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"Is it Catholic or isn't it? "....more on the shame of Notre Dame; boo to the fight'n Irish

The Washington Times
Friday, May 15, 2009

EDITORIAL: Booing Notre Dame

President Obama is speaking and receiving an honorary degree at the University of Notre Dame's graduating ceremony on Sunday. The university has been moving to the left for years but had managed not to isolate its conservative Midwestern alumni and the Catholic Church's hierarchy. That luck has run out for the Irish.

The Obama invitation is in direct violation of a 2004 statement issued by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. In "Catholics in Political Life," the bishops stated unequivocally that "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions." If that is not clear enough, the document lists political support for abortion as the most obvious offense against the moral teachings of the church.

At least 70 U.S. bishops have condemned the platform Notre Dame has given to Mr. Obama because of the president's extremist abortion position. Fort Wayne, Ind., Bishop John D'Arcy, whose diocese is home to the university, is taking the unusual step of skipping the graduation and said "there's no other right unless you have the right to life, and a Catholic university should support that 100 percent." Archbishop Raymond Burke, head of the Vatican's supreme court, said Notre Dame needs to come clean: "Is it Catholic or isn't it? A Catholic institution, a Catholic university, cannot give honors to someone who is a promoter of things that are opposed to the most fundamental beliefs of Catholics."

The Rev. John I. Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, remains defiant about honoring Mr. Obama and said last month, "We're just so proud to have him." The priest's own associations place him further at odds with his church. Father Jenkins is a member of the board of directors of Millennium Promise, an organization ostensibly organized to fight poverty. A closer look exposes a darker agenda. One of Millennium Promise's major initiatives is Millennium Villages, a joint project with the United Nations Development Program and Columbia University's Earth Institute that promotes "reproductive rights" as a solution to poverty in the Third World, especially in Africa.

In a chapter on "Maternal and Child Health" in the June 2008 Millennium Villages Handbook, one of the organization's "core interventions" is listed as "abortion services." The handbook states: "In countries where abortion is legal, safe abortion services in controlled settings by skilled practitioners should be established." To make abortion more accessible in remote areas, the action plan advises that abortion services need to be expanded to the village level. In a subsection of the handbook titled "Quick Impact Initiatives for Gender," one of the "strategic priorities" is to "expand access to family planning and contraceptive information and services." Father Jenkins refused to comment to The Washington Times, but surely he knows that abortion and artificial contraceptives are prohibited by the Catholic Church.

As William A. Donohue explains in an Op-Ed column on the facing page, Catholics across America feel like they have a stake in Notre Dame. For decades, millions of working-class immigrants took special pride that its football team was among the best in the nation. Victory on the gridiron proved that hard work brought success, even for those recently off the boat. Notre Dame's prominence symbolized that the Catholic minority had established itself in a majority Protestant country.

The Fighting Irish fight song beckons the faithful to "Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame." By honoring Mr. Obama, the school has broken with its religious identity and given us all a reason to boo Old Notre Dame. 234567890


"...a model for our green future." (And it's not Obama's idea! ...or is it?)

Source: RightSideNews

"Yet, with Germany's electricity bill going up by 38 percent in just one year ..." (This is what Obama wants for you...sure, he will cut your taxes but he'll raise your energy bill 'til its out of sight!)

Green Bubbles Bursting

by Alex Alexiev
From the
National Review

With the selling of President Obama's economic agenda now in full gear, this is a good time to take stock of his energy plans against the background of energy trends worldwide. Alas, even a brief glimpse reveals that Obama's focus on renewable energy and the introduction of a cap-and-trade regime runs counter to both economic rationality and current energy trends to the point of guaranteeing its inevitable failure, which will result in serious economic harm to the United States.

The president is imposing his green agenda on America, even as the renewable-energy bubbles of the Left are bursting, and the world is witnessing the astounding comeback of the kind of energy Obama scrupulously avoids mentioning: nuclear power. To understand this surprising reality, the best place to start is to look at the record of the three countries Obama specifically mentioned in his address to Congress as leading the United States in the renewable-energy revolution: China, Japan, and Germany.

China, he said, "has launched the largest effort in history to make their economy energy efficient." True enough, but that effort has nothing to do with renewable energy, and it's not even clear that it's working. To the Chinese, energy efficiency means more efficient coal-burning equipment, co-generation, coal liquefaction, and other improvements of their primarily coal-based energy industry. Despite marginal improvements in this area, China is now the largest carbon-dioxide emitter in the world and can, at best, slow down but not stop carbon-emissions growth for the foreseeable future. As far as renewable energy proper is concerned, its share of total energy production not only is minuscule, but has actually declined over the past two years, according to Beijing's State Electricity Council. There is, however, one clean-energy sector in which China is making a lot of progress and has even more ambitious plans for the future: nuclear power.

