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Climate Control...Sorry Hillary, You'll never do it! Never in a billion years!

The following monologue presented by one of Obama's New World Order clan, Hillary Clinton, has no basis of facts to the points she raises concerning global warming. Nothing can be further than the truth than what this propaganda machine is trying to brainwash the American people...especially the American people! No government, least of all the United States, can control global warming...or cooling for that matter! Hundreds of scientists have proven this time and time again (100-Plus Scientists: Obama ‘Simply Incorrect’ on Global Warming). Let me repeat what I have so often said, "The idea that man causes global warming is a tool used by the far left, especially the United Nations, to convince the naive that the government has the capability to reverse whatever it is Mother Nature is doing naturally... a normal course of events cyclic in nature. The far left and the United Nations are intentionally using the weather as a means of collecting revenues...that's all, period! No one can prove otherwise! Even if you are not a scientist you can figure it out yourself. The earth was much warmer in the 1300's than it is now in 2009 and we are not even close to approaching the heat wave produced back then. In fact we are actually cooling down, so don't let these scare mongers like the Clintons and Obama take your hard earned money for something they will never have control of...control of your money, yes, but Mother Nature, never in a billion years! - Norman E. Hooben

Remarks at the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Loy Henderson Conference Room
Washington, DC
April 27, 2009

Date: 04/27/2009 Location: Washington, DC Description: Secretary Clinton stands at podium, addressing the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate. State Dept Photo
Thank you, Todd. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.) Well, I’m delighted to welcome all of you to the State Department for this very consequential meeting. As I look around the table, I think I have met in bilateral forums with all of the countries here, if not in multilateral forums, over the last nearly 100 days. And at each and every one of those meetings, global warming, climate change, clean energy, a low-carbon future has been part of our discussions. And I’m very pleased to welcome the personal representatives of 17 major economies, the United Nations, and observer nations to this first preparatory meeting of the major economies on energy and climate.

I think it’s significant that this discussion is taking place here at the State Department, because the crisis of climate change exists at the nexus of diplomacy, national security and development. It is an environmental issue, a health issue, an economic issue, an energy issue, and a security issue. It is a threat that is global in scope, but also local and national in impact. I’m delighted that our Special Envoy for Climate Change, Todd Stern, will be working with you, as will Mike Froman, who sits at that nexus in the White House between the National Security Council and the National Economic Council.

You know the details or you would not be here. There is much going on in the world today that challenges us, and it is remarkable that each of your nations has committed to this because we know that climate change threatens lives and livelihoods. Desertification and rising sea levels generate increased competition for food, water and resources. But we also have seen increasingly the dangers that these transpose to the stability of societies and governments. We see how this can breed conflict, unrest and forced migration. So no issue we face today has broader long-term consequences or greater potential to alter the world for future generations.

So this morning, I would like to underscore four main points. First, the science is unambiguous and the logic that flows from it is inescapable. Climate change is a clear and present danger to our world that demands immediate attention. Second, the United States is fully engaged and ready to lead and determined to make up for lost time, both at home and abroad. The President and his entire Administration are committed to addressing this issue and we will act.

Third, the economies represented here today have a special responsibility to pull together and work toward a successful outcome of the UN climate negotiations later in the year in Copenhagen, and I’m delighted that Denmark could join us because they are going to host this very important meeting. And the Major Economies Forum provides a vehicle to help us get prepared to be successful at that meeting.

And fourth, all of us participating today must cooperate in developing meaningful proposals to move the process forward. New policy and new technologies are needed to resolve this crisis, and they won’t materialize by themselves. They will happen because we will set forth an action plan in individual countries, in regions, and globally. It took a lot of work by a lot of people to create the problem of climate change over the last centuries. And it will take our very best efforts to counter it.

First, I want for the American audience principally, but also for international audiences, to underscore what I said here just a few weeks ago when we had the meeting of the Antarctic consultative group. Some of the countries were represented here. The science is conclusive. The evidence and impact is getting more dramatic every year. Facts on the ground are outstripping worst-case scenario models that were developed only a few years ago. Ice sheets are shrinking. Sea levels are rising. Oceans are becoming more acidic, threatening coral and other life forms. So the imperative is clear. We are called to act, and future generations will judge us as to whether we do or not.

Second, the United States is no longer absent without leave. President Obama and I and our Administration are making climate change a central focus of our foreign policy. We are, as Todd has often said, back in the game. We don’t doubt the urgency or the magnitude of the problem. This forum is not intended to divert attention from working towards solutions, but to assist us in creating those solutions. And we are moving quickly. On April 17th, in a decisive break with past policy, our Environmental Protection Agency announced its finding, that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions threaten public health and welfare. This move will open the door for more robust tailpipe emission regulations.

