Friday, September 16, 2016

That’s my view. What’s yours?

We hear a lot of negative/condescending remarks describing the American voter as being complacent, un-informed, ignorant, or just plain stupid; any one of which may be accurate.  Most assuredly, the direction our country is headed in reflects the summation of these adjectives, for if the voter were truly informed we would not be expressing negative thoughts about our once beloved country.  If I may quote Robert Welch (see video below), founder of the John Birch Society (a group of Constitutionalists who promote less government, more responsibility, and a better world), who said in a speech back in the late 1950's:
“…and the consequent willingness of the American people to allow the steps of appeasement by our government which amount to a piecemeal surrender of the rest of the free world and of the United States itself.”
Recently I was engaged in conversation with a concerned citizen (as opposed to a low information voter described in the first line above) whereas I stated that the most successful political party in the United States was the Communist Party.  And that is because they have accomplished all the things they have planned...not particularly on schedule or with defined deadlines but with a stick-to-it philosophy that has the desired outcome, most notably with the take-over of the established political parties.  Both Democrat and Republican parties have been infiltrated with some of the best Alinskyites this side of Moscow with the Democrats being dominant with almost 100% membership.  They got to this level by piecemeal indoctrination.  As the former Congressman from Massachusetts Barney Frank, once said, "The middle class will not fight back."  And they did not fight back and then Obama came along and they still allowed the government to appease them.  When you repeat a lie often enough the people will eventually believe it...and they did!  ...and the consequences of willful surrender is yet to be felt...but it will be! ...soon maybe?
~ Norman E. Hooben ~

Hid Welch
The Constitution: Road to ruin
By Hid Welch
It seems hard to believe, but as we review our nation’s history from 1900 forward, we keep coming face to face with changes that have occurred in opposition to the principles embedded in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. At each point, a vociferous element within our nation was successful in redirecting or changing the basic direction of at least one aspect of the country.
Let’s start with 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Truthfully, it was never a “federal” or a “reserve” system.  It was, however, a scheme to create elastic credit that a select set of bankers could manipulate to their own interests while the U.S. taxpayers were left holding the bag. The proponents of this “scheme” were knowledgeable in the ways of public relations and sold the idea that the act would control the money interests and protect the consumer from the “grasping” bankers. What a farce as history has revealed the real intent – fiat currency with no intrinsic value; an unprecedented violation of the Constitution which required gold and silver as the only legal tender for payment of debt.
Still in that same year, Congress saw fit to establish an income tax, something that had been repelled many times during our first 100 years as a nation.  The mental gymnastics that Congress has displayed in establishing this act is best noted in Art. I, Sec. 8 wherein it states that all “Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.” The Marxian concept of an arbitrarily “graduated” income tax (from whatever source derived) was a political stratagem that has turned into an unfortunate propaganda assault on achievers or savers (the rich according to current dogma).
Now look at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Cloaked with an aura of respectability under the “general welfare” clause of the preamble to the Constitution, one should readily recognize that the agency pursues “control” through its regulatory and rule-making power of whatever element of the environment is currently under scrutiny. States receive only a cursory inclusion for participation, if any, though the mandates usually have a direct effect. Such approaches fly in the face of Amendments IX and X destroying any semblance of state independence or sovereignty as formulated in the Constitution. While many might say that only the federal government can issue regulations or rules with national impact, the Founding Fathers were skeptical that such actions were either justified or the best means of achieving the desired goals. Considering the fact that government regulations or rules produce nothing and more often restrict productivity, the cost benefit of EPA actions are highly questionable.
Then there is the Department of Energy. Purportedly to free the country from being under the control of foreign oil, it never achieved it and our dependence on foreign supplies continued until private enterprise took over with “fracking.” According to most reports, this achievement has been opposed by the environmentalists and their bureaucratic cohorts. Here is an outstanding example of why private enterprise is a better solution to a nation’s needs than any government agency can ever be. Here again, the result has been “control” by the federal leviathan without any true benefit.
There is a commonality to each of the foregoing recitations. Each has sought to expand the federal government irrespective of either the genuine need or benefits. And, once established, a government agency fulfills Parkinson’s law that “work will expand to fill whatever time is available.” These acts among many have, and are, paving the road to ruin.

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