zone' really appallingly anti-American?" and without going into their approximately 500 word answer I would simply shorten it to, "Yes!" 
Over at Creative Minority Report I snipped this:
The Green Zone: Bad Guy? American Government. Seriously, New York Post columnist Kyle Smith writes:
I can’t believe what I just saw, so I’ll think about it some more before I go into detail. But if I were the kind of excitable guy who believes in boycotts, I’d say “Boycott NBC-Universal” for its appalling new anti-American flick “Green Zone,” an absurdly awful would-be actioner that stars Matt Damon as a US warrant officer in 2003 Baghdad who, during ongoing combat operations, security scares, political problems and the search for weapons of mass destruction, takes a break on his own initiative and decides to launch a one-man crusade to investigate….the United States and its intelligence-gathering operations.

I would never have accused director Paul Greengrass, who made the astonishingly powerful “United 93,” of being simplistic. But he has made a $100 million war film in which American troops are the bad guys.
You sensing a pattern?

The pattern that I observe is the systematic degradation of American ideology whether it be in the format of movies or textbooks, the far left (includes the usual culprits Obama, Pelosi, Reid) wants nothing better than to control us all, day and night, from health care to the food we eat and what we say and what we think. ~ Norman E. Hooben

Oh, by the way, here's the original article I set out to post...sorry things just got away a bit.

Updated: Tue., Mar. 9, 2010

New Damon flick slanders America

Last Updated: March 9, 2010

After all of Hollywood's Iraq movies have flopped (even the Oscar-garlanded "The Hurt Locker" earned only $15 million at the box office), one studio thinks it has the following secret to success: The previous films didn't insult the United States enough.
"Green Zone," opening Friday, is a $100 million slime job that conjures up a fantastically distorted leftist version of the war and wraps it around a frantic but preposterous action picture. (Spoilers about the plot follow.)
Matt Damon plays Miller, an Army "chief" (chief warrant officer) assigned to searching for weapons of mass destruction in Baghdad in the opening days of the war in 2003.
The preposterous part comes in almost immediately: After Chief Miller comes up dry a couple of times, he decides to launch a one-man internal-affairs investigation into US intelligence-gathering.
He bypasses his chain of command, endangers good men (when one of his soldiers asks why he's following a random Iraqi into what could well be an ambush, Miller snaps, "Put your game face on") and forges a secret alliance against his fellow soldiers with a Baghdad CIA officer (Brendan Gleeson).
Despite being guilty of gross insubordination, lying to his superiors and concealing important evidence from them (a notebook containing the addresses of Saddam's top officers), Miller is the hero of the film.
Others we're supposed to cheer for include Sunni officers who shoot down helicopters carrying American soldiers sent to assassinate them. Those death squads are acting at the behest of a duplicitous Pentagon intelligence mandarin (Greg Kinnear) who has single-handedly drummed up a fake casus belli.
Before the war, he interviewed a general of Saddam's who told him pointedly that there were no WMDs in Iraq after 1991 but that he'd be willing to work with the Americans after Saddam was deposed. The Kinnear figure then lied to a gullible reporter (Amy Ryan) that he had a rock-solid source, "Magellan," who had given him proof of WMDs in Iraq.
Such is this movie's eagerness to turn reality upside down that, although the Ryan character is obviously based on Judith Miller of The New York Times, the reporter is said to work for the Wall Street Journal. In full-on liberal daydream mode, Damon and his friends can pretend their favorite lefty paper is untainted by flawed reporting.
To cover his tracks from Chief Miller, the Pentagon official sends out a goon squad to assassinate the Sunni general -- who, according to the movie, is also the sole figure responsible for whether Iraq will erupt into an insurgency.
Even for Hollywood, "Green Zone" is dumbfoundingly brazen in its effort to rewrite the facts. As any reasonably informed person knows, many intelligence services (including the French, German, Chinese, Russian and British) believed Iraq had WMDs. And the CIA (which along with Chief Miller is a hero of "Green Zone") was among them. Plus, such intel reports predated the Bush administration -- and Saddam's refusal to allow the UN weapons inspectors to finish their work gave us every reason to think he was hiding something and sealed his fate.
It's one thing to make a fantasy film laced with snarky jibes at the United States and its military. It's of another order entirely for an American studio (Universal, a unit of GE) to perpetrate, during an ongoing war, such vicious anti-American lies disguised as cheap entertainment.
"Green Zone" tells US troops that all of their efforts have been based on a deliberate deception. Worse, it blames the insurgency that has killed so many of our fighting men and women on US treachery.
Movies like "In the Valley of Elah," "Rendition" and "Redacted" have shown US forces doing nasty things -- but none went anywhere near as far as this picture in suggesting original sin corrupted the entire Iraq war and that American officials are more blameworthy than the insurgents for the most violent years.
"Green Zone" isn't cinema. It's slander. It will go down in history as one of the most egregiously anti-American movies ever released by a major studio.

