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Cape Cod Today opens up a little

I stopped following Cape Cod Today a few years ago because of their one-sided viewpoints especially when it comes to placing comments after a news commentary.  Dare I say anything derogatory of Ted Kennedy (as I did once) was more than discriminatory.  Censhorship is a better adjective!  (Needless to say, my comment was rejected albeit it was the truth.)  But that's alright, for I understand the mindset of closed minds... Having been brought up in the area I have an intimate understanding of where they are coming from.  Heck, my dad knew John F. Kennedy and I had the oppurtunity to meet Robert Kennedy (At that meeting the then Attorney General recalled my dad's associataion.).  ...but enough of that!  My point is that Cape Cod Today is a very liberal and mirrors the rhetoric of it's Boston neighbor, The Boston Globe and that other piece just over 200 miles down the road, The New York Times.  To say that I stopped following the Cape's equivalent of a town crier does not mean that I do not check in from time to time...just an occasional look at some link sent to me by my better half.  And that's where I'm at now...  After seeing the following post
(Blogs: Views from Cape Cod) I may have a change of heart and up my frequency.  Maybe their minds are beginning to open's good to see a bit of the truth once in awhile! Good job!!!  ~ Norman E. Hooben

Cape Cod, what it was and what it has become.
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"You know, we don't trot out this stuff as trophies,
Americans and people around the world are glad that he's gone.
But we don't need to "spike the football."
Seems you do Mr. President, seeing how you've been an abject failure on just about everything you've touched since taking office in 2009. How many times have we heard this coming from the Obama/Biden dog and pony show. In case you missed it, the Democrats "spiked the football" in Charlotte 21 times. And the Cairo Embassy responds to the murder of Christopher Stevens and three others by alluding that it was caused by a movie. Well spike this!

So who are the "misguided individuals" condemned for hurting the "religious feelings of Muslims"?
Was it an a ham & egger American movie maker whose film "Innocence of Muslims" was shown on a Salafist run TV channel portraying Mohammed and his followers in a manner insulting of Islam? Or was it the arrogant armature in the White House and his sidekick who keep reminding the world with all the bravado they can muster, "We killed Osama! I'm surprised Joe "Gaff-O-Matic" Biden didn't add, "And we wrapped him in bacon before feeding the fish". Although, in the mind of the POTUS it seems to run like this; "I planned it all by myself, flew the helicopter, jumped out, scaled the wall, identified the target, and was solely responsible for "Geronimo EKIA".
Now.....what were they chanting at the embassy?
"Bad Movie !Bad Movie!" ?
    Or were they chanting...
       "Obama! Obama! We are all Osama!" ?
Since we're on the subject and have a resident FactCheck-er on board.....
Here's what, perhaps a soon to be clerk in a “Indian accented” neighborhood 7-11 somewhere in Delaware said, after "spiking the football".....
“Folks, Governor Romney didn’t see things that way. When he was asked about bin Laden in 2007, here’s what he said. He said, “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just to catch one person.”
What our next President actually said, (if anyone cares about the truth and context).
“I think, I wouldn’t want to over-concentrate on Bin Laden. He’s one of many, many people who are involved in this global Jihadist effort.
He’s by no means the only leader. It’s a very diverse group – Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and of course different names throughout the world.
It’s not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person. It is worth fashioning and executing an effective strategy to defeat global, violent Jihad and I have a plan for doing that.” Would that be considered a lie Joe?
BTW, wasn't OBL basically a side note in history when he was killed, living in a sh*thole, albeit a large sh*thole, with failing kidneys, whiling away his last days drinking Bud Light and watching porn? He never even had the foresight to load his personal weapons. Pretty big threat he was, yes indeed.....GO-BAMA!
Moving on.....
As far as Government Motors, they still owe the taxpayer $25 Bil, shut down production of the brainchild VOLT for the second time after reported losses of $50K per unit and their Altman Z Score shows them headed for the sh*tter once again. On the bright side, GM has some lovely new plants over in China but it's a bit of a commute.
Remember when Mitt was crucified for his attitude towards the bailout?
Can you say.....
How do you like them apples?
Depending on how you look at it, Osama is still alive and well and living in the hearts of radical Islamic jihadists everywhere, whereas General Motors is on life support in critical condition. Might as well stick a fork in "Obama/Biden 2012".

Islamic فريق أول‎ (General) in the White House Spending Your Dollars As Fast As He Can…Before November elections! ~ Also: What is Hillary hiding?

Where's the outrage?

