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The Greatest Accolade Ever ! whoops...

Crimminal buddy gets his due...
Obama Endorses Kwame Kilpatrick

Whoops! Wish I hadn't said all those nice things about such a sweetheart of a guy.

Detroit Mayor Jailed; Appeal Set For Friday
Judge Revokes Bond, Suspends Travel
POSTED: 10:09 am EDT August 7, 2008
UPDATED: 6:41 pm EDT August 7, 2008

DETROIT -- Inmate No. 25330, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, will be treated the same as any other prisoner in the Wayne County Jail as he spends the night Thursday, said Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans.
Despite Kilpatrick's humble apologies to the court, Judge Ronald Giles sent Kilpatrick to Wayne County Jail for failing to notify the court of his trip to Canada and violating the terms of his bond. He also revoked Kilpatrick's bond and suspended all travel.
"If it was not Kwame Kilpatrick sitting in that seat, if it was John Six-Pack sitting in that seat, what would I do? And that answer is simple," Giles said.
Evans said at a news conference Thursday Kilpatrick will have his own cell on the second floor for his protection, in an area designated for high-profile prisoners. Only the deputies guarding him will have access to Kilpatrick.
"Trust me. I have been doing this for 35 years. I know how to protect prisoners," said Evans.
Kilpatrick will have access to a collect phone and his lawyers and direct family can see him.
Kilpatrick's attorneys immediately petitioned the ruling, and an appeal was scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday.
Circuit Court Judge Thomas Jackson will review a transcript of Thursday's bond hearing and decide if Giles abused his discretion when he sent Kilpatrick to jail.
"The judge did what he thought was right. We don't agree," said defense lawyer James Thomas.
During Thursday's bond hearing, before Giles made his decision, Kilpatrick addressed the court and apologized for violating his bond conditions when he went across the border last month to push the sale of the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.
"Your Honor, I am asking for your forgiveness. It will never happen again," he said.
He told Giles that he violated his bond to save the city and close a $300 million deficit facing the city.
Kilpatrick continued to praise Giles and the court. "I respect the heck out of you for taking this case under all this scrutiny," he said humbly. "I apologize. This was not at all affront to you or the court. I don't believe there is a person who has ever been through this process that respects it more than I do."
Kilpatrick also said he has been under intense pressure to continue to run the city and bear the burden and media parade of the trial.
"My life has been revolutionarily transformed and it's transforming in front of the eyes of these media people who don't know me at all," he said, referring to what he called intense scrutiny. "Your honor, I ask for your will never happen again."
Watch Complete Kilpatrick Apology To Judge
Thomas acknowledged the mayor violated the terms of his bond, but said it was an emergency.
The judge asked, "Who was sick? Who was dying?"
"The city of Detroit was sick," Thomas said, referring to the $75 million deal the mayor said would help balance Detroit's budget.
A Windsor Star photographer snapped pictures of Kilpatrick in Windsor two weeks ago, the day he allegedly assaulted a Detroit police officer.
Kilpatrick said he had an emergency meeting with Windsor officials after the Detroit City Council voted against the tunnel deal, which would sell Detroit's half of the international border to erase a $65 million budget deficit and avert layoffs of city employees.
At the time Kilpatrick's bond terms stated he can leave the state, but he must give the court a sealed envelope with his travel plans at least 48 hours before the trip.
After Kilpatrick's apology, Wayne County Prosecutor Robert Moran denied the mayor's sincerity and said he was only taking responsibility because he got caught.
"He thought he got away with it," Moran said.
Moran continued to say that he felt the mayor has not taken the entire process seriously.
Giles seemed unmoved by the mayor's apology and ordered him to jail, at least for the night.
Giles recognized Kilpatrick's mayoral duties are important, but said his relationship with the court should be his first priority.
Judge Orders Mayor To Jail
Newly appointed Deputy Mayor Kandia Milton will act as mayor while Kilpatrick is incarcerated.
Milton will continue to act as deputy mayor until Nov. 30.
He called a news conference Thursday to assure citizens Detroit will run at an optimum level. He also said he has spoken with Kilpatrick since he was jailed and he continues to be positive about serving the city and he is in "good spirits."
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy expressed her approval of Giles decision in a statement Thursday. "I think it was most appropriate for Judge Giles to take action regarding Defendant Kilpatrick’s bond considering his most recent behavior. Judge Giles treated this defendant as any other defendant would have been treated," she said.
“It’s a real, real tragedy,” said Detroit City Council member Sheila Cockrel. “It’s a tragedy for the mayor, his family and the city.”
Both Kilpatrick and former chief of staff Christine Beatty were in court on Thursday morning and waived their rights to a preliminary examination and will head to trial on perjury and other criminal charges.
Kilpatrick and Beatty are charged with perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice, all tied to their testimony in a civil trial last year.
They are accused of lying about having an intimate relationship and their roles in the firing of a police official.
Both deny the charges.
But excerpts of sexually explicit text messages recovered from Beatty's city-issued pager and first published in January by the Free Press contradicted their testimony.
The judge bound the two over to Wayne County Circuit Court for the criminal proceedings.
They are scheduled to be arraigned in Circuit Court on Aug. 14.
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy released the following statements Thursday regarding the mayor’s decision to waiver his right to a preliminary examination.
“The defense team can spin it all they want. However, they have conceded that there is ample evidence to send this case to the Wayne County Circuit Court – Criminal Division. We are very pleased that the defense has acquiesced and enabled the process to move forward.”
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We Are No Longer A Christian Nation...A traitor moves amongst us.