What about Japan? It does produce a lot of solar panels for export and subsidizes rooftop solar installation, but its renewable-energy production target for 2010 is only 3 percent. Instead, Tokyo plans to boost the share of nuclear power to 41 percent from the current 30 percent in less than a decade.

This leaves Germany as a model for our green future. At first glance, it is a renewable-energy success story and, to no one's surprise, it has become the poster child of the green fantasy universe. In just a few years, the country has become the world's powerhouse of green energy, currently generating nearly 15 percent of its electricity from wind power and solar energy, which already exceeds the EU target of a 12.5 percent renewable share for 2010. A heartwarming story, it seems - until one starts asking questions as to how a country that has neither much sun, nor much wind, got there; how much it cost; and where it is going from here.

The reality, of course, is that it doesn't matter how much sun or wind there is as long as the government provides huge subsidies at the expense of the taxpayer and of the economy's future prospects. In Germany, through a scheme innocuously called "feed-in tariff," this has meant guaranteeing solar producers, for instance, a price seven times higher than the wholesale rate for 20 years. No wonder every entrepreneur-for-the-dole promptly lined up to feed at the public trough and created an artificial industry overnight. Yet, with Germany's electricity bill going up by 38 percent in just one year (2007 over 2006), this is hardly a sustainable proposition. If that's not enough, several years of operational experience have proven what experts have known or feared for a long time: that renewable energy is not only very expensive but also highly inefficient and unreliable. Solar panels, for example, seldom convert more than 25 percent of sun energy into electricity, while wind power's "load factor" - i.e., electricity produced per installed capacity - seldom exceeds 20 percent in Germany. The intermittent nature of both of these sources makes them completely unsuitable for baseload-grid consideration, meaning that they have to be backed up by conventional energy - which, of course, defeats the purpose of green energy as an alternative.

Nor does the German and overall European experience with cap-and-trade provide any reason to be optimistic about the prospects of Obama's plan to raise $646 billion through a similar scheme. Four years after its introduction, the EU carbon-trading scheme has failed to create a functioning emissions-permit market, to generate revenues, or to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions as promised, even as it led to large electricity-rate increases and windfall profits for some of the worst polluters on the Continent.

The bottom line is that for the foreseeable future renewable energy will remain a pie-in-the-sky green fantasy, not feasible economically without huge public subsidies.

Engaging in such economically irrational policies may have been understandable on the part of politically correct Western elites seeking to appease their hysterical environmental lobbies, especially when the stakes were small, energy prices were skyrocketing, and economic prosperity seemed assured. But those days are now gone and probably won't be back for quite some time. Instead, under the perfect storm of collapsing energy prices, the worst economic crisis in decades, a severe credit crunch, and mass unemployment, the green-energy bubble has burst. Around the world, Germany included, green subsidies are being slashed, renewable-energy projects are being canceled or postponed, private capital and credit institutions have abandoned the sector, and many of the once high-flying green companies are on the brink of bankruptcy. Green energy, long touted as our salvation from environmental doom, now appears doomed itself.

This should be a cause for celebration, for out of the ruins of this irrational fantasy, a new, powerful trend toward clean, inexpensive, and reliable power is gathering steam, and it may finally bring some economic rationality to energy policy worldwide. It has taken the form of a remarkable economic comeback-cum-political rehabilitation of the much-maligned nuclear-power industry. Though Americans will hear neither their president nor his devoted claque in the "mainstream" media discuss this, it is already a powerful reality that may yet make the 21st century the century of nuclear power.

What is most remarkable about the nuclear-power revival is that it is a worldwide phenomenon that includes Western countries that until recently were staunch fellow travelers in the anti-nuclear bandwagon. Italy and Sweden, both of which had moratoriums on building nuclear reactors dating back to the 1980s, have now reversed course, and Germany will almost certainly follow shortly. Italy now plans to get 25 percent of its future electricity needs from eight new nuclear plants and has already contracted with a French company for the construction of the first four. Great Britain envisages not only refurbishing eight aging reactors, but also building ten new ones.

France, which never succumbed to the anti-nuclear frenzy and already derives 80 percent of its electricity from 58 reactors, has become a world leader in nuclear technology - eclipsing the U.S. - and is aggressively moving forward with third-generation reactors at home and abroad. Farther east, Ukraine, despite its Chernobyl legacy, plans eleven new reactors by 2030, while Russia, an exporter of nuclear technology, wants to double its electricity output from nuclear power by 2020. Not to be left behind, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Romania are either planning or already building new nuclear plants. In short, Europe, until recently a citadel of anti-nuclear fervor, is being transformed into a gigantic nuclear-power construction site.

Elsewhere, the nuclear-power steamroller is making even more impressive inroads. India and China, likely economic superpowers of the future alongside the U.S., have both opted for nuclear energy in a decisive way. India, which today produces a meager 4,100 megawatts, or 3 percent of its electricity, from nuclear power, aims to boost that 15-fold, to 63,000 MWs, with 40 new reactors by 2032. It is already constructing five new plants and has just signed a contract with the French company Areva for up to six more third-generation reactors. China, which currently has a nuclear-generating capacity of 9,000 MWs, plans to increase that to 40,000 MWs by 2020 and 63,000 MWs ten years later. Finally, Japan, which alongside France is a world leader in nuclear-electricity technology, is fully committed to nuclear power and intends to double its share of electricity production from the current 30 percent by mid-century.

So where does this leave the U.S., and President Obama's energy agenda? It leaves us in the unenviable position of being the only major economic power led by a president dogmatically wedded to yesterday's make-believe universe of green energy that has already been debunked by reality in the rest of the world. Much as in Europe, renewable energy in America is in a dire predicament. By the end of 2008, American solar- and wind-power stocks had lost some four-fifths of their value - twice the loss rates of the general market - inflicting catastrophic losses on investors who had bought into the green hype. Investment and credit have both dried up and, despite the brave rhetoric of President Obama, there isn't enough government money to make much difference in the absence of private capital. In just one example of the parlous state of renewable affairs, California, where sunlight is nearly as abundant as lack of environmental common sense, produces but 0.2 percent of its electricity from solar power after three decades of heavy subsidies.

Worse may be in store. If Obama's dubious energy agenda is rammed through Congress, as seems likely, not only are Americans going to be saddled with a crushing tax burden, courtesy of the bogus cap-and-trade scheme, but the country's economic competitiveness could suffer lasting if not irreparable damage. Such are the wages of our renewable delusions.

Alex Alexiev is an adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute.


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Happy Police Memorial Day... Happy? The only one happy is Obama and his cronies!

From the Collins Report
On Police Memorial Day Obama's Budget Demoralizes America's Cops With Fine Print Cuts

May 15, 2009, 7:04 am

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Obama is slipping lots of dangerous lines into his new budget. Some turn the nation’s back on our police and others will make our streets more dangerous. Still others help illegal aliens go undetected. In Obama’s world cops cost money and illegal aliens become Democrat voters. For him everything is political.

Remember Obama’s campaign talk about “shared sacrifices?” It’s turning out to be nothing but socialist double talk. The details of Obama’s proposed budget are seeping out.

Here are some of his cuts.

He wants to cut almost half of the federal benefits provided for the surviving families of local police officers killed in the line of duty. This compact with America’s cops has been in place for 35 years. For all these years the benefits offered by the federal government have been the main support for small town police officers’ families after the line of duty death of their loved one.

Currently the program pays $300,000 in survivor benefits. While 2008 saw the lowest number of officers killed in the line of duty in decades, so far 2009 has seen a 28% surge ahead of last year’s number at this point.

Obama’s budget message also calls for eliminating funding for the “Securing the Cities” program which pays for the New York Police Department’s system to detect and deal with radiological or nuclear terror threats.

This funding has gone to arming individual officers and their vehicles with radiation detectors and has worked well to protect the city.

Obama wants to end other pro police items as well.

His 2010 budget will end the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) saving $ 400 million in a three trillion dollar budget. SCAAP pays for detecting arresting and jailing illegal aliens who commit an increasing number of violent crimes in our streets.

If Barack Obama looked us in the eyes and said he wanted to do as much harm to us as he could with his new budget he would have a tough time beating these items. Do you think this man has America’s best interests at heart?

Comments on this or any other Collins Report essay can be sent to kcoachc “at”


" old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty." - Oldest Soldier Dies In Iraq

" old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty."
Above line from: "Old Soldiers Never Die" by General Douglas MacArthur
Vietnam Vet From Arizona Is Oldest Soldier to Die in Iraq at Age 60
Published: 05/15/2009 Posted On: May 15, 2009 at 1:28 PM By: Kathy

PHOENIX — The oldest soldier to be killed in Iraq fought in Vietnam
and decided to re-enlist at the age of 59 after the 9/11 terrorist
attacks and the death of his wife, according to his brother.

Army Maj. Steven Hutchison, 60, was killed in Iraq on Sunday after a
homemade bomb went off near his vehicle in Al Farr, according to the
Department of Defense.

Richard Hutchison of Scottsdale told The Associated Press on Thursday
that his big brother Steven wanted to re-enlist immediately after the
9/11 attacks, but that his wife Candy didn't want him to.
But when Candy died of breast cancer, "a part of him died," so he
signed up again in July 2007, according to his brother and the Army.

"He was very devoted to the service and to his country," Richard
Hutchison said. "For somebody to go back into the military at 60 years
old, obviously I didn't want him to do it, but he had a mind of his
own and that's what he wanted to do. He's been a soldier his whole

He said his brother never explained why he wanted to re-enlist, but
that "I'm guessing it had something to do with them coming into our
country and killing our people."
"He wanted to go back in," he added. "He wanted to do his share."