The following cross-posted from Pat Dollard's The War Starts Here via WSB TV Atlanta, Georgia

Investigation Finds Obama Financing Mosques Worldwide With U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

WASHINGTON, D.C.A Channel 2 Action News investigation found that the State Department is sending millions of dollars to save mosques overseas. This investment has received criticism as the United States makes an effort to slash nearly $4 trillion in government spending.Plenty of outrage following the announcement made Thursday afternoon by a government commission that suggested huge cuts to the budget, including eliminating the interest education for home mortgage. This juxtaposed with the United States investing millions to refurbish mosques as a good-will effort in Muslim countries has upset many taxpayer groups.
“We are spending money we don’t have. This is all on a gigantic credit card right now,” said Jared Thomas, a taxpayer advocate.
Millions more dollars have been sent to places like Cyprus. The State Department displays before and after pictures of mosques refurbished with U.S. tax dollars.
“I think it is very hard to explain to the American taxpayer right now whose having an extraordinary time paying bills and making ends meet that this is why we took this out of your paycheck, so we can fund this,” said Thomas.
The State Department declined a Channel 2 Action News request for an interview. We wanted to ask why are we using tax dollars to refurbish religious buildings overseas. The State Department did send Channel Two Action News an e-mail saying that they are fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders.
Egyptian-American human rights activist Nonie Darwish told Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer that trying to buy respect in the Middle East only shows our weakness.
“This part of the world has a lot of respect for power and America is not showing its power, it’s showing its appeasement. They are laughing all the way to the bank,” said Darwish.
Darwish was born in Egypt and is now a former Muslim. Darwish told Farmer that she moved to America and has written several books critical of radical Islam. Darwish said that most of the mosques in Egypt are run by extremists who have ordered former Muslims like herself to be killed.
“We are rebuilding mosques to support the radicals, not to support the moderates. We are building mosques to issue fatwas of death against people like me,” said Darwish.
Your tax dollars also fund computers and mosques in places like Tajikistan and Mali. At an ancient mud brick mosque in Mali, the State Department has provided Internet service and computer equipment to local imams.
Taxpayer watchdogs wonder how the State Department can explain paying for Internet service while Americans struggle through the worst recession in decades.
“To the average person who has probably seen their paycheck shrink and not grow, this could be an insult to them,” said Pete Sepp, President of the National Taxpayers Association.
With radical websites inciting violence and extremism worldwide, there are concerns that the taxpayer-funded Internet service could be misused.
“That is not the job of the U.S. because giving them Internet access to imams and Muslim preachers who hate America,” said Darwish.
Critics say that it is time to review funding for all federal programs that do not directly benefit taxpayers.
“We are spending money we don’t have and certainly we can cut items like this,” said Thomas.
The Deficit Commission announced it would look at slowing the growth of foreign aid. Channel 2 Action News is not aware if there will be cuts in this particular U.S Aid program.

Note from Norm: Ref: "The State Department declined a Channel 2 Action News request for an interview"

Replace the words "The State Department" with the words "Hillary Clinton"
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We know that dead people vote...but spiders?

Not sure how this ID process works for endangered species but if I were a construction worker and happened upon a spider I'd stomp on the creature before it got the chance to bite...and I would not stop to check if it had eyes or not, and definitely would not ask it if it could see...I've seen what spider bites can do and none of them are pleasant experiences. And how's a guy to know what is endangered?  Do state highway construction workers take a course in arachnology before they are hired?  ~ Norman E. Hooben
Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
Don't let the EPA look up your sleeve...
For they may find an edangered flea
...and it will probably cost the taxpayers $15 million dollars
Endangered Eyeless Spider Indefinitely Delays $15M Texas Highway Project
Source CBS Houston
SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBS Houston) — An endangered eyeless spider is holding up a $15 million Texas highway project.
Construction of the highway underpass project on Texas 151 was indefinitely delayed after a biologist consultant with the Texas Department of Transportation discovered the Braken Bat Cave meshweaver, according to San Antonio Express-News.
The Express-News reports the spider, which is about the size of a dime, was added to the endangered species list 12 years ago.
Dr Jean Krejca of Zara Environmental told the paper the finding of this spider is like ”stumbling on a new Galapagos Island.”
Department spokesperson Josh Donat says it’s just now a wait-and-see plan on what to do.
“We have to wait until the Fish and Wildlife Service gives us the thumbs up for plan B or plan C or whatever plan we end up going with,” he told KSAT-TV.
Donat added that the finding was a “huge surprise.”
“It’s phenomenal. Those who are really into spiders geek out about it,” Donat told KSAT. “This is really cool.”
Construction for the $15 million highway project started in April.
This is the second time this type of spider has been found in the world, both times being in Bexar County, Texas

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I've picked out some of the best:
1.  Blind spiders. Unable to see the world beyond their own myopic self-centered view. As a new species we could name them "Arachnae Obama." 
1a.  I believe blind spiders qualify for social security disability benefits.

1b..  Don't forget food stamps. 
1c.  And free housing 

1d.  They can vote, too...

2.  What's the big deal with an eyeless've got a mindless president stopping construction everywhere else in America.