It was our Christian values that made us strong and prosperous and its time we got rid of the cancer that's sickening us...

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies in the heart of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.
The traitor is the plague..." Marcus Tullius Cicero, speech to the Roman Senate.

Witness the plague...

For more on this anti-Christian, Muslim loving, Saul Alinsky platitude distributor go here: AUDACITY OF FAITH: OBAMA MOCKS THE HOLY BIBLE

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Martin Luther King, jr. Was A Republican

Martin Luther King, jr. Was A Republican - Norman E. Hooben August 6, 2008

I have long held the belief that Martin Luther King was a Republican now along comes what I would call substantial proof.

The basis for my hypostasis would be the underlying message of his speeches. And, although I confess that I have not read a great deal of his writings, the various magazines and periodicals that one finds in waiting rooms and libraries have substantiated my lone opinion.

Now why would I suggest that Reverend King was a Republican when he himself did not publicize the fact? For one thing his messages were about an ideology that for the most part supports that of the party of Lincoln. These communiqués were given to people that generally supported his views and to suggest to any one of them that they should or should not belong to a particular political party was beneath his character. He wanted both parties to adopt the themes he expressed. By doing so left such decisions to the individual.

Other bits of information that are known but not widely disseminated are that King’s father was a Republican although he did switch his vote for John F. Kennedy, a Democrat. With that said I could certainly deduce that within King’s personal realm, such as his immediate family, that private knowledge would be shared amongst them; party affiliation was a private thing with the King family shared only with the family.

Recently I’ve come to learn that indeed my so-called lone opinion is more widely spread. Searching the Internet, as I so often do, I discovered Frances Rice a black Republican who shares my views. Rice, not to be confused with Condoleezza, is the leader of the Sarasota (Florida) based national Black Republican Association (NBRA). Her messages have brought about condemnation from Democrats, a stronghold of black voters. Not least among such condemnations was the billboard she raised in Florida depicting the phrase, “Martin Luther King was a Republican.”

You can learn more of Frances Rice and the NBRA here: and here:

Getting back to family matters we now have Reverend King’s daughter, Dr. Alveda C. King echoing that same announcement displayed on the Florida highways. So without further ado please listen (see video below) to her in her own words. Words that I certainly believe; what I would call substantial proof.

Obama or Chavez...What's the Difference?

Here's the exact quote from the presumptive Socialist-Marxist candidate for President of the U.S. of A. stated on July 2, 2008:

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

And from the Wall Street Journal we have:

In Enacting Decrees, Chávez Makes New Power Grab

CARACAS, Venezuela -- In an ambitious power grab, President Hugo Chávez has enacted a slew of presidential decrees which formalize the creation of a popular militia and further consolidate state control over key areas of the economy such as agriculture and tourism.

