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Remember The Alamo

The following from: Liberty News
Wait, What? The Alamo May Soon Fly The Blue United Nations Flag As An Official UN Heritage Site?
By Eric Odom

Remember the Alamo… remember when it was an American icon? That may soon change and the United Nations may be the new manager if San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gets his way. San Antonio, Texas Mayor Juli├ín Castro is currently negotiating with the United Nations to designate the Alamo as a UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, meaning that a blue UN flag may fly above the historic shrine of liberty once it falls under UN control. UNESCO, a specialized agency within the UN, created the World Heritage Site status out of a 1972 international agreement, which calls for nations to join together to manage historical sites through “collective assistance.” “San Antonio has the opportunity for its five Spanish Colonial Missions [including the Alamo] to be nominated to be the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the State of Texas and the 22nd World Heritage designation in the United States,” the October 2013 City of San Antonio newsletter reads. We don’t need “collective assistance” to manage our historical sites. And we certainly don’t need the United Nations in control of the Alamo.

Question:  What criteria would you use to designate another citizen a traitor...especially an elected official who was considered trustworthy of the office for which he was elected?

Answer:   When any citizen collaborates with the enemy and surrenders property belonging to others such that it would benefit the collaborator and not the rest of the citizens.

Discussion/Rationale: The Alamo does not belong to Mayor Julian Castro and he has no authority to negotiate anything whatsoever with the United Nations.  The United Nations is the most corrupt organization ever devised by man and is 'THE NUMBER ONE' enemy of the United States.  Placing the Alamo under the jurisdiction of the United Nations does not benefit one single fact nothing the United Nations does benefits one single American...unless that one single American is Julian Castro.  Therefor Julian Castro is a traitor!  ... 'nough said! ~ Norman E. Hooben
The Racist Brothers, Julian and Joaquin Castro
Two of the most openly racist people elected to office.

Repeat after me..."Abortion is murder."

I posted this video back in 2010 but most people forget where Obama stands on abortion...and most people need to know else abortion will no longer be called "murder".  Under his regime it will most likely be called "a medical procedure"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heartless Politicians Walk may know some!

The following from: American Overlook
Democrats Walk Out on Parents of Benghazi Victims

This week, the House committee on Oversight & Government Reform hosted the families of the victims from the Benghazi attacks in September 2012. The family members testified before Congress, but only to two Democrats on the committee. The other Democrats left the room. 
As the parents of Sean Smith and Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods
prepared to testify, Chairman Issa (R-CA) snapped a photo-
graph of the committee’s Democrats leaving and tweeted the
Today, Rep. Issa released the names of those who stood up and left before the victims’ families could speak.

Carolyn Maloney
Danny Davis
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Gerald E. Connolly
Jim Cooper
John Tierney
Mark Pocan
Matt Cartwright
Michelle Lujan Grisham
Peter Welch
Stephen Lynch
Steven Horsford
Tammy Duckworth
Tony Cardenas
William Lacy Clay

Do you think these Democrats should have been allowed to leave the hearing?
Bonus video... We need to take a stand.

And why haven't you watched this ↓ least 10 times! 

Are you a 'user'? Get your 'fix' here!

Fix your sights on these...
Something you can look forward to…
15 Shocking Before-After Pics Showing Effects of Drug Abuse
by   @
Methamphetamines user first pictured in 2001, left, and then in 2008

These shocking before and after pics show the negative effects of drug addiction on the human face.
Released with the hope that kids will think twice about ever touching drugs, these pictures show how addicts have lost teeth and scratched their skin to the bone.
These pics show the first arrest of a drug and a pic taken in some cases just a few months later.
They have been assembled by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon.

Methamphetamines user from January 2008, left, and again in August 2008
Methamphetamines user in 1997 and 2008, right.
Heroin and Cocaine user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2007
Methamphetamines user from May 2000 and November 2000
Methamphetamines user, left image taken in 2000 and right image from 2007
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in February 2005 and right image taken in December 2005
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 1997 and right image taken in 2007
Heroin user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2007
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2007 and right image taken in 2008
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2006 and right image taken in 2008
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2000 and right image taken in 2004
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2006
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2005 and right image taken in 2008
Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2000 and right image taken in 2007

High Tech News: "Do you mean if I’m talking to myself without moving my lips that someone will know what it is I’m saying? Yup! That’s it!"