He said Steven Hutchison served in Afghanistan for a year after he
re-enlisted and went to Iraq in October as a team leader of about a
dozen soldiers who would train Iraqi soldiers how to fight. But, he
said his brother's mission changed and that he was working to secure
Iraq's southern border instead.

Army spokesman Lt. Col. Nathan Banks said Thursday that Hutchison was
the oldest Army soldier killed in Iraq.

An Associated Press database of soldiers killed in Iraq and
Afghanistan shows that Hutchison is the oldest member of any service
branch killed since the wars broke out.

Richard Hutchison said Steven was a great big brother and a best
friend who was always looking out for him. "He took care of me," he

"I was worried about him. I didn't want him to go (to Iraq)," he said
through tears, adding that he loved his brother "so much."

He said Steven Hutchison worked as a college professor of psychology
at a couple of California universities and then worked at a private
health care corporation in Arizona before he retired a few years ago.

Records at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles show that
Hutchison taught in the psychology department there on and off between
1988 and 1996. Hutchison's resume, provided by the school, shows he
was a lecturer at California State University in Long Beach, Calif.,
and taught at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, Calif.

Hutchison was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Long Beach.
Steven and Richard have a half brother and half-sister living in
Michigan. Steven Hutchison married four times, and was married to
Candy for 10 years before she died. He had no children.
Richard Hutchison said his brother will be buried next to Candy in
Scottsdale, and that a funeral is tentatively planned for Tuesday.

Hutchison was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st
Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, Kansas.



Go West Young Man...go Allen West for Florida's 22nd Congressional District

Why must I wander like a cloud
Following the crowd
Well I dont know
But Im asking for the will to fight
To wear the crown of life
And you say go

Go west young man
Go west young man
When the evil go east
Go west young man

Allen West(R) for U.S. Congress

Welcome to Allen West's campaign for Florida's 22nd Congressional District! This site will give you the opportunity to learn more about Allen and his vision for the future of America. Please take a moment to learn more about Allen West and then take action to help Allen's campaign!

Dear Friends,

We face many challenges as a nation. From the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to illegal immigration, to energy independence, to out of control federal spending, now more than ever we need leaders in Congress who represent our South Florida values.

My 22 years of service in the U.S. Army have taught me that America is a country unlike any other, and that our way of life is worth protecting. In Congress, I will put my experience to work for our national security and honor my oath to the US Constitution by protecting our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. I will fight to lower taxes and reduce the size of federal government. I will be an advocate for policies that spur our economy and job creation, and will protect small business by cutting senseless regulations that cost jobs and increase overhead. And I will be a champion for reducing our dependence on foreign sources of oil, promoting energy independence while preserving our coastlines and farmland.

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. I am confident that as you learn more about my background and vision, you will agree my values and leadership are what our community needs in Washington during this important time in our history. Your support means a great deal to me.

In your service,
LTC Allen B. West, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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There can be no change with the same incumbents...

Cross posted from The Betrayal

From the comment section:
"Years ago I had an instructor (military, USAF) that often repeated a phrase when something he was about to say was going to be on a test. He said, “I want you to know and I want you to remember…” and sure enough what followed was on the test.
What you say here will be on the test…so I say to all Americans, “I want you to know and I want you to remember…” (now read over this post, the test is coming up…maybe sooner than you think)"

Rewarding Crooks and Incompetents

by DefendUSx May 14, 2009 02:36

By: Devvy Kidd

“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” –Mark Twain

The other day another email came into my mail box about “taking back America” with a note to support a candidate. Going into my twentieth year of full time activism, I’ve heard it before, only to see people chase the same non solutions. The tea parties continue with lots of newly awakened and angry Americans. I have said for a long time that people don’t become activists until the system hurts them in some way or disturbs their comfort zone. When enough Americans become victims of the federal machine, they will react. That time has come and is building, but will Americans pursue solutions or be distracted with things like “We need a third party!”

The solutions to return this country to a constitutional republic (we are not a democracy) is already there in the U.S. Constitution. But, let me respond to the email I referenced above because we have to remember this: Who makes the laws? Congress and your state legislatures; minor ones at the local levels of government. Who enforces those laws? Law enforcement; sheriffs and local police. The courts are rancid at the federal level with judges and justices legislating from the bench. Not much better at the state level, but in many states you can throw them out on election day. This rarely happens because people simply punch a hole in the voting card next to a judge’s name they saw on a sign without knowing a single case that judge decided.

Reality vs denial

There can be change no change with the same incumbents. Let me give you one example: I watched Diane Feinstein (there’s enough hard evidence to send her to prison forever and I don’t make that statement lightly) on FOX during the rape session (bail outs last year). She said 90,000 people called her office about the bailouts. 80,000 said no and she voted for all of it anyway. You see, these craven crooks in Congress don’t give a tinker’s damn what you and I want.

Unless and until you can remove at least 300 incumbents in the House and 60 or more in the Senate, the same party with two different names will go back in January 2011 to the agenda of the global elites who own them .