Mr. Chávez, one of Washington's main antagonists in Latin America, published the decrees on Friday, just at the close of a special 18-month period that allowed him to bypass Congress in making laws. But only the titles, and not the texts, of the decrees were released. On Tuesday, the government made the full texts widely available.

It's very clear to the clear thinkers, Obama wants control...control over you! Are you a clear thinker?

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RADARSITE: The Muslim Student Report

"Bust Islam Now"

Click here: RADARSITE: The Muslim Student Report

An Act Of War

Agent Held at Gunpoint by Mexican Military

8-3-08 A Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent was held at gunpoint by the Mexican military last night south of Ajo. Mexican military personnel crossed over the border and pointed rifles at him. Backup units arrived from the Ajo Border Patrol station, and the Mexican military personnel eventually returned to Mexico. Unfortunately, this sort of behavior by Mexican military personnel has been going on for years. They are never held accountable, and the United States government will undoubtedly brush this off as another case of "Oh well, they didn't know they were in the United States." A few years ago the Mexican military went a step further and put a .50 calibre rifle round through the rear window of a Border Patrol agent's patrol vehicle south of Ajo. Nothing was ever done. Nobody was ever held accountable. Particularly galling is the fact that the Mexican military often pulls these stunts in Humvees donated to them by the American taxpayers (although they were apparently on foot this time). We note that Border Patrol agents have historically driven worn-out, junk vehicles.
We will withhold further comment on this incident until we see how our leaders handle it. We don't have much confidence in most of them.
It is fortunate that this incident didn't end in a very ugly gunfight.
For more Border Patrol news go here:

This is not the first time (see next news item below).

...and where is our President upholding the Constitution?

Border Incursion In Hudspeth County


For the second time in two weeks, American law enforcement officers say men carrying high powered automatic weapons and who appeared to be Mexican soldiers violated the international boundary and crossed into the United States in Hudspeth County, East of El Paso. In the past the Mexican Consulate in El Paso had stated that their Government policy is that no armed Mexican soldiers are allowed closer than three miles to the U.S. border.

The latest incident happened just before sunset on Tuesday night, as a KFOX crew was on the scene. As a Hudspeth County sheriff's deputy was describing what happened during a reported incursion last week - suddenly one 'soldier' emerged from the brush on the Mexican side of the border and darted back under cover. Moments later though, two other men who appeared to be soldiers marched across a clearing, in plan view. Shortly after that, the Deputy spotted soldiers who were well hidden and out of camera range crossing into the United States - attempting to flank the Deputy and the news crew.

According to the Deputy "They are doing the classic thing, flanking around each side of us and actually coming up into the U.S. and trying to figure out what we are doing, they are looking at us very heavily."

Reporter Ben Swann replied, "So I guess it's time to go." The Deputy responded "Yeah, it would definitely be time to get out of here."

Just a week ago a caravan of three vehicles were spotted on I-10 by Hudspeth Deputies and chased to the same area of the border. One vehicle was captured, a second made it across the Rio Grande safely and a third vehicle became stuck in the river. As deputies converged on the scene, they say a Humvee approached from the Mexican side, and heavily armed men in military clothing crossed into the United States to rescue the smugglers. The vehicle was burned on the Mexican side of the river bank.

After this latest incident on Tuesday night, the U.S. Border Patrol reports that they were contacted by Mexican authorities who admitted the men were Mexican soldiers. Border Patrol Assistant Chief Robert Boatright told KFOX "Mexican officials got in touch with our Mexican liaison unit to advise us that they had requested the assistance of the Mexican military and that they were down in Hudspeth County." But he tells us this contact only occurred after the Mexican soldiers had been spotted by the Sheriff's Deputy.

Wednesday afternoon, the Mexican Consulate released a statement saying the heavily armed men were not Mexican Soldiers, but were State Police, investigating last week's smuggling incident. Consulate officials say the men will be in the area for the next several days.