President Obama has proposed a broad, market-based cap on carbon pollution that would include a mandatory national target through the year 2050, when emissions would be cut by 80 percent. A market-based cap will encourage game-changing private investments in clean energy and improvements in efficiency, streamlining our regulatory process, stimulating new jobs and growth, and setting us on the road to a low-carbon economy. We, with our stimulus package of just a few months ago and our continuing emphasis will make significant, direct investments in clean energy technology and energy efficiency. And our EPA is paving the way for more stringent auto emission standards.

Now, we are well aware that some see the economic crisis as an excuse to delay action. We see it in an exactly opposite way, as an opportunity to move toward a low carbon future. So we work on that internally and we look forward to working with all of you.

We believe that the $80 billion in President Obama’s recovering plan, which includes funding and loans for clean energy development, targets to double our country’s supply of renewable energy over the next three years. And we also are working very hard on programs to make homes and buildings more energy efficient. We think this is something that all countries can do in this immediate economic crisis to make this a green recovery, and some of you are far ahead in doing that. We are also reengaged in the UN framework convention negotiations and looking forward to working throughout this year.

Third, as major economies, we are responsible for the majority of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. We may be at different stages of development and we certainly may have different causes of the emissions that we are responsible for, but we think coming together and working to address this crisis is comparable to the G-20 nations addressing the global economic crisis. That is why I want to assure you that the United States will work tirelessly toward a successful outcome of the UN Framework Convention negotiations.

There is no sense in negotiating an agreement if it will have no practical impact in reducing emissions to safer levels. The math of accumulating emissions is clear. So we all have to do our part, and we need to be creative and think hard about what will work in order for us to achieve the outcomes we hope for.

It is going to be both a national and local responsibility, as well as a global one. I believe that this forum can promote a creative dialogue and a sense of shared purpose. Of course, each economy represented here is different. And some, like mine, is responsible for past emissions, some responsible for quickly growing present emissions. But people everywhere have a legitimate aspiration for a higher standard of living. As I have told my counterparts from China and India, we want your economies to grow. We want people to have a higher standard of living. We just hope we can work together in a way to avoid the mistakes that we made that have created a large part of the problem that we face today.

And it will be harder, not easier, if we fail to meet the challenge of climate change for all countries, particularly developing countries, to continue the growth rates that they need to sustain the increase in standard of living that they’re looking for.

And finally, I would hope that we could develop through this mechanism concrete initiatives that leaders of the major economies can consider when they meet in Italy in July. We have to come up with specific recommendations. Breakthroughs can and should come from anywhere and everywhere. That’s why creative diplomacy and genuine collaboration is called for. And I think proposals for transformational technological changes, creating markets for such changes, subsidizing them on a declining basis so that we can get those new technologies into the market, whatever combination of incentive and mandatory requirements that will accomplish this change in the short run, should be considered.

Being good stewards as we must be of this fragile planet that we inherit together, requires us to be pragmatic, not dogmatic. We have to be willing to embrace change, not just repeat tired dogma. And I think we have to be ready to do whatever it takes and whatever the earth demands to succeed in addressing this common danger to our future.

I remember many years ago, as a young woman, seeing the first pictures that came back from space of earth, and looking at that blue and green orb as it spun on its axis, and I remember being so struck about how it was this place of light and life in what appeared to be just darkness and no life, so far as we knew. We now bear the responsibility in this generation, and the United States is ready to do our part. We are ready to listen and learn and to participate as a partner and also as a leader at this critical juncture. We want to be sure that that fragile planet we inhabit continues to provide for the greatest opportunities for our children and generations to come. But in order to do that, we have a historic responsibility to come together and actually create a new history.

So I appreciate your coming. I look forward to the reports of your deliberations. And I urge all of us to do what we know we must do to put our world on the right track to deal with this crisis. Thank you all very much. (Applause.)
We also know that while Bill Clinton was in the White House that he placed many of his like minded (New World Order) friends in government and non-government (NGO's) positions in order to carry the falsehoods into the next administration and brainwash more Americans into believing the nonsense. The article below hints of just that with NASA blatantly re-writing history under our very noses.
Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

A tale of two thermometers

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Analysis A paper published in scientific journal Nature this week has reignited the debate ( about Global Warming, by predicting that the earth won't be getting any warmer until 2015. Researchers at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences have factored in cyclical oceanic into their climate model, and produced a different forecast to the "consensus" models which don't.

But how will we know whether the earth is warming or cooling? Today, it all depends on the data source.

Two authorities provide us with analysis of long-term surface temperature trends. Both agree on the global temperature trend until 1998, at which time a sharp divergence occurred. The UK Meteorological Office's Hadley Center for Climate Studies Had-Crut data ( shows worldwide temperatures declining since 1998. According to Hadley's data, the earth is not much warmer now than it was than it was in 1878 or 1941.