When you have to look up the definition of words right in the middle of your reading experience you know right away that the author has a larger inventory of words stored in the ole noggin on the shoulders.  So about six or eight months ago while reading “What Can WeExpect From The Next Decade of Technology?” I run across “genomics” which I promptly look up and like so many other distractions on the Internet brings me to “bioinformatics”.  Putting it all in context could the author have been more accurate when he says, “This next era of computing will be different than anything we’ve seen before. Technology will cease to be something we turn on and off, but will become an inextricable part of our environment and ourselves. An inextricable part of our ourselves, mmm…  and so it has come to be that someone has come up with something that will make keeping our words to ourselves impossible.  Huh?  What do you mean?  Do you mean if I’m talking to myself without moving my lips that someone will know what it is I’m saying?  Yup!  That’s it!  Read on my friend and find out what you can expect. ~ Norman E. Hooben

The following from
Motorola patents e-tattoo that can read your thoughts by listening to unvocalized words in your throat
by John Hewitt
Imagine trying to patent the smartphone, or for that matter, the tattoo. Any company that could swing that, could probably also patent the fork and knife. Incredibly, a new application from Google-owned Motorola Mobility seeks a patent not for any particular utensil, but rather, for setting the table. In other words, if you have an electronic smart tattoo, and want it to speak to your mobile communications device, you may soon be able to do it in spades, but you will have to do it Google style.
But hold on for a minute, as there is a bit more to the whole concept than might first appear. The tattoo they have in mind is actually one that will be emblazoned over your vocal cords to intercept subtle voice commands — perhaps even subvocal commands, or even the fully internal whisperings that fail to pluck the vocal cords when not given full cerebral approval. One might even conclude that they are not just patenting device communications from a patch of smartskin, but communications from your soul.
Or maybe not. It has been known for decades that when you speak to yourself in your inner voice, your brain still sends neural spike volleys to your vocal apparatus, in a similar fashion to when you actually speak aloud. The main difference between the two, is that the nervous action driving covert speech as it is called, is subthreshold, and does not generate the full muscle contraction. The same might also be said for imagining throwing a baseball — it is probably not possible to even do so without simultaneously calling up and at least partially launching unamplified motor programs. Stated another way, your thoughts are your motor intentions, only they are not always recognizable as such if they are sufficiently abstracted.
The actual patent speaks of picking up an “auditory signal” from the tattoo, and converting it into a digital signal. The signals from the brain, carried by spikes on the hundreds of laryngeal nerve fibers (and other nerves modulating the vocal tract), are already digital. They bear no real resemblance to an auditory signal at this point. After transformation in the numerous muscles that control the speech organs, there is still no single signal that could be sent to a transducer to generate sound recognizable as speech. Looking at an image of a smart tattoo pioneered by John Roger’s Illinois-based research lab, there seems to be all kinds of sensor goodies which can be built in to pick up various biologics. I don’t know if the strain gauges could pick up an actual speech signal in the same way that a conventional microphone could, but they would certainly generate useful information. The built-in EMG and ECG electrodes would not pick up individual spikes so to speak, but could certainly generate electrical records of muscle activity, and perhaps eventually compound nerve potentials. Rogers helped to form a company, MC10, that hoped to commercialize this technology, and although he indicated that he was not involved in these recent ventures, they have joint development efforts with Motorola Mobility
There is already a device known as a throat microphone that has been used to record an auditory signal in noisy conditions like, for example, the cockpit of a jet fighter. Developed along with the first pressure suit back in 1934, it used a direct contact microphone to pick up sound waves traveling through solid objects such as the throat wall. Later so-called throat microphones, such as the Xbox 360 accessory, only use an open-air microphone. They do not really exclude background noise, nor have the ability to pick up unvoiced signals. What got some folks attention recently, namely those over at Patently Apple, was a few peculiar statements in the patent regarding the recording of galvanic skin responses. These guys first heard about the e-skin tattoo from Regina Dugan, the former DARPA head who is now in charge of advanced research at Motorola. Their article notes that the e-tattoo would provide a nice way to do authentication, but the seemingly out of place inclusion of the lie detection talk certainly raises some questions.
Covert voice activation of your device in a crowd would definitely be a nice feature. Instead of actually speaking to Siri or Google Now, you could merely think your voice command. Detecting stress and other emotion could have some applicability too, although who else really needs to know if you have a lump in your throat? Perhaps I have not read that many patents recently, but there certainly did seem to be an excess of wording, and scope. Every wireless communications protocol I am familiar with was included in some form, somewhere. Not only were there definitions for words like “a” and “an,” but also actual percentages associated with a list of words like “about,” “approximately”, “essentially”, and “substantially”. Clearly this is one among several recent patents that we all may want to keep an eye on.