Local law officers say as word of the latest incident spread on Wednesday morning, they were told that Texas Governor Rick Perry was releasing nearly $4 million dollars in additional funding for Operation Linebacker, to assist in their efforts to secure the border. Meanwhile, a delegation of local law enforcement officers will be discussing their concerns with members of Congress and the Department of Homeland Security - first in Houston this week, then in Washington, D.C. next week.

But in the meantime, this latest incident only heightens concern among law officers, and those who live along the U.S. side of the border. The Deputy involved in Tuesday's incident told KFOX, "If it's going to take a bunch of us getting killed down here on the river to show everybody that this is a problem, then its going to happen, one of these days it will happen."

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  • Nor the 2nd time...


    By Michelle Malkin • November 21, 2005 07:06 AM

    Haven’t seen much coverage of the standoff over the weekend between US Border Patrol agents and armed Mexican bandits. The El Paso Times reports:

    A marijuana-laden dump truck got stuck in the Rio Grande on Thursday evening in Hudspeth County, leading to a standoff between U.S. law enforcement and what appeared to be the Mexican military, sheriff officials said.

    “It’s a very serious incident,” Hudspeth County Chief Deputy Mike Doyal said.

    “We are very fortunate (Thursday) night no one got hurt,” Doyal said. “Everyone had the presence of mind not to cause an international incident, or start shooting.”

    The incident began when Border Patrol agents tried to stop the dump truck on Interstate 10, sheriff’s officials said. The truck fled to Mexico in the Neely’s Crossing area.

    The truck got stuck in the riverbed, and the driver took off running. Agents “started to retrieve the bundles (of marijuana) when the armed subjects appeared,” said Agent Ramiro Cordero, a Border Patrol spokesman.

    The Border Patrol called Hudspeth County sheriff’s deputies and Texas state troopers for backup, both agencies confirmed.

    Doyal said the truck driver returned with the armed men, including men who arrived in official-looking vehicles with overhead lights and what appeared to be Mexican soldiers in uniform and with military-style rifles.

    and WND have additional details. Rep. Tom Tancredo has been reporting on armed Mexican military incursions into the US. See here and here.

    So, what’s Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff doing? Hyping the Bush amnesty plan and telling reporters about his promises to the Border Patrol to “equip them with whatever they need to make sure they are adequately protected and they can respond and defend themselves.”

    More border/enforcement blogging over at The Immigration Blog.

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    Something to think about...

    "...the Republican party stands for nothing, while the Democrat party stands solidly for Marxist socialism."

    The Senate Mentality of John McCain
    by JR Dieckmann
    John McCain just doesn’t seem to get it. Barack Obama is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Democrat party. McCain is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Senate, and he is campaigning for president with a Senate mentality.

    Senators are team players; they are not leaders. The team consists of not just their own political party, but rather it is the entire senate. When one side wants to go left, and the other side wants to go right, what do they do? They compromise. They end up going nowhere, but don’t hesitate to bestow accolades and praise upon each other for their great accomplishment in producing “bipartisan” legislation that does absolutely nothing for the American people. This has been the history of the U.S. Senate ever since George W. Bush was elected president and assumed office in 2001.

    For example, last week Senator McCain pledged that if elected president, he would work closely with Nancy Pelosi whom he characterized as an “effective leader” and an “inspiration to millions of Americans.” Perhaps this is the way McCain sees Pelosi, but coming from a Republican presidential candidate who should be opposed to everything Pelosi has tried to do in the House, this is absurd! But then McCain is known for frequently praising Democrats with rarely a positive word for Republicans.

    In an
    interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, McCain then went on to say: “We talk about Senator Clinton and her inspiration to millions of Americans. Speaker Pelosi has been an inspiration as well, in a role that is in many ways more powerful than the president.” That assertion would no doubt become obvious with McCain in the White House. He then bestowed praise upon Al Gore for his for his advocacy on global warming.

    Gore recently asserted that the U.S. could get its energy solely from renewable sources in 10 years. McCain commented: “If the vice president says it's doable, I believe it's doable." Has McCain forgotten that “the vice president” is Dick Cheney? In a later interview, Mr. McCain said he hadn't read "all the specifics" of the Gore plan, and now states, “I don't think it's doable without nuclear power.” I wonder who told him to say that?