Global Temperatures - Hadley Center version

Hadley's data (April 13, 2008)

By contrast, NASA data shows worldwide temperatures increasing at a record pace - and nearly a full degree warmer than 1880.

Global Temperatures - NASA version

NASA's data (April 13, 2008)

The other two widely used global temperature data sources are from earth-orbiting satellites UAH ( (University of Alabama at Huntsville) and RSS ( (Remote Sensing Systems.) Both show decreasing temperatures over the last decade, with present temperatures barely above the 30 year average.

UAH monthly temperature anomalies

Anomalies 1998-2008; University of Alabama (UAH)

RSS Monthly Global Temperature anomalies

Anomalies 1998-2008; Remote Sensing Systems (RSS)

Confusing? How can scientists who report measurements of the earth's temperature within one one-hundredth of a degree be unable to concur if the temperature is going up or down over a ten year period? Something appears to be inconsistent with the NASA data - but what is it?

One clue we can see is that NASA has been reworking recent temperatures upwards and older temperatures downwards - which creates a greater slope and the appearance of warming. Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre has been tracking the changes closely on his Climate Audit ( site, and reports that NASA is Rewriting History, Time and Time Again ( The recent changes can be seen by comparing the NASA 1999 and 2007 US temperature graphs. Below is the 1999 version (, and below that is the reworked 2007 version (

US temperatures: NASA's 1999 version

NASA's original data: 1999

US temperatures: NASA's 2007 version

NASA's reworked data: 2007

In order to visualize the changes, I overlaid the 2007 version on top of the 1999 version, above, and a clear pattern emerged. The pre-1970 temperatures have been nearly uniformly adjusted downwards (red below green) - and the post 1970 temperatures have been adjusted upwards (red above green.) Some of the yearly temperatures have been adjusted by as much as 0.5 degrees. That is a huge total change for a country the size of the US with thousands of separate temperature records.

How could it be determined that so many thermometers were wrong by an average of 0.5 degrees in one particular year several decades ago, and an accurate retrofit be made? Why is the adjustment 0.5 degrees one year, and 0.1 degrees the next?

Describing this more succinctly, the 2007 version of the data appears to have been sheared vertically across 1970 to create the appearance of a warming trend. We can approximate shear by applying a small rotation, so I tried "un-rotating" the 2007 graph clockwise around 1970 until I got a reasonably good visual fit at six degrees.


What could be the motivation for the recent changes?

Further examination of the NASA site ( might give us a clue as to what is happening.

NASA staff have done some recent bookkeeping and refined the data from 1930-1999. The issues has been discussed extensively at science blog Climate Audit ( So what is the probability of this effort consistently increasing recent temperatures and decreasing older temperatures? From a statistical viewpoint, data recalculation should cause each year to have a 50/50 probability of going either up or down - thus the odds of all 70 adjusted years working in concert to increase the slope of the graph (as seen in the combined version) are an astronomical 2 raised to the power of 70. That is one-thousand-billion-billion to one. This isn't an exact representation of the odds because for some of the years (less than 15) the revisions went against the trend - but even a 55/15 split is about as likely as a room full of chimpanzees eventually typing Hamlet. That would be equivalent to flipping a penny 70 times and having it come up heads 55 times. It will never happen - one trillion to one odds (2 raised to the power 40.)

(Authors note: Several readers have astutely pointed out that the probability calculation is incorrect. A proper statistical calculation of coin toss probabilities shows greater than four sigma deviation - which places the odds of a random 55/15 distribution at closer to "one out a million," rather than "one out of a trillion" as originally reported.)

Particularly troubling are the years from 1986-1998. In the 2007 version of the graph, the 1986 data was adjusted upwards by 0.4 degrees relative to the 1999 graph. In fact, every year except one from 1986-1998 was adjusted upwards, by an average of 0.2 degrees. If someone wanted to present a case for a lot of recent warming, adjusting data upwards would be an excellent way to do it.

Looking at the NASA website, we can see that the person in charge of the temperature data is the eminent Dr. James Hansen - Al Gore's science advisor and the world's leading long-term advocate of global warming. (Go back and read that again! - Norm)

Data Sources

NASA and Had-Crut data are largely based on surface measurements, using thermometers. They both face a lot of difficulties due to contaminated data caused by urban heating effects, disproportionate concentration of thermometers in urban areas, changes in thermometer types over time, changes in station locations, loss of stations, changes in the time of day when thermometers are read, and yet more factors.

NASA has a very small number of long-term stations in the Arctic, and even fewer in Africa and South America. The data has been systematically adjusted upwards in recent years - as can be seen in this graph (, reproduced below. Temperatures from the years 1990 to present have more than one-half degree Fahrenheit artificially added on to them - which may account for most of the upwards trend in the NASA temperature set.