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Department Of Homeland Security Representatives Lied To Members Of Congress...but you knew that, right!

This is one of those articles that never make the mainstream media (MSM) because it exposes the corruption going on within our government...corruption generally supported by the MSM (or at least they protect or make excuses for the guilty).  Its also covers an area where I have some familarity but not all the facts.  Much of what is exposed here I (and many of us bloggers) had already accurately assumed but never had enough information to make serious commentary.  Many of us who watch the news can tell when someone is lying...either by intuition or otherwise, but without all the facts we are, for the most part, silent.  Dr. Laurie Roth breaks that silence with the following partial summary of what appears to be a write-up of what transpired on her radio show.  ~ Norman E. Hooben
PS: There's certain times I utter, "I though everybody knew that." This is one editorial that everyone should know before they head to the voting booth.

Breaking News: Part 1
Documentation, whistle blowers from DHS and well over 30 pages of names, dates and facts exposed on my nationalradio show.
by Dr. Laurie Roth 
Part 1 – January 2nd 2014 last hour –
Dr. Laurie Roth
Congress says they don’t want to hear it because they are pushing for amnesty with BoehnerThis week one of my fabulous and regular guests, Andy Ramirez, President of Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, Inc. broke on my national radio show evidence of massive corruption, lies, perjury and crime peppered through our border patrol, immigration policy and enforcement over many years inside of the Department of Homeland Security.
Andy stated that David Aguilar, who in March 2013 retired from DHS as the long-time Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (and Chief of the Border Patrol between 2004-2009), perjured himself before Congress, including February 2007 before the House Committee on Homeland Security’s Border Subcommittee. As a result of the Aguilar appearance, Andy was asked by GOP Members to testify in a follow-up hearing in March 2007 and tell the facts given as they believed Aguilar lied before the committee. Andy was informed he was needed to tell the truth and facts, which he did. – Andy’s official written testimony – Article by Congressional Quarterly comparing the testimony of Ramirez and Aguilar

Aguilar, appointed in 2004, transformed the border patrol into a dangerous, kiss up brigade, where Border Patrol agents could not do what they needed to do to defend the borders, nor have the technology to operate. Ramirez states that Aguilar had total cover from Rep. Silvestre Reyes, who was Aguilar’s former boss in the Border Patrol in South Texas where Reyes was a Chief Patrol Agent. Reyes lost his re-election bid in the 2012 El Paso, TX primary after serving 8 terms. They were both transforming the Border patrol into nothingness so the illegals could continue storming through.

Aguilar lied before the committee. Andy was informed he was needed to tell the truth and facts, which he did.

In a private briefing in Mid-July 2013 with top GOP Congressmen who serve on committees with direct oversight over the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Andy informed Members of Congress that official DHS representatives lied in official sworn testimony on June 27, 2013 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s Border Subcommittee headed up by Jason Chaffetz, R-UT. In his confidential report filed in late July, he identified the specific times where representatives from the Border Patrol, Office of Field Operations (known previously as Customs), and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency were not only stonewalling questions by the committee members but clearly misleading Congress. But that is a pattern that has long gone on for years at DHS under both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

Andy identifies that a well placed confidential source informed him they were ordered to do so by superiors, which was not surprising given that the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill, S-744 was up for final vote, and was passed by the U.S. Senate that very day.

I asked Ramirez: “Why is there so little enforcement on real border security and such an obsession with amnesty? We both believe it has never had a thing to do with helping poor and desperate people…as Bush used to say, ‘family values’ coming across the border…bla bla and bla. It is two fold: 1) The Democrats and the Republicans want to bring over slave labor AND a voter block they think they can control – desperate people who vote their way 2) Billions of dollars in drug money going all the way to the top. There are no doubt people and leadership all along with way from the Mexican Government up to our White House who will do anything to protect their drug money. It is big business.

Andy forwarded me several documents, as evidence as well as the actual report provided to Congress from July 2013 and testimony before Congress clear back in July 5, 2006 on the corruption, mismanagement, and perjury. The 2013 information was initially well-received but once he departed DC, the information was virtually ignored by August.

See the testimony of Andy Ramirez before the House International Relations, now known as Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on International Terrorism and Global Nonproliferation, where he first identified a border security program, Project Athena that not only accurately monitored the U.S. – Canadian Border but also the U.S. – Mexican Border and exceeded all expectations unlike the fraud-filled Secