Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Driving down an American highway wouldn't it be nice to see a UN Exit

by Norman E. Hooben
It's no secret that most Americans in-the-know have a disdain for that organization known as the United Nations.  As I have often been quoted as saying, "The UN is the most corrupt organization ever devised by man." a friend of mine has summarized my feelings with these words:
The United Nations, aka the Useless Nations as told and described by some, are comprised of people that hate Freedom and worship a wide variety of the Jihadom and some sort of Marxism. They hate America because of her Constitution and the fact that America was, at one time, founded upon the God of the Bible. (See The Snooper Report)
It may be a little difficult to quantify 'most Americans in-the-know' and the numbers may be smaller than I care to guess but every once in awhile I run across something that excites my day dreaming wannabe, ambitious, wishful thinking, get-rid-of-the-SOB's mindset. 
Sometimes educating the masses takes more than a generation or two and that's what they have done to us...'they' being the United Nations.  They made us think that they where some kind of world peace-keeping force or that they were concerned for the world's children and wild life but we in-the-know, know that the UN's Children Fund and World Wild Life Fund are just fronts to raise revenue from na├»ve people. Mark Steyn once wrote, "On a UN peace mission, everyone gets his piece." (He was referring to a UN staffer enjoying the pleasures of 12-year old girls.)
So what was that 'something' that excites me? 
I used to visit Cap'n Bob's website fairly regularly but had drifted away in recent times only to be directed back there by a visitor to this blog.  Well low and behold!  Cap'n Bob recently posted an educate the masses post about the UN.  I believe Cap'n Bob is hoping to increase our collective wisdom so that we-in-the know quantity is greater than I care to guess. Here's Cap'n Bob's informational piece for all you 'want-to-know-but-were-afraid-to-ask' folks.


As you drive southeast on US 60 going toward Phoenix, you will pass the sign seen above just as you are leaving Wickenburg. This sign is the replacement for another message recently seen at this same location.
Now that there has been a change in the direction of our country’s leadership, perhaps there will be enough collective wisdom to move in the direction of defunding and kicking the UN out of Turtle Bay. Send it off to Geneva where it will hopefully wither and die. The UN has only been a drain on our resources and has provided nothing in the way of benefit to the United States. Actually, its actions have been continually detrimental to our view of how the world should be.
Why we have put up with the UN for so many years is beyond my comprehension. It is a malignant growth and a cancer should be cut out of a body to begin healing and recovery.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Democrats TURN On Obama After Learning chilling plot to take down President Trump

Source: Freedom Daily
“THE  DEVIL!” – Top Democrats TURN On Obama After Learning What His ‘Shadow Government’ Did To Trump Over The Weekend
By Prissy Holly

Over the past week, Obama’s chilling plot to take down President Trump has been revealed. At this very moment, 250 offices across the United States are training Obama’s “army” in Saul Alinsky tactics, as Obama has been behind the curtain secretly leading Organizing For Action (OFA) for months. As he trains his anti-Trump agitators with their numbers quickly swelling to 85,000, unfortunately for Obama, his plan to undermine Trump and take down our president isn’t sitting to well for several top Democrats in Washington.

Ever since Trump defeated Hillary, we’ve seen these very same paid agitators taking to the streets in violence. Obama was caught red-handed funding these idiots, as he was exposed recently for shelling out a startling $400 million to anti-Trump left-wing groups on his way out the door. Now we have concrete proof that he’s been behind this movement all along. However now that the truth is coming out, some of the people from Obama’s own party are calling BS on his shady antics.

WND reports that Louisiana Democrat Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk caught wind of Obama’s plan and decided to write a response to Obama’s shadow government, stating, “This is some GRADE A Bulls-t right here.” He went on to say that this is the very reason why Democrats have lost so much to Republicans, is because of Obama’s antics over the past 8 years with his shady dealings.

“It also to me seems TONE DEAF – we have lost over 1,000 seats in the past 8 years … all because of this crap.”

Never before have we seen such a blatant attempt at a political coup by an outgoing administration’s party. The people of this country have been trying to tell Dems it is time to go in a different direction, but they are not listening, not even to their own voters.
As Handwerk points out, they have lost 1,000 seats, since Obama’s first Inauguration, yet they play to the protesters, most of whom don’t even vote! They just like to burn things up and commit crimes, which they know they will not be punished for.
In all, there are an estimated 250 offices with over 30,000 active “soldiers” and up to as many as 50,000 more expected to complete training. They have no other purpose than to disrupt our government.
Unfortunately, this is only one small part of Obama’s plan to take down our president. Over the weekend another scandal involving Obama’s treasonous antics was revealed, after it came to light that 17 days before leaving office, Obama slipped something into section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333, giving authority to 16 additional intel agencies besides the NSA FULL PERMISSION to tap any phone call of Trump’s or anyone within his administration whenever the hell they want. This is exactly where the leak with Michael Flynn came from, which was an all-out act of espionage.
Not only are these agencies now able to leak whatever they want to the press, they also have the ability to blackmail Trump if they choose to, which is an absolute crime. Watch  Sekulow explain the exactly what is at stake with the bombshell that he has uncovered:

While we had all hoped that Obama would retire to a golf course somewhere whacking at his balls, unfortunately for us, his sinister plans for America are hardly over. He’s hardly going to sit by and let Trump flush his “legacy” down the toilet, and he’s rallying an army to ensure that it doesn’t happen.
We must continue to expose what is going on so that our president and his team can do whatever they can to battle this BS. Now that he’s training literally hundreds of thousands of these agitators and has a full shadow government in swing, it will become easier and easier for Obama and his army to undermine, and eventually take down the President of the United States!