Raw data vs reported temperature


Official difference between the publicly reported temperature and the original data from USHCN/NASA - click to enlarge

Satellite temperature data (UAH ( and RSS ( is more reliable because it covers the entire earth - with the exception of small regions near the north and south poles. They use the same methodology from year to year, and the two sources tend to agree fairly closely. The downside of satellite data is that it only goes back to 1978.

Now back to the present.

NASA ( temperatures for March 2008 indicate that it was the third warmest March in history, but satellite data sources RSS ( and UAH ( disagree. They show March as the second coldest ever in the southern hemisphere, and barely above average worldwide. (The northern hemisphere in March was split between a cold North America and a very warm Asia, causing temperatures in the northern hemisphere to be above average.) Data so far for April shows both hemispheres back on the decline, and April is shaping up to be an unusually cool month across most of the globe (Africa, South America, North America and portions of Europe and Asia).

Bottom Line

Both of the satellite data sources, as well as Had-Crut, show worldwide temperatures falling below the IPCC estimates. Satellite data shows temperatures near or below the 30 year average - but NASA data has somehow managed to stay on track towards climate Armageddon. You can draw your own conclusions, but I see a pattern that is troublesome. In science, as with any other endeavour, it is always a good idea to have some separation between the people generating the data and the people interpreting it.

Some good news moving forward was reported this week by Anthony Watts, who blogs at Watt's Up With That? ( USHCN has issued a press release ( indicating that they are upgrading their methodology and ending the practice of adjusting data upwards for future temperature readings. This will make the data more credible, though will not resolve the issues associated with growing urban heat islands or a lack of spatial coverage across the planet.

Bear in mind that warming and cooling concerns are nothing new, as this alarming bulletin reminds us -

The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts, which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

A RealClimate blogger? No, that was the US Weather Bureau in 1922.

We saw a global cooling scare in 1924, a global warming scare in 1933, another global cooling in the early 1970s, and another warming scare today. The changes the USHCN promised Watts won't help resolve anything for another decade or so, but perhaps future generations will be able to reduce the alarming increase in the number of climate alarms.®

The 2010 Census - 'GPS'ing Gun Owners? and more questions! Does Anyone have the answers?

Update February 2010: See also Do You Have A Flush Toilet ...
Cross Posted From: DailyPaul
(see also

Does the census bureau have the right to search your home?

Today a lady from the Department of Commerce came here cause I would not fill out the census form except for my name.. she came with an Government ID and asked to be let in.. I told her no.. she said I had to and I refused again.. So she started asking me questions like name etc.. I only responded wiht my name and that I was male and told her the interview was finished.. Are they going to come here again?? And what the heck was that about.. I am a private person and don't have time nor the desire to tell them much about me.. it felt highly intrusive.. I got her card.. Should I lodge some sort of complaint??

Has this happend to anyone here??


The 'Law' is very nearly

The 'Law' is very nearly completed its transition into a complete charade that only exists to make us feel like we have rights and that there is some due process and accountability of government in this country. Any true Paulite knows that this discussion, on its foundations, is an irrelevant one. There are very few obstacles remaining that keep them from finally dispensing with the illusion of freedom that has been cast upon this country of ours.

Can the Census Bureau enter your home? Of course they can. Let's be honest with one another. It doesn't even really matter what the 'law' says. It doesn't matter what you say or people on this site say. It doesn't matter what I say. Might makes right in this country, and if it doesn't yet, it will soon. Don't get me wrong, I applaud legal arguments and those who utilize the system and the legal process to defend freedom, but we have to be realistic and admit to ourselves that this is a reactionary game and one that will eventually end in defeat. You cannot win when you operate inside a system that was created by monsters to benefit monsters and their draconian principles.

I humbly submit that those who truly want justice and freedom returned to America will go through the motions of following the rules set forth by the system, but will be attentive to what is really going on, gather their friends and family to them, and patiently wait for a time when other, substantive things can be done. You know who you are. Hopefully, I will see you all then.

The Law?

Are we really required to tell our name and number of residents? What happens if we refuse? I believe they should be treated as trespassers but I have no legal knowledge on this matter. I can't believe I'd be arrested for not answering questions from a stranger in my own home without cause.

I just heard a little titbit about the Census visitor with

using the GPS thingy.... it appears to work out that only those who are known gun owners are being put into the gadget. Not everyone in the same neighbourhoods are being 'honoured' with this visitor. Those who have had their census visitor could verify this for themselves. Are you a gun owner and did you have this GPS gadget pointed at your front door?

Whether this is true or not, those who are known to have guns might be able to shed some light on this.