Do you know Thomas Jefferson belonged to the Democratic-Republican Party? to So did Madison, Monroe and John Quincy Adams. Andy Jackson was a Democrat. It’s not the party that counts (I belong to none), it’s what the individual stands for without wavering in those principles and convictions that matters. Personally, I believe the Democratic Party should merge with the Communist Party USA because there is zero difference in ideology and goals.

The Republican Party wants to ‘reinvent’ itself. What hogwash and it’s all for public consumption to fool voters into reelecting incumbents or ousting a few Democrats.

Americans have been committing national suicide for decades. They vote the same incumbents back into office over one issue: More money for education! Save social security! Save Medicare! which is now $30 TRILLION in the hole. Protect abortion! Save sodomy! Save the whales! The list goes on and on.

I’ve seen the insanity repeat itself over and over and over.

People will “forgive” their House member or Senator because “the other side” is worse. They still can’t see the truth because of blind loyalty to their party.

This emailer complained that GOP Chairman Michael Steele won’t back a candidate like Lt. Col. Allen West. Lt. Col. West is a patriotic American and I thank him for his service. However, he offers up band aids for most of the issues. Not Devvy’s solutions, but constitutional solutions. We don’t need more band aids that treat the symptoms while the patient is dying on the operating table.

I’ve read the issues page on his web site. The Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate education, the environment or health care. No more laws to keep these monstrous drains on the people’s purse alive; they must be abolished just like the FDA (Federal Death Administration). West makes no mention of the constitutional solutions to those cabinets sucking up money that doesn’t exist by the trillions.

West supports the insidious NON solution called a flat tax. That old lie (just like the flat tax) has been around for years. A so called flat tax would only continue to feed the money machine (FED) and solve NOTHING. It is funding the same problems using a different method. Moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.

His explanation regarding taxation has zero reality when you understand why the Framers of the Constitution wrote the apportionment section. Very disappointing.

West does not address the core cancer: Monetary reform by abolishing the privately owned Federal Reserve. All the rest of his ideas on the economy mean nothing if you don’t cut out the cancer.

He talks about national disaster insurance. More government bureaucracy.

Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution does not and has never authorized Congress to be a bank or insurance company.

This must be left to the private sector without government interference; Tenth Amendment. Just because Congress has gotten away with it (and massively failed for the past 75 years) doesn’t mean you continue down the same path of drinking a little more arsenic every day and hope to become healthy.

Yes, we should continue pounding on this criminal element out in DC., but they have to be replaced or nothing will change. No mercy. No exceptions. I doubt Ron Paul will run again.

As a matter of fact, Congress will be out of session May 25-29th. They will be home in their districts and there should be thousands of people everyday with signs in front of their offices or any town hall meetings they have scheduled.

Obama/Soetoro and this current Congress will continue to destroy this country with massive spending. Incumbent Republicans will continue to jump up and down and protest. These are the same GOP incumbents that for over a decade while in power, did the very same thing while the Democrats did the jump up and down routine.

The Republicans held power from January 1995 - November 2006. Most of them are still there. They didn’t eliminate one cabinet, one agency or the income tax. They did not get us out of the communist run UN or lift a pen towards monetary reform. They outspent the Democrats and voted to destroy the Bill of Rights at every opportunity, erecting a police state that has become intolerable for a free people. The Democrats have simply picked up where they left off times ten. The same old horse and pony show because Americans continue to reward the same incumbents over and over and over. In Nov 2006, there was no blood bath. 27 seats out of 435 changed. Big whoop.

Obama/Soetoro and this Congress will continue to loot this country dry. That is the agenda and it’s in hyper-drive. Even if Obama is removed and he must be, you can’t put Biden in the Oval Office. He is in the first stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s. I know, I have elderly family members who suffer from it and I know the signs. That leaves the fanatically insane Comrade Nancy Pelosi. All options are toxic for this constitutional republic, but we have to move forward because the Constitution matters.

I recently wrote a column about boots on the ground. We must throw out these incumbents by the hundreds. That means identifying a candidate in your district, get them signed up legally with the Secty of State so they don’t miss filing deadlines (in some cases up to a year in advance of election day) and then in January 2010, people have to work to get them elected. That means getting to your local committee meetings for your party and telling the leadership you will NOT support the incumbent. Take control, folks and quit allowing these petty Napoleons in your district push you around.

If your candidate is a real constitutionalist, the machine will do everything to keep the incumbent in power and all forms of electronic voting and counting will do the rest. We must get all electronic forms of voting and counting eliminated county by county before those 2010 elections. Otherwise, throw in the criminal syndicate, ACORN, and we face another massive vote fraud election.

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the FED is now gaining ground. Those Republicans who are now sponsors have ignored his bills for years, some for decades. Now that the people are enraged, they’re jumping on the bandwagon.

Are people going to forgive them for destroying this country and the Bill of Rights for all the years they’ve been in office just because they’re now supporting one bill?

If that’s the case, people don’t really want change or the solutions.