Food diverted from needy to corrupt...United Nations

The UN is at it again...strike that!  The UN continues its business-as-usual corrupt ways.  The following New York Times article presents further proof that America needs to re-think its membership in what I have repeatedly called the most corrupt organization ever devised by man.  A quick search here, here, and here  should be convincing enough but yet we still hang on to a misguided belief that the UN will create peace in the world (and nothing can be further from the truth!).  If we were to take all the reasons why we even have such an organization as the UN, we could summarize it with three words, "New World Order".  And this is a very bad idea! ~ Norman E. Hooben

March 9, 2010

Somalia Food Aid Bypasses Needy, U.N. Study Says

As much as half the food aid sent to Somalia is diverted from needy people to a web of corrupt contractors, radical Islamist militants and local United Nations staff members, according to a new Security Council report.
The report, which has not yet been made public but was shown to The New York Times by diplomats, outlines a host of problems so grave that it recommends that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon open an independent investigation into the World Food Program’s Somalia operations. It suggests that the program rebuild the food distribution system — which serves at least 2.5 million people and whose aid was worth about $485 million in 2009 — from scratch to break what it describes as a corrupt cartel of Somali distributors.
In addition to the diversion of food aid, regional Somali authorities are collaborating with pirates who hijack ships along the lawless coast, the report says, and Somali government ministers have auctioned off diplomatic visas for trips to Europe to the highest bidders, some of whom may have been pirates or insurgents.
Somali officials denied that the visa problem was widespread, and officials for the World Food Program said they had not yet seen the report but would investigate its conclusions once it was presented to the Security Council next Tuesday.
The report comes as Somalia’s transitional government is preparing for a major military offensive to retake the capital, Mogadishu, and combat an Islamist insurgency with connections to Al Qaeda.
The United States is providing military aid, as the United Nations tries to roll back two decades of anarchy in the country.
But it may be an uphill battle. According to the report, Somalia’s security forces “remain ineffective, disorganized and corrupt — a composite of independent militias loyal to senior government officials and military officers who profit from the business of war.”
One American official recently conceded that Somalia’s “best hope” was the government’s new military chief, a 60-year-old former artillery officer who, until a few months ago, was assistant manager at a McDonald’s in Germany.
The report’s investigators, part of the Monitoring Group on Somalia, were originally asked to track violations of the United Nations arms embargo on Somalia, but the mandate was expanded.
Several of the report’s authors have received death threats, and the United Nations recently relocated them from Kenya to New York for safety reasons.
Possible aid obstructions have been a nettlesome topic for Somalia over the past year and have contributed to delays in aid shipments by the American government and recent suspensions of food programs in some areas by United Nations officials.
The report singles out the World Food Program, the largest aid agency in the crisis-racked country, as particularly flawed.
“Some humanitarian resources, notably food aid, have been diverted to military uses,” the report said. “A handful of Somali contractors for aid agencies have formed a cartel and become important power brokers — some of whom channel their profits, or the aid itself, directly to armed opposition groups.”
These allegations of food aid diversions first surfaced last year. The World Food Program has consistently denied finding any proof of malfeasance and said that its own recent internal audit found no widespread abuse.
“We have not yet seen the U.N. Somalia Monitoring Group report,” the World Food Program’s deputy executive director, Amir Abdulla, said Tuesday. “But we will investigate all of the allegations, as we have always done in the past if questions have been raised about our operations.”
The current report’s investigators question how independent that past audit was, and called for a new outside investigation of the United Nations agency.
“We have to tell these folks that you cannot go on like this — we know what you are doing, you can’t fool us anymore, so you better stop,” said President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, who was at the United Nations, where his country holds the presidency of the Security Council this month.
The report also charges that Somali officials are selling spots on trips to Europe and that many of the people who are presented as part of an official government entourage are actually pirates or members of militant groups.
The report says that Somali officials use their connections to foreign governments to get visas and travel documents for people who would not otherwise be able to travel abroad and that many of these people then disappear into Europe and do not come back.
“Somali ministers, members of Parliament, diplomats and ‘freelance brokers’ have transformed access to foreign visas into a growth industry, matched possibly only by piracy,” selling visas for $10,000 to $15,000 each, the report said.
The report’s authors estimate that dozens, if not hundreds of Somalis have gained access to Europe or beyond through this under-the-table visa business.
Mohamed Osman Aden, a Somali diplomat in Kenya, said: “Maybe there’s been one or two cases that have happened over the years. But these are just rumors. These allegations have been going around for years.”
The report also takes aim at some of Somalia’s richest, most influential businessmen, Somalia’s so-called money lords. One, Abdulkadir M. Nur, known as Eno, is married to a woman who plays a prominent role in a local aid agency that is supposed to verify whether food aid is actually delivered. That “potential loophole” could “offer considerable potential of large-scale diversion,” the report said.
The report accuses Mr. Nur of staging the hijacking of his own trucks and later selling the food.
In an e-mail message, Mr. Nur said he had sent the investigators many documents that “showed very clearly that the gossip and rumors they are investigating are untrue,” including the alleged hijacking or any link to insurgents. He said that his wife merely sat on the board of the local aid agency and that only “a tiny fraction” of the food he transported was designated for that aid agency.
In September, Somalia’s president, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, wrote a letter to Secretary General Ban, defending Mr. Nur as a “very conscientious, diligent and hard-working person” and saying that if it were not for the contractors, “many Somalis would have perished.”
The report questions why the World Food Program would steer 80 percent of its transportation contracts for Somalia, worth about $200 million, to three Somali businessmen, especially when they are suspected of connections to Islamist insurgents.
The report says that fraud is pervasive, with about 30 percent of aid skimmed by local partners and local World Food Program personnel, 10 percent by the ground transporters and 5 to 10 percent by the armed group in control of the area. That means as much as half of the food never makes it to the people who desperately need it.
In January, the United States halted tens of millions of dollars of aid shipments to southern Somalia because of fears of such diversions, and American officials believe that some American aid may have fallen into the hands of Al Shabab, the most militant of Somalia’s insurgent groups.
The report also said that the president of Puntland, a semiautonomous region in northern Somalia, had extensive ties to pirates in the area, who then funneled some of the money they made from hijacking ships to authorities.
Puntland authorities could not be reached on Tuesday, but Mr. Aden, the Somali diplomat, dismissed the allegations, saying that the Puntland government had jailed more than 150 pirates and that it had not “received a penny from them.”
“It’s unfortunate that this monitoring group thinks they can stick everything on the Somalis,” he said.

Jeffrey Gettleman reported from Gisenyi, Rwanda, and Neil MacFarquhar from New York

Free Wireless Broadband Service...What makes you think it's free?

Source Yahoo News

Is WiFi a right? It seems some of the folks in Congress think so...
The Internet is a wonderful invention (thank you Al Gore) and a great means of obtaining news the mainstream media (MSM) refuses to print...and we've seen much of that going on in the past few years.
So with this free WiFi provided by you and me (hey, if the government provides it who pays?) will the government also control that which the MSM already has a monopoly. ~ Norman E. Hooben

U.S. considers some free wireless broadband service

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. regulators may dedicate spectrum to free wireless Internet service for some Americans to increase affordable broadband service nationwide, the Federal Communications Commission said on Tuesday.
The FCC provided few details about how it would carry out such a plan and who would qualify, but will make a recommendation under the National Broadband Plan set for release next week. The agency will determine details later.
One way of making broadband more affordable is to "consider use of spectrum for a free or a very low cost wireless broadband service," the FCC said in a statement.
The FCC statement was released during a Digital Inclusion Summit aimed at connecting one-third of Americans without home broadband service.
The FCC also said there would also be a recommendation in the broadband blueprint to launch a Digital Literacy Corps of volunteers who would provide training to communities with low rates of adoption.
(Reporting by John Poirier; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sing-A-Long For Old Fat People... hey, I don't make these things up!