I worked for the census bureau in 2000,

and we had very strict rules, and this woman is obviously NOT following them. They are to do this at YOUR convenience, not theirs. You do NOT need to let her in, but you have to reply to the questions, but you can refuse each one after your name and number of people. If she has threatened you, or was rude, etc, you can report her. We were allowed only ONE mistake and then were fired. So, go ahead and report her, and when they come back to do it over, just tell your number of people, and patiently refuse each other question. Then the census will be all filled in and they will leave you alone.

I worked for the Census in

I worked for the Census in 2000 also, but I was just a peon.

It is possible that t

Ask to see identification, documentation and the law

for every thing they want.

You have the law.

The Constitution authorizes enumeration only (Article I Section 2.). If they come to my door I will tell them "3", and refuse all other questions. If I find they have used some GPS device on my property without my permission, I will demand it be erased.


must depend on what part of the country you're in. For the last census, I wrote how many adults and how many children are in the household "as required by the Constitution," and mailed it in. I never heard a thing about it after that. I'm looking forward to the next one. I hope they can outrun a Pitbull if they show up on my doorstep.

I'm certain that

they are "schooled" to be insistent and persistent, and to imply "color of law", and intimidation tactics.

Why wouldn't they be? That's what every other gov't official in the country is trained to do.

You are not "required" to give any more than the number of persons residing at the address.
That's IT.
Nothing else.

This is all a "fishing expedition" just like everything else the gov't does, to pry into your lives for the purpose of spying on you in any way possible.

Isn't it convenient

That they make it very hard to tell what the laws actually say about this?

2010 Census

When I received the First packet in the mail I was intrigued. I started filling out the form and quicly became irritated at the questions and didn’t complete it. Then I got a phone call asking about the survey. I told them I was not going to fill it out. I was informed that I was required to fill out the form and they said they I complete it over the phone. I wouldn’t do that, I had no idea who was on the line. So they sent a second packet which I ignored. They continued to call several times. I finally told them I was not going to answer their questions, there were 3 people at this residence and that was all I was giving to say. They don’t give up that easily. They are now sending “Al” to my house, 3 times so far. He leaves me notes and even calls to set up appointments. I thought I was done finally but today I received a FedEx packet, sent priority overnight with census info and a letter that says I need to answer the survey or I will be fined. It has me a bit spooked and God only knows what the government could do to you. I don’t plan on answering any in depth questions. What does amaze me is it seems they have all the time, money and resources to pursue me but no one else in my neighborhood???

From what I remember from my town's census last year,

it states that if I don't submit the number of occupants, M/F, and our occupations, we might forfeit our being listed on the voter roster.

The door-to-door experience I had earlier this year when people came to the front door, pounded on it, and called out "DNC", as if they were a SWAT team! I should have yelled back 'Hey, pal, check out the bumper sticker on my car..."RON PAUL"'... now go away!

If they claim to have the right to search your home..

Tell them it is your duty to maintain your privacy.

In court duties trump rights every time. Infants and teenagers have rights, Adults have duties. When you preach about your "right" for anything your actually telling them that your still a teenager at best.

It is my duty to travel. I travel so I ensure that the right to travel is there for the next generation, children, infants, etc.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

No way!

Rob, is that really you here on the DP?

Dang - love your videos and philosophy! Keep up the good work!

Yours in Liberty,


"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote..." ~ Ben Franklin

"The 'cost of freedom' is risk and responsibility..." ~ Me

Can I really get away with just telling them how many residents?

Wow I'd really like to try the nude bit but it's about 8 degrees or something outside lol.

I went out grocery shopping today and when I came back a hand written note from some woman "Wilma" was stuck in my door imploring me to do my "civic duty" and that it was "the law".

Is it truly the law that all I need furnish is the number of residents in my home/apartment? Otherwise I can tell her to go suck eggs? Or maybe I will just speak German only to her. I was just thinking how that would probably frustrate the heck out of her...She left her phone number and now I'm screening my calls because I don't know if she has my home phone.

One remark in her note implied that I'm knowingly avoiding her etc...
all I did was toss the one form I was mailed. I don't recall her ever contacting me before. It's almost as if she was threatening me.

I did a search on "Ron Paul census" and knew I could count on dp to help me sort this out...I appreciate all the comments and any suggestions other than the nude one appreciated LOL...

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Answer the door in the nude

Here's a funny story. Back in the early 90s when they started the long form census, my friend and I ( both females) were sunbathing nude in the backyard when the census poller showed up. Came up the steps to the backyard, never rang the doorbell. Intrusive. We said, fine, take the poll, but we are not putting clothes on. It was a female poller, btw. She said okay, and sat on a chair behind us. We did everything in our power outside of kissing to make her uncomfortable. Stood up naked in front of her and asked if she'd like an iced tea, etc. Blew smoke in her face, and poured wine coolers and partied like no tomorrow. We were very polite, but nonetheless, she got away with about 1/4 of the answers she sought.
BTW, not gay friends, we were just open to some silliness.