Ron Paul introduced the solution on June 15, 2007: A bill to abolish the privately owned FED. It had ZERO co sponsors and has just sat there. Now these GOP incumbents who support the audit bill suddenly want to take a peek, but that’s acceptable. Abolish it? They’re either too ignorant of the subject matter or too cowardly.

Will Americans reward them again in November 2010? Probably and it will simply be a tragedy for this republic.

Let me tell you one thing you should remember: The global power elite own governments on this earth. They move them around like chess pieces. They murder presidents, they run wars like a business. They are powerful beyond what most people can understand. They are ruthless. Evil runs in their veins. The fight will be ugly and it will get messy if people are serious enough to make the 2010 election cycle: No Mercy. No Exceptions. No incumbents.

Doing the same thing again or supporting candidates who don’t know the solutions - just massaging old rhetoric - will not change anything. Voting back one single incumbent will not change anything. They’ve all had years, some multiple decades, to get the job done and instead have pushed us to the edge of the cliff.

This is why I am an unpaid Board member for The Committees of Safety. I know what’s coming and I also know that it must be the state legislatures that slap Washington, DC in the face. Most are now out of session, but the work is underway. When the state legislatures go back into session January 2010, we will be ready (except Texas; our legislature doesn’t go into session again until January 2011). The state legislatures can reject the criminal syndicate in DC, but not without massive support by we the people in our states. All politics are local. We can kill Agenda 21 at the local level. We must take back America county by county and make our state legislatures accountable to we the people for it is our government. Self-governance means just that.

Just a few “other things” –

1 - PLEASE get on the phone today and tomorrow to stop the Pedophile Protection Act from being passed by the U.S. Senate. I’ts on fast track. It’s beyond outrageous that the Democrats are pushing such a vile piece of legislation.

2 - PLEASE get on the phone everyday until we kill this dangerous bill in committee: The Great Water Heist (short video). It WILL affect private property owners. S. 787, introduced by Feingold is another incredible attempt to grab more power, this time water. Here is the text; note Sec. 4, (1) (2) (3) and Sec. 5 (1) (2) (3).

3 - Americans are hopping mad about census workers marking their homes with GPS devices. They’re outraged as they should be and want to know why? The actual census taking isn’t until next year. Well, thanks to a fabulous researcher, CJ Williams, this will give you the answer and it has everything to do with “population activities”:

Department of Economic and Social Affairs 03 September 2004

United Nations Expert Group Meeting to Review Critical Issues Relevant to the Planning of the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses

Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping

4 - On May 9, 2009, I voted in our local election. When the lady escorted me to the machine to vote, I gave her and the other election folks a five minute speech on vote fraud and told her I really didn’t want to use a machine to vote. No problem! said the precinct worker. She promptly handed me a paper ballot. I was thrilled. Ask and you shall receive!

5 - $50 TAX on each gun you own on your 2009 tax return! Bill: SB 2099. This is yet another hoax being passed around the Internet and getting gun owners all riled up. If you need to verify a bill number, go here. When in doubt, don’t hit the send button.

6 - Last year I had to ask for donations to attend the GOP Convention, which I hate. There is another important event coming that I really need to cover: National Conference of State Legislators. About 6,000 of them will be there in late July. Despite what people might think, I’m not wealthy and don’t get paid a salary for my work or radio show. John and I live on a fixed income. I won’t be able to cover that event without donations. Donations of $100 or more will receive a complimentary copy of my CD. I thank you.

Below are some important links. I try to be very selective in what I believe is important in the heap coming out everyday. Everyone is crunched for time, but know your enemy and get the armed with the truth. If you don’t have time today, book mark them and read when you can.

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Are there any spies in the house? (see my list below) The Electronic Police State Has Arrived

'Electronic Police State' report cites U.S.
Ultimate Big Brother 'basics are in place'

Posted: May 10, 2009

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

In what may be the first assessment of its kind, a private company that offers a range of privacy products for computers and other technology is ranking the United States No. 6 in the world for having the most aggressive procedures for monitoring residents electronically.

The report, called The Electronic Police State, assesses the status of governmental surveillance in 52 nations around the globe for 2008.

The document was released Cryptohippie, Inc., which was set up in 2007 through the acquisition of several little-known but highly regarded providers of privacy technologies.

Not surprisingly, China and North Korea ranked No. 1 and No. 2, with Belarus and Russia following up. But the United Kingdom (England and Wales) ranked fifth followed by the United States.

Most of us are aware that our governments monitor nearly every form of electronic communication. We are also aware of private companies doing the same. This strikes most of us as slightly troubling, but very few of us say or do much about it. There are two primary reasons for this," the report said.

"We really don't see how it is going to hurt us. Mass surveillance is certainly a new, odd, and perhaps an ominous thing, but we just don't see a complete picture or a smoking gun," the report continued. Also, "We are constantly surrounded with messages that say, 'Only crazy people complain about the government.'"