    In an ABC News blog entitled
    McCain‘s New Strategy,” Jan Crawford Greenburg reports: "There is significant support among top McCain advisers that he make a 'transformative' pick who would change the Republican Party -- someone who would appeal to moderate Republicans and Democrats. This pick would be someone who, like McCain, has taken the unpopular stands, made the hard calls and stood firm on principle. A person who fills that bill, these advisers say, is Joe Lieberman."

    Which prompted Rush Limbaugh to wonder if Republicans really want to win this election. “…You know something, the Republicans don't want to win this election! They don't. McCain may want to win, but these people around him that are giving him this advice, they must not want to win this election.” I disagree. The Republican leadership and the McCain campaign wants to win this election. They want to win it as Democrats.

    In an article entitled
    Is John McCain Stupid?, Daniel Henninger reminds us of why only two senators have ever been elected to the presidency: “There is a reason the American people the past 100 years elevated only two sitting senators into the White House -- JFK and Warren Harding. It's because they believe most senators, adept at compulsive compromise, have no political compass and will sell them out.”

    McCain isn’t waiting to be elected president. He’s already selling out the American people and especially the Republican conservative base. In 2000, conservatives weren’t all that excited about George W. Bush, but he made more sense than his opponent, Al Gore. In 2004, most Americans were favorably impressed with how Bush had handled the response to the 9-11 attacks and rejected John Kerry’s phony platform that he was “reporting for duty.”

    Now, John McCain is facing off with Barack Obama who is nothing but a half black John Kerry, but without the “reporting for duty.” In spite of the fact that Obama fails to pass the
    John Kerry Test,” he has continued to lead McCain in the polls, until now, thus demonstrating the dissatisfaction mainstream Republicans have with the trend of their party to move to the left and abandon conservative principles.

    The latest Gallup Poll shows both candidates tied at 44 - 44. It’s not because McCain is coming up in the polls, it’s because Obama is falling, as more people begin to understand what this charlatan is really all about. His European publicity stunt has backfired on him, as has his shunning of the troops overseas in favor of playing basketball and doing photo ops.

    Frank Salvato reminds Obama that “
    Hillary only suspended her campaign." Someone needs to remind McCain that Mitt Romney also “only suspended his campaign.” Romney was never my first choice, but after seeing how stupidly John McCain is campaigning, we can only hope for a comeback of Romney before, or during the Republican National Convention.

    McCain's Senate mentality will be a disaster in the White House, almost as bad as Barack Obama's Marxist socialist mentality. While Obama is now moving toward the center as he goes into the general election campaign, McCain started out in the center and is now moving further into liberal left territory. In doing so, he has abandoned the Republican conservative base, just as they will abandon McCain in the November election. McCain, who claims to be an “environmentalist,” had no choice but to reverse his position recently on offshore drilling due to public pressure. At least he beat Obama to the punch on that issue.

    Today, most conservatives feel that they have no candidate, or representation in this current election. They are right. The Republican party leadership no longer believes in conservative principles. Their current motivation is simply to gain political power by trying to appeal to as many voters as possible. They pander to everyone, and stand for nothing anymore. This makes John McCain their perfect candidate, who also stands for nothing other than compromise with the left.
    We need a president who can stand on his own leadership principles and make decisions based on his own moral and political compass. The last thing we need is a president who makes decisions based on the Senate mentality of consensus and compromise. This is not leadership; it is mental weakness, and it would be insanity in the White House.

    What direction will the country be dragged in when a “centrist” president feels he must compromise with the far left? McCain represents a mentality that the country simply cannot afford, in a time when the enemy of America is both foreign and domestic.

    Unless Republicans can find a way to replace McCain as the Republican candidate either before, or during, the Republican National Convention in September, then it’s going to make little difference who wins the November election. Either candidate will be a disaster for the country, in spite of their differences - McCain, just less of a disaster than Obama, who would leave the country unrecognizable.
    Does anyone really believe that McCain would appoint constructionist judges? Remember what slipped out during his debate with Mitt Romney: “I’m a liberal conservative… uhh, a conservative Republican.” McCain’s claims of conservatism were as credible as John Kerry’s claims of being a war hero. McCain is a Democrat at heart and always has been. Instead of Obama, McCain would be the ideal candidate on the Democrat ticket. As a Democrat, he would be considered a moderate, slightly to the left of Joe Lieberman.