From YouTube :

Old People

Old people got no reason
Old people got no reason
Old people got no reason to live

They need lots of drugs...
new hips...
after fallin' down just a couple of steps

They need...
the cost is out of sight
I give them a pain pill and just say goodbye

We got
no hips for old people
too many old people
we'll just give old people some pills

(we need to watch our costs and they're unproductive)

Old people are just the same as you and I...
Their cost is sky high...
All men are brothers
But it's time they die...
it's a wondeful plan

Fat people got big bodies
fat people got big bodies
fat people got big bodies and baaaaaad luck

They don't exercise
they move too slow
they got heart disease and cholesterol

They'll need those expensive machines that go beep beep beep
Hospital tests that don't come cheap
Gonna tax every single thing they eat
Every greasy bag of chips...every single treat

Cause I don't want no fat people
Can't help out those people
We're gonna ra-tion their health care

(But-but-but don't worry, because if you're on the federal're not going to be forced into any thing like what I'm gonna give those people...because you're valuable...and I'm also part of that plan.)

Impeach Obama ... Recently nominated Democrat is running on the "I" word

Here's a sign of hope and change... (H-T to Alabama Politics)
Posted: 08 Mar 2010 08:00 AM PST
Okay, this is important, guys, and you may want to pay close attention. Oh, and you might also want to sit down.

When Scott Brown was elected, do you remember the Democrats' response? That's right, "it has nothing to do with health care" was one, and "it doesn't predict bad things for November" was another.

Primaries are going on now to determine who will run for office during the fall elections. In Texas, a woman named Kesha Rogers ran for the 22nd Congressional District on the platform of impeaching Barack Obama. Not only did she win her party's nomination on that platform, but she ran as a Democrat.

Yes, you read that right, the Democrat candidate for the 22nd Congressional District in Texas will be a woman who ran on the platform that President Barack Obama should be impeached.
Kesha Rogers called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama as the centerpiece of her campaign for Congress, and on Tuesday she won the nomination of her party.  The Democratic Party.
It was no stealth campaign. Rogers shouted it from a sound truck that cruised the four-county 22nd Congressional District. She posted an 18-foot banner emblazoned with the message “Save NASA. Impeach Obama” on street corners. Her Web site is filled with videos and periodic policy statements documenting her stand.
During the campaign, Rogers denounced warnings of global warming as imperialist genocide, proclaimed that London banking interests are bent on ruining America's economy and accused Obama of “pissing on the legacy of President John F. Kennedy” in proposing to end NASA's Constellation program.
Rogers won a majority of the Democratic vote Tuesday against Blatt, a development analyst, and ordained minister Freddie John Wieder Jr.
Her Web site trumpets her victory with the headline: “The message is clear: Barack Obama has to go.”
Now, regardless of what you think of Scott Brown or any other races in the past, how can anybody seriously argue that this does not bode ill for Democrats in the fall elections? Democrats in Houston have selected a candidate who disagrees sharply with PresBo and his liberal minions.
How can this be seen as anything EXCEPT an incredibly BAD omen for the Democrats? She ran on a platform to impeach Obama... AND DEMOCRATS SELECTED HER AS THEIR CANDIDATE!
So I have this to say to Congressional Democrats: Be very, very careful about supporting ObamaCare and the other high-profile liberal legislative efforts... the people really don't like those bills and won't be shy about expressing that in November.
Here she is folks, she may be the beginning of the impetus to impeach.  You can read more about Kesha Rogers here and here. ~ N.E.H.

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Obama Steps Up To The Plate...Palin Pitches In

With only one second to spare!

"...a profanity-filled conversation he had with White House Chief of Staff"... So what else is new?

The following from: Right World View

Monday, March 08, 2010

After Massa's 8 Month Issue, Says Rahm Is Son Of Devil's Spawn

Some additional goodies to go along with Rep. Massa's push back and complaints sure to do him no good at all.  While he's characterizing it as an incident at a wedding on just one night, a Massa aide seems to disagree.
A Massa aide has told POLITICO that the New York Democrat has been engaged in inappropriate behavior “for eight months.”
Massa doesn't seem to think much of potty-mouthed Rahm Emanuel, either. Heckuva job, Barry, picking your VP and WH crew! Heckuva job, indeed!
Massa also described a profanity-filled conversation he had with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel after he voted against the president’s health care legislation last year. Massa called on Emanuel to resign for his own use of profane language during the phone call.
“Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn,” Massa added. “He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

Bikers News...fresh off the road

But how does he keep the engine noise down...