Not that there is anything wrong with that

For Freedom!

i must see photos for proof.

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.

Same thing happened to me

Last census period they sent me the long form. No way was I going to hand out information like that,besides, I was working (oh the joyful memories of constant work) about 60 hours a week and was in no mood to answer hundreds of questions so the scientific keynesian economic engineers could project future economic situations or whatever it is they do with all the information they request.

Anyway, they sent a few people out knocking on my door and basically treated me in a similar fashion. In the end all they got out of me was that one male person lived at my small apartment. Never heard from them again.

Ah, fulltime employment.

I tell my children about such times. They laugh and say 'Yeah, dad. And you used to walk to school barefoot and it was uphill, both ways.'


My in-laws were bothered by the census folks for two years. About every month the same man would call (one physical visit, the rest over the phone) and ask very personal questions on a monthly basis such as each person's income, time spent on hobbies, time spent at work, where they spent disposable income, and more. Each answer led to more detailed questions (read: invasion of privacy)

My in-laws are very trusting people and kind to boot. When they asked to be release from this the census guy kindly told them they could be sued by the govt.

This was for the 1980 census. Times have probably changed, but you now have my 2 cents.

The cencus bureau is

hiring now. You can be that person going door to door,making phone calls,updating maps,making calls to recruit others to work for the census. Field operations jobs pay about $14.00 hr office jobs about 8. They are gearing up early it seems. I did it in 1990 and 2000. Flexable hours and different phases in the office and out in the field. All you have to do is take a little test. You can get some very high paying positions for lonher terms if you have just about any kind of college degree. I doubt i will do it this time but it may answer some of your ? if you visit the job site

I should do it!! haha I have a masters

That should get me in a boss chair; "Skip the door to door this week gang"


I will warn you. Government run stuff like this is so poorly organized. You will meet alot a jerks who try to pretend they know what they are doing and do'nt. Be ready to roll with it and keep reminding yourself it is only temporary. You will meet nice folks too. Just be prepared for nothing to make sense a first (if ever) They do this about the same way they try to do just about anything in government. Overcomplicated and bass ackwards. In 2000 my supervisers got attitudes with me because I did know somewhat what I was doing because I had done before. He didn't like my offers of help. It was easier for him to stomp around acting like things were a mess because his underlings were'nt doing what he told them to. When indeed the problem was they were doing what he told them. He was just telling the wrong thing. There will likely be alot of that.

Why didn’t you tell her to get off your property???

--Cliff, Sioux City, Iowa
Secret key to happiness: Stay happy. Shhh!

Do you have a s.s. #?

If so, then you volunteer for this treatment every time you sign your name. Do not let your kids get numbers. Not S.S., not D.L. not TID or, RealID or anything else except a passport. Not a passport card! The whole, real passport. Get out of the system. Get out of the banks. Get out of Dodge. The Plumber

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*opening can of Raid*

*making spray sound*


We have spammers.

Next time..

Do not give her your name. That binds you to your fictional entity otherwise known as your LEGAL name. You are not your legal name, it is a corporation created in your shadow (hence why all of your documents are in all capital letters).

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Reminds me of a 3 Stooges episode

....Curly comes out in a gorilla suit
.....Moe and Larry bonk a real gorilla on the head with their cavemen clubs

....Curly says, "hey, Moe, I'm not ME.

So much for the sovereign-name entity-binding you to corporate America-all capital letters nonsense.


What on earth are you talking about?

Go to and watch the videos. Good luck!

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Strange coincidence.

I have 2 envelope packets from U.S. Census Bureau sitting on my counter right now. The second one came because I ignored the first. I asked my neighbor if she had received one and showed her the packet. She has not received one.

I decided to open one after reading this post. The attached letter included with the 28 page survey says that I am required by law to respond.


What a strange coincidence! They called me as I was typing this. I said that it was my understanding that I only needed to tell him how many people lived in the house and my name and that anything else violated my privacy. He asked me where I got that information and then he said I would get fined if I would not answer it. He said I could either fill out the survey and mail it or reply via the phone call and it would only take 35 minutes.

I asked him how much the fine was and he did not know. I told him I was not going to answer anything over the phone as he was a perfect stranger. He then gave me his name and a phone number to prove who he said he was and then he also added that he was a supervisor.

The survey is called the American Community Survey. It asks questions such as if there is a business on the property, does the residence have a flush toilet, if there is a mortgage, what the property taxes are, if the residents have emotional problems, where employed, income, if resident has difficulty bathing or dressing, what time does resident leave for work, education, number of times married, any births, plus many more questions.