The report mapped the world, showing the most advanced electronic police states in red, orange reflecting strongly developing electronic police states and yellow showing nations that are developing, but lagging:

Red nations have the most advanced electronic police state capabilites

Company spokesman Paul Rosenberg told WND the biggest obstacle, however, is that the image of a "police state" dredges up visions of Nazi Germany's thugs breaking down doors in the middle of the night and hauling people off to blacked-out trains or Stalin's USSR rounding up "offenders" for imprisonment.

"That's how things worked during your grandfather's war – that is not how things work now," the report said. "An electronic police state is quiet, even unseen. All of its legal actions are supported by abundant evidence. It looks pristine," the report said.

To create the rankings, which also included Singapore, Israel, France and Germany in the top 10, his organization searched its worldwide sources for information, checked against a number of other published reports, and assigned a value of 1 to 5 to 17 different factors:

  1. Daily documents: How much is required day-to-day for residents to present state-issued identity documents or registration.
  2. Border issues: What is demanded for a border entry.
  3. Financial tracking: The state's ability to search and record financial transactions.
  4. Gag orders: The penalties for revealing to someone else the state is searching their records.
  5. Anti-crypto laws: Bans on cryptography.
  6. Constitutional protections: Either a lack of protections or someone overriding them.
  7. Data storage: The state's ability to record and keep what it uncovers.
  8. Data search: The processes to search through data.
  9. ISP data retention: The demand for ISPs to save customers' records.
  10. Telephone data retention: States' requirements for communications companies to record and save records.
  11. Cell phone records: The saving and using of cell phone users' records.
  12. Medical records: Demands from states that medical records retain information.
  13. Enforcement: The state's ability to use force (SWAT teams) to seize someone.
  14. Habeus corpus: Either an absence of such rights or someone overriding them.
  15. Police-Intel barrier: the absence of a barrier between police and intelligence organizations.

  16. Covert hacking: State operatives meddling in data on private computers covertly.
  17. Loose warrants: Warrants that are being issued without careful review of police claims by a truly independent judge.

The listings of China, North Korea, Belarus and Russia, all known for their repression of freedom, weren't surprising. Nor was the listing of the United Kingdom with its recent programs to copy and store virtually every telephone call, e-mail and text message within its borders.

But Rosenberg said there's more going on in the United States than many believe want to believe. (Note from Norm: See who has been checking on Storm'n Norm'n below.)

The nation's "basic system of gathering evidence and sorting it later is really dangerous," he said. "It's permanent. It's not going to go away."

It goes so far that a person's alcohol consumption actually could be tracked by government agents, if they chose, through credit card documentation, he told WND.

"In an Electronic Police State, every surveillance camera recording, every e-mail you send, every Internet site you surf, every post you make, every check you write, every credit card swipe, every cell phone ping… are all criminal evidence, and they are held in searchable databases, for a long, long time," the report said.

"Whoever holds this evidence can make you look very, very bad whenever they care enough to do so. You can be prosecuted whenever they feel like it – the evidence is already in their database," the report continued. "Perhaps you trust that your ruler will only use his evidence archives to hurt bad people. Will you also trust his successor? Do you also trust all of his subordinates, every government worker and every policeman?

"If some leader behaves badly, will you really stand up to oppose him or her? Would you still do it if he had all the e-mails you sent when you were depressed? Or if she has records of every porn site you've ever surfed? Or if he knows every phone call you've ever made? Or if she knows everyone you've ever sent money to?" the report asks.

"This system hasn't yet reached its full shape, but all of the basics are in place and it is not far from complete in some places," the report said.

Rosenberg told WND the organization also sought input on the status of electronic surveillance around the world from organizations including the the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders, Freedom House, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and The Heritage Foundation.

Following the top 10 were: 11. Malaysia, 12. Ireland, 13. United Kingdom, Scotland, 14. Netherlands, 15. South Korea, 16. Ukraine, 17. Belgium, 18. Australia, 19. Japan, 20. New Zealand, 21. Austria, 22. Norway, 23. India, 24. Italy, 25. Taiwan, 26. Denmark, 27. Hungary, 28. Greece, 29. Canada, 30. Switzerland, 31. Slovenia, 32. Poland, 33. Finland, 34. Sweden, 35. Latvia, 36. Lithuania, 37. Cyprus, 38. Malta, 39. Estonia, 40. Czech Republic, 41. Iceland, 42. South Africa, 43. Spain, 44. Portugal, 45. Luxembourg, 46. Argentina, 47. Romania, 48. Thailand, 49. Bulgaria, 50. Brazil, 51. Mexico, 52. Philippines.