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But Officer, I'm not drunk! - Three Ways To Fail The Drunk Test

This just in...Another Downhill Record Broken

No Longer Grounded...Cape Cod Clamming Vessel Set Free

There's nothing worst than having your livlihood grounded... The Ruth & Gail clamming vessel went aground during inclement weather more than a week ago is set the following from the Cape Cod Times ...also video.
Grounded fishing floating in East Dennis 

The Ruth & Gail, which ran aground off Sesuit Harbor a week ago, is moved into position by a large crane before a crowd of curious onlookers.Steve Heaslip/Cape Cod Times

EAST DENNIS – A 34-foot-long clamming boat that ran aground at the mouth of Sesuit Harbor a week ago was turned around this morning by cranes and refloated late this afternoon at high tide.
The Ruth & Gail out of Rock Harbor in Orleans became stuck and was battered by 10- to 12-foot waves during a storm Feb. 28.
The boat's owner, Aaron Nickerson, and two crewmen escaped the boat with help from a rescue swimmer dropped into the water by the Coast Guard.
This morning the boat was lifted by two large cranes and turned so that its bow was facing out into Cape Cod Bay, Dennis Deputy Harbormaster Rick Lemont said. The boat was moved down to the low tide mark.
Watch video of the operation to refloat the Ruth & Gail:

The Coast Guard has inspected the vessel and there does not appear to be any substantial damage, he said.
A large crowd gathered this morning and this afternoon beneath a clear blue sky to watch the work, Lemont said.
Online editor Gregory Bryant contributed to this report.

Adam Gadahn...arrested in Pakistan

Cross posted from the Guardian

Adam Gadahn, al-Qaida's US-born spokesman, arrested in Pakistan

California-born American was charged with treason and had $1m reward offered for his arrest
 Sunday 7 March 2010 22.29 GMT

A US-born spokesman for al-Qaida has been arrested, Pakistani authorities said today , hailing an intelligence coup that struck a blow at the organisation's public relations apparatus.
Reports of the arrest of Adam Gadahn in Karachi came on the same day the California-born American appeared in a web video in which he called on American Muslims to launch attacks in the US.
Gadahn, the first American to be charged with treason since the second world war era, is one of the FBI's top 10 most wanted terrorists and has had a $1m reward offered for information leading to his capture.
The 31-year-old is believed to have been captured in recent days in the seaport metropolis, according to Pakistani intelligence officers. Authorities there also said the arrest was a joint operation with US intelligence and he had been shifted to Islamabad for interrogation. Officials in Washington would not confirm the arrest.
The arrest came after recent visits to Pakistan by leading US diplomatic and security officials, including Barack Obama's special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke, FBI director Robert Mueller and national security adviser General James Jones. Earlier this week, Pakistani intelligence agents arrested a former finance minister to the Afghan Taliban, and in recent weeks have detained at least four other senior Taliban.
In a video on Sunday Gadahn praised Nidal Malik Hassan, the Muslim-American Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 soldiers at an army base in Texas in November, calling him a role model.
Raised in southern California, Gadahn converted to Islam at 17 and left the US about 10 years ago, later attending Taliban or al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan, US officials say.
A pudgy man who has been seen with a beard and turban in the online videos in which he assails the United States, Gadhan has been al-Qaida's translator and chief English language spokesman. The FBI has said he has had close contacts with Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders. In one video Ayman al-Zawahiri, Bin Laden's lieutenant, praised him as a brother.
He was seen as a particularly effective public relations tool for the group because he speaks fluent American English and is schooled in American culture. In one video, he referred to the classic American board game Monopoly: "If you die as an unbeliever in battle against the Muslims, you're going straight to hell, without passing Go."
In others, he ceremoniously tore up his American passport and said his grandfather was Jewish, ridiculing him for his beliefs and calling on Palestinians to continue fighting Israel.
A US indictment against him for treason and giving material aid to al-Qaida stems from a series of videos shot between 2004 and 2006 in which Gadahn, styling himself Azzam al-Amriki, taunted the United States, acknowledges he had joined al-Qaida and praised the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Gadahn was brought up by parents who lived a self-sufficient lifestyle, for years owning no telephone, producing their own electricity from rooftop solar panels, and home schooling Gadahn and his three siblings.
His father slaughtered livestock in the ritual Islamic fashion in order to sell them at a local Muslim market, through which Gadahn was exposed at an early age to Islam, although his parents have been described as non-denominational Christians.
Gadahn converted to Islam at 17, later working at a mosque in Orange County, California. In 1997, he assaulted an elder who questioned his work habits and was expelled from the mosque, serving two days in jail. He left the US in the late 1990s, and later married an Afghan refugee.