I guess I will think about what to do.

"What time does the resident leave for work"????

Is that so they can know the best time to break in?

I have received the same long forms as well as the follow-up

letters, wherein those same "officials" allege that I must answer their questions or face the possibility of this or that fine. I've received them since 1990. In each instance, I regard them as rubbish and treat them accordingly. Also, in each case, a census worker will eventually show up at the door. I indicate that the dwelling is inhabited by two adults. I then say "good bye" and shut the door. In 1980, the last time I had anything like a confrontation with them, the census worker was a bit more insistant. I said "fine. Pursuant to Title 5, Sec. 552a I have a list of questions for you, as a representative of a government agency, to answer prior to engaging any further questions that you may have." He took the form and told me he would have to speak to his supervisor. I said "fine" and he left. He came back two hours later and said that he only needed to know how many people lived in the house. I told him and that was the end of it. If you'd like a list of the questions, you can find them at the following link:

Be polite, be respectful but be firm. I have never had any fines levied against me for using it. It is after all, the law. By the way, make absolutely certain that you insist on having the public servant (census worker) provide his or her residence address, for use in the potential service of legal process.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."


Great info! Thanks!


Comment and link both copied, bookmarked, and printed. Thank you so much.

Ya, that is great

Thx AustrianSkool!

Glad to be of service. Best regards. BTW, print and make

available copies of the actual statute so that you can provide them to the Public Servant. I prefer using that term. I keep both the form and copies of the statute by my front door.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

This thought just came to

This thought just came to me. What if he calls me back instead of coming to the door? I live in the boonies and I find it doubtful that he would come all this way.

I do not conduct such business via an unsolicited telephone

call as I have no means to determine whether or not the person making the call is authentic. Such scenarios are commonly used in identity theft. My mother-in-law was the victim of such a scam only a few months ago. I regard such a call as highly unlikely. If he or she does not wish to return to bother you, then I would say that you've accomplished your purpose, but do not issue an invitation to them to return.

I have used the questionaire in situations involving government employees beyond simply census workers. In nearly 30 years, I have never had one filled out, in any degree, by any public servant. All I've ever seen is their backside, as they walk away. When they get to the part about their residence address, their curiosity flees. In some instances one can encounter a public servant who has adopted the attitude of public master. Although not on the questionaire, which they never read past the first couple of questions, I have thrown in such questions (without citing a legal authority) as:

1. Are you married?
2. What is your spouse's name?
3. Do you have children? If so, what are their names and ages?
4. Do your children live at home or go to school? If they attend school, what is the name of the school they attend?

I cannot legally require an answer to those questions, but then it is also not illegal to simply ask the questions. Look them in the eye, show no emotion. Be all business.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

I love it

I can just see their faces.

Just throw it away


Well I don't want to give

Well I don't want to give the government any more money than I have to. I was thinking that perhaps I would just answer the first page that asks how many people live in the house and write "refuse to answer" on all the remaining 27 pages.

If you send it back, you'll open the can of worms

throw it in the trash or fill it out completely and return it. They can only keep track of active ones and if you send it back, you're an active one.

The government is so disorganized it's ridiculous. When I was ready to stop my military service after 10 years, I just left. A few months later I got an honorable discharge in the mail. I didn't make a big fuss, or request an early out; I just split. They really don't know how to deal with bad slaves who don't make trouble but just won't listen.

Any request the government ever makes of me goes in the circular file because they don't control me. If they send me away, they'll have to pay to feed me and I still won't do what they ask.

You are too valuable to the

You are too valuable to the r3volution to sit in jail. Plus, how will you be able to continue your hobbies, and utilize your many talents if you are in some stinking jail? Find another solution Mike.

As far as ignoring the survey....I may do just that, but after today's phone call I am probably already on some list.

I won't go to jail. They'll have to catch me first.

I'm way smarter than they are. Remember, they tried to recruict me.

I probably would have told her...

That she can come in as soon as she comes over with someone capable of breaking down the door.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi


Absolutely fucking NOT. Under the constitution only a census of the population is allowed every 10 years for apportionment of house of representatives. Anything you receive in non census years should be thrown in the fucking trash. You do NOT even have to give your name during the census. I received two ACS surveys this year from the cock roaches at the Commerce Department. I refuse to fill them out. I have not received any calls yet harassing me about answering there obvious communist socialist unconstitutional questions. If they try to contact me in person it will be quite difficult for them as I never answer the door unless I know that a friend or family member is on there way. If they try to enter my home to obtain answers to there unconstitutional questions they will fucking eat lead. The census is to count people, to count heads and that's the extent of it.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

I'll Pick You Up Down At The Station...with a litlle sound of music!