    Perhaps instead of Daniel Henninger asking if John McCain is stupid, he should be asking - Is the Republican Party stupid? The answer to that is maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on what your priorities are. If your priorities are simply to win elections for the sake of political power, and without directional principles, then the answer may be “no.” If your priorities are to lead the country with solid American principles and a defined moral compass, then the answer has to be yes! The Republican party absolutely is stupid.

    A political party that stands for nothing cannot survive for long. Today, the Republican party stands for nothing, while the Democrat party stands solidly for Marxist socialism. This is the direction the country will go in if the Republican party does not get back to its founding principles and conservative political compass.

    The Republican party must stop allowing the left to drag them into oblivion. The Republican party must return to its conservative roots and stand up for what is right, or surrender their base members to a more conservative political party which places traditional American principles and values above political power.
    The first step in preserving the Republican party as a viable political party would be to replace McCain as the 2008 presidential candidate. Then replace the Republican leadership with conservatives who know what Republicans are supposed to stand for. If they do that, then the Republican party may still be around in 2012 and 2016.

    Enough is enough. “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” It’s time for change. It’s time for a change in the Republican party leadership, before the whole country is driven into socialism by the Democrats. It’s time for real leadership in the Republican party, not the Senate compromise mentality of John McCain which has become the platform of today’s Republican party.

    Take A Stand...the time is now!

    Note: If the videos do not load it was not my doing...something is going on here that may be considered censorship by those that control this blog. (This note added Sep 16, 2011...nothing else was changed and/or edited out)
    War has been declared. Where do you stand?

    The Two Faces Of Islam

    Maggie's Notebook: It's War - Call it What it is: War on Islam

    Maggie's Notebook: It's War - Call it What it is: War on Islam

    Scanned tid bits from here and there

    My kind of hero...just words...
    No sir!
    They're more than JUST WORDS and I cannot express enough of them.

    McCain and Obama and Our Troops (H-T to Snooper)

    This is not a culture that favors middle-class capitalism or the traditional form of American patriotism. It is a culture seeking a one-world government, a primitive socialist economic system, a low-tech manufacturing infrastructure, and a religion that worships nature instead of God.

    The Comic Section

    I don't usually send out birthday reminders but today I will make and exception...
    You can figure it out yourself who's birthday it is from the following:

    Norm's version of the Gettsburg Address...A date that will live in infamy, August 4, 1961, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked...

    Two score and seven years ago a demon came into this world, conceived in Liberalism, and dedicated to the proposition that all peoples not of his persuasion shall be enslaved into Socialism and Dhimmitude.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war of words, a precursor to anarchy and violence, testing whether that demon, or any demon so conceived and so liberal, can long endure. We are in the middle of a great campaign of that war. We have come to desecrate a candidate of that campaign, like a nail in a coffin to send him to his final rat hole for those who he has stole their lives with platitudes and lies that this nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    America's Problems

    This is the transcript of former Mayor, Ed Rendell, who is Governor of Pennsylvania and the states most influential supporter of Presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking to a packed audience at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church on April 14, 1997 at rally: "A Solution Too Heal The Racial Divide." The then mayor was the principal organizer of the rally that brought together diverse religious, political, and civic Philadelphia leaders, with Nation of Islam leader, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as the keynote speaker.

    Watch and listen...all the commentary in this video are outright lies...and there-in lies America's problems. In my humble opinion former Mayor Ed Rendell is indebted to these racist people who are dead-set on trying to destroy this once great country. CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relation) along with one of the most notorious racists America has ever known, Louis Farrakhan, have nothing but disdain for America...Period! They will use any ruse to get a foothold into our government and they have succeeded with the traitor Ed Rendell.

    Added note: Now who do you suppose was one of the biggest contributors to Ed Rendell's governorship? Folks we got problems...huge problems!