The New World Order Is Emerging..."And, by any and all legitimate means, it must be stopped."

Over at the American Spectator Quin Hillyer has an excellent piece (reproduced here for further exposure) that best describes the Obamanation of America.  Many of us on the conservative side of politics could sense this description of Obama long before anyone put it to words but even as these words are popping up everywhere they fail to reach the heart of the problem.  And that is the die-hard Obama voter.  Maybe a few die-hards will show up here (but only if they could comprehend the enormity of thier problem). ~ Norman E. Hooben
Picture collage by N. Hooben

Not the American Way
There is something way off balance in the character of Barack Obama. Something in the realm of zealotry, with a touch of megalomania, and perhaps an authoritarian impulse too. He combines Alinskyite tactics and outlook with an air of self-assumed moral superiority in a way that fails to respect the usual, small 'r' republican limits on American presidents. All presidents, of course, think at some level that they know best about policy choices. But almost none of them (Woodrow Wilson perhaps excepted) were so willing to disdain, in pursuit of such radical policy upheavals, such intense and overwhelming public opinion as has been evident in the current health takeover attempt.
Grandiose plans are one thing. Most presidents fall prey to them. It's another thing entirely, though, to refuse to accept the ordinary republican restraints on implementing grandiosities without public support, and furthermore to do so by A) bending existing rules; B) directly violating multiple personal pledges; C) ignoring constitutional limits; D) directly lying; and E) demanding that other politicians sacrifice their own political careers.
A little humility would be nice. So would a sense that he answers to the public rather than to some self-proclaimed (and self-determined) imperative of history and/or call of destiny. What Obama seems to fail to understand is that his own, overblown self-assurance and self-mythologizing is actually hampering his own goals. One need not stretch too far to observe that one of the factors adding to public opposition to Obamacare is a growing public disquietude about the lack of responsiveness, the authoritarian certitude, and the zealous near-fanaticism of the government that would run the new health-rationing system -- all character traits as embodied by the president himself.
As Obama ignores public opinion while pushing for full-fledged Obamacare in one fell swoop, and as he insists that he knows best and that the public is too ill-informed to know what is good for it, he directly -- as the very symbol of the state -- reminds the public of what they distrust about government in the first place and of why they don't want government interfering in a realm as personal as health care. These feelings are especially fierce because Obama is trying not to change something with which most Americans are dissatisfied, but instead to change (and arguably take away) a system in which some four-fifths of the public remains generally satisfied with their own personal level of care.
For most Americans, Obama doesn't seem to be giving them something they don't have, but instead to be taking away something they already value.
Worse, he and the increasingly unpopular Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are doing it while hectoring the public, insulting (at least by implication) the public by belittling the public's understanding of the issue, and treating opposition as if it is guided by evil motives rather than sincere concerns.
Passage of this health overhaul/takeover under these circumstances would be frightening. The harm it would do the political system would be almost as great as the harm it would cause the health system. The American republic was designed to give a minority a way to slow down major changes buoyed by popular passions. It was not designed to give a minority the power to implement major changes against popular passions.
The Obamites are doing the latter. They are turning American checks and balances on their heads. They are using temporary parliamentary advantages for a permanent power grab. The Obamites are dictating to Americans rather than representing them. Revolutionizing, not just evolving. Ruling, not serving.
And it's not just on health care. They work against public opinion on matters of criminal justice, terrorist treatment, race preferences, bank bailouts and corporate takeovers, overall spending, domestic welfare requirements, fossil fuel development, missile defenses, advocacy of American interests (and pride!) abroad, and on the whole panoply of oft-unstated attitudes that cohere as American exceptionalism.
This is not the way the system is supposed to work. This is not the American government we grew up with. This is not the national ethos that we love.
Yet Obama pushes on, perfectly cognizant of what he's doing, intentionally upending the American Way. This is a form of mania -- megalo- or otherwise. And, by any and all legitimate means, it must be stopped