Recent visitors to this website. The list is arranged alphabetically with no added description (i.e., IP address, location, or function). Some of the names may be recognized due to their national prominence and or the titles are a dead give away (i.e. "Hospital" or "US State Dept" ). Others are law firms, private companies, NGO's and government agencies. A few commercial firms are large contractors for the National Security Agency (NSA). I should also remind you that this list is not complete. There's more! And thats what you should expect when you decide to have a website...(By the way...Have you read 1984? ...don't matter! whats going on now is worse!) - Norman E. Hooben

Adminstrative Office of the Courts Durham NC

Altoona Hospital

American Airlines Incorporated


Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada

Barclays Bank Plc

BlueCross BlueSheild of Illinois

Boston Scientific ? (Ireland)

Boulder Valley School District (BVSD

Brigham Young University

British Telecommunications

California Department of Corrections

California Public Employees Retirement System

CallPlus Services Limited ?

Canadian Department of Education

CANTV Servicios, Venezuela Distrito Federal

Case Western Reserve University

CC Services

Central Michigan University

CESNET, z.s.p.o ? (Czech Republic)

Chello ? (Netherlands)


China Network Information Center - Chongqing China

CHINANET Hunan province network

Ciba Speciialty Chemicals Basel-Stadt Switzerland

Ciber, Inc. DBA City of New Orleans

City of Boston

City of Gainesville

City of Los Angeles

City of New York - New York City Council

City of Palo Alto, Dept. of Information Resou

City of Plano, Texas

CNCGROUP Beijing Province Network

Coldwater Board of Public Utilities

College of duPage

Colleges of the Fenway

Computer Sciences Corporation District of Columbia

Computer Sciences Corporation Falls Church Virginia

Cornell University

Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet ? (Educational)

Dell Computer Corporation

Department of Veterans Affairs ?

Directorate of Automation Services ?


DOIM - ? (Military)

DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company

Durham University Local area network United Kingdom

E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co

Elias Group

Embarq Corporation

Emory University

Endless Journey ? (Commercial)

Euronet Digital Communications

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Corp

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Corp

Exxon Mobil Corporation


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


Florida Information Resource Network



Fujifilm Sverige AB ? (Sweden)

GCI Communications


General Motors Corporation

Georgia Institute of Technology

Glendale CCD California State University Network

GMAC Mortgage Corp

Google ? (Commercial)


Headquarters, USAAISC ? (Military)

Hickory Ridge Corporation



HQ US Army Medical Research and Development Comman



IAC Search Media

Indiana University

Info Avenue Internet Services

Information Systems, U.S. House of Representatives

Institute for Women's Health - Admin Office

Inter-American Development Bank

Intermountain Health Care

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

JP Morgan Chase & Co

Keesler Air Force Base

Kentucky Department of Education

Lake Erie Educational Computer Association

LBiSat, LLC American Samoa

Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

LSG Strategies

Mackenzie Financial Corp - Canada

Maine Libraries/Dept. of Education

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massey University ? (New Zealand)

Mediatti Communications,Inc

Memorial Health University Medical Center


Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Michigan Legislative Council ?

Microsoft Corp ? (Commercial)


Mississippi, Department of Information Technology

Montgomery County Public Schools Maryland

Multikabel ? (Netherlands)

Nantong University ? (China)


National Institutes of Health

Naval Ocean Systems Center ? (Military)

Navy Network Information Center (NNIC


New York City Public Schools


North Carolina Research and Education Network

Northern Arizona University

Norwich University

Ocean State Higher Education and Administration Ne


Pembroke State University

PHH Corporation

Phoenix Newspapers

Plano Independent School District

PT. Telecomunikasi Indonesia

Quick Technologies

Qwest Communications

R.R. Donnelley & Sons


Raytheon Company, Executive Office

Research Machines plc United Kingdom

Rice University


Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions

Russian Central Telegraph, Moscow

Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.


SBC Internet Services


Seneca College ? (Canada)

Service Provider Corporation

SIA Lattelekom ? (Latvia)

Southwest Ohio Computer Association

Stargate Industries, LLC

State of Connecticut Dept of InformationTechnology

State of Colorado DOT


State of Georgia (DOAS-CSD)

State of Missouri Office of Administration

State of Ohio Network

State of Tennessee


Stillman College Alabama Supercomputer Network

Teale Data Center ? (U.S. Government)

Telecom Italia Net

Telesector Resources Group

TelstraClear Christchurch Cable Customers

Texas A&M System Health Science Center

Texas Legislative Council

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

The Home Depot


The Connecticut Hospital and Affiliates


The Pentagon ? (Military)


U.S. Department of State

U.S. Government Printing Office

U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms ? (U.S. Government)


Unity College

University of California, Office of the President

University College London

University of Alaska

University of Florida


University of Missouri-St. Louis


University of Southern Mississippi

University of Texas at Dallas

University of Virginia

US Dept of Justice

US DOI Bureau of Land Management

US Office of Personnel Management

USAMITC ? (Military)

Utah Educational Network

VISP Technologies


Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Wharf T&T Limited Hong Kong Central District

WV Department of Education

York University ? (Canada)

ZAO MTU-Intel ? (Russian Fed.)