Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friends, Family, And Strangers, Did You Vote For this Man" Will I forgive You?

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This is what you approve of, this is how you project yourself to the world, this is how YOU voted!
Baby Killing
Graft and Corruption
Lying and Cheating
Brainwashing Children (and weak minded adults)
And since when is bringing you the truth defined as "negative" ?
I've done your homework for you so that you wouldn't have to...
I've spent thousands of hours doing research and by your refusal to believe the words of a friend, you've reduced that to zero!
You have insulted your friend such that you are no longer worthy of the title.
If you truly believed all that is listed above why did you not tell me so that I would not have wasted all those years false memories.
(and I'm not a cuzz'n person)

There is no way in hell I can forgive
a frigging traitor!

No way in hell! *

I will live, I will fight, I will die for God and Country...
in that order...and no one will stand in my way! Amen!
- Norman E. Hooben -
When you trust a stranger more so than your friend,
you become stranger than the stranger;
Barrack Husein Obama is a stranger.
Norman E. Hooben
* Forgiveness comes only with heartfelt sorrow and amend the wrong.

Obama's Rise To Power - Where have we seen this before?

Go ahead and take the time to see all the similarities...

Read the sub-titles...

(If video does not load go here

Sound familiar?
Now that you have thoroughly studied the video, answer the one and only question, "What followed Hitler's rise to power?"
You know the answer. Don't you!

With all that's been said and done let me say...on a second note, a friend of mine has already said it for me...
"I feel exonerated and reinvigorated. This message is in response to the latest
articles on my website about Obama's pronouncements on his official website.

Up until now, we have essentially been fighting a shadow war. We have been fighting against illusory and conjectural hypotheticals: This is what may/will happen if you elect Obama. We were voicing our (thoroughly-researched) opinions on what could happen to America in an Obama administration. Obviously, a majority of Americans didn't believe us, and they ignored our warnings.

But now things have changed. Now we are no longer dealing with hypotheticals, we are dealing with actions and facts. No longer is it just a matter of opinion, it is now a matter of record. As the previous two articles have proven, there are no lengths that they will not go to to squelch dissent. They will cheat and lie and try to intimidate us. They we deny the evidence in front of them, because their truth is the only truth. This demonstration of their intent is what has made me (and hopefully all of you) feel exonerated.

Our enemy is out in the open now. We are no longer fighting shadows. And this development reinvigorates me and gives me strength.

Here is my mandate, and I am convinced that I speak for all of you as well --
We will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced. We have just begun the fight." - rg

God bless America

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Anonymous said...

So glad I found your site. My mom has reassured me that there are more "True" Americans out there then those who are NOT - thank you! I was taught about New World Order as a child (I'm 37 now), I know what to do/choose when it is Time - and that isn't even the religious part. Since He was elected-the World has changed faster & faster - and people are meaner & meaner. I admit, I'm scared - but mainly for my 15yr old daughter who has no Clue what is happening or what's to be. She acts like I'm some idiot when I tell warn her or fill her in on world events. She, like all our children now, have been "de-sensitized", "dumbed" in their High Schools, grew up with no Pride in our Country because there isn't a Flag in the classroom to Salute. Kids are taught about gay marriage and NOT traditional marriage (FYI:I am not knocking anyone who is gay at all), I just feel if schools are taking over our jobs as parents and teaching them about "family values" then it should be 50/50, heterosexual & gay. Those lessons do not belong in schools really-but hey, who has a family anymore anyways. MySpace is a a government's wonderland - all that personal info our kids put on there-I couldn't even close my kids MySpace account! The man who owns all the newspapers, the TV stations, etc. WELL he owns MySpace and if you research the Web-he owns about everything that will destroy us later or give us false information on. Just another way to get into the next generations heads easier for later. My Mom told me that she feels my generation was the last one to know "Love"-it is so true, and so Sad.She is glad she is older going thru these times... This is very rash-but I have told my child what side of the road I will be on when NWO opens it's eyes in entirety - I have had to tell her that if she goes along with NWO-I cannot be by her side. Even as much as I love her-and would give my life for her - I cannot give up my Soul for her. Is that a horrible thing or what. Keep up the great site-God Bless Us Americans-see you when we run to the hills! Kari