Where Are The Giants?

In the early sixties…I think it was 1960, John Steinbeck embarked upon a trip across America with his dog Charley. He wanted to see America incognito and Charley wasn’t giving away any secrets. The trip was planned…something he wanted to do for some time. Prior to his departure a friend asked, “If anywhere in your travels you come across a man with guts, mark the spot. I want to go see him.” (The quote may not be exact, but it’s close enough.). The friend went on to say something about not seeing anything but cowards and that this used to be a nation of giants. “Where are they?”, he asked.
In my humble opinion, the author of the following letter to the Wall Street Journal is one such giant. Norman E. Hooben

This letter was sent to the Wall Street Journal on August 8, 2008 by
Alisa Wilson, Ph.D., of Beverly Hills, CA, in reply to the article published on July 31, 2008 titled "Where's The Outrage?"

Really. I can tell you where the outrage is.
The outrage is here, in this middle-aged, well-educated, upper-middle class woman.
The outrage is here, but I have no representation, no voice.
The outrage is here, but no one is listening for who am I?

I am not a billionaire like George Soros that can fund an entire political movement.
I am not a celebrity like Barbra Streisand that can garner the attention of the press to promote political candidates.
I am not a film maker like Michael Moore or Al Gore that can deliver misleading movies to the public.

The outrage is here, but unlike those with money or power, I don't know how to reach those who feel similarly in order to effect change.
Why am I outraged? I am outraged that my country, the United States of America, is in a state of moral and ethical decline. There is no right or wrong anymore, just what's fair.

Is it fair that millions of Americans who overreached and borrowed more
than they could afford are now being bailed out by the government and lending institutions to stave off foreclosure? Why shouldn't these people be made to pay the consequences for their poor judgment?

When my husband and I purchased our home, we were careful to purchase only what we could afford. Believe me, there are much larger, much nicer homes that I would have loved to have purchased. But, taking responsibility for my behavior and my life, I went with the house that we could afford, not the house that we could not afford. The notion of personal responsibility has all but died in our country.

I am outraged, that the country that welcomed my mother as an immigrant from Hitler's Nazi Germany and required that she and her family learn English now allows itself to be overrun with illegal immigrants and worse, caters to those illegal immigrants.

I am outraged that my hard-earned taxes help support those here illegally. That the Los Angeles Public School District is in such disarray that I felt it incumbent to send my child to private school, that every time I go to the ATM, I see "do you want to continue in English or Spanish?", that every time I call the bank, the phone company, or similar business, I hear "press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish". WHY? This is America,
our common language is English and attempts to promote a bi- or multi-lingual society are sure to fail and to marginalize those who cannot communicate in English.

I am outraged at our country's weakness in the face of new threats on American traditions from Muslims. Just this week, Tyson's Food negotiated with its union to permit Muslims to have Eid-al-Fitr as a holiday instead of Labor Day. What am I missing? Yes, there is a large Somali Muslim population working at the Tyson's plant in Tennessee. Tennessee, last I checked, is still part of the United States. If Muslims want to live and work here they should be required to live and work by our American Laws and not impose their will on our long history.

In the same week, Random House announced that they had indefinitely delayed the publication of The Jewel of Medina, by Sherry Jones, a book about the life of Mohammed's wife, Aisha due to fear of retribution and violence by Muslims. When did we become a nation ruled by fear of what other immigrant groups want? It makes me so sad to see large corporations cave rather than stand proudly on the principles that built this country.

I am outraged because appeasement has never worked as a political policy, yet appeasing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is exactly what we are trying to do. An excellent article, also published recently in the Wall Street Journal, went through over 20 years of history and why talking with Iran has been and will continue to be ineffective. Yet talk, with a madman no less, we continue to do.

Have we so lost our moral compass and its ability to detect evil that we will not go in and destroy Iran 's nuclear program? Would we rather wait for another Holocaust for the Jews-one which they would be unlikely to survive? When does it end?

As if the battle for good and evil isn't enough, now come the Environmentalists who are so afraid of global warming that they want to put a Bag tax on grocery bags in California; to eliminate Mylar balloons; to establish something as insidious as the recycle police in San Francisco.

I do my share for the environment: I recycle, I use water wisely, I installed an energy efficient air conditioning unit. But when and where does the lunacy stop?

Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map, the California economy is being overrun by illegal immigrants, and the United States of America no longer knows right from wrong, good from evil. So what does California do? Tax grocery bags.

So, America, although I can tell you where the outrage is, this one middle-aged, well-educated, upper middle class woman is powerless to do anything about it. I don't even feel like my vote counts because I am so outnumbered by those who disagree with me.

Alisa Wilson, Ph.D.
Beverly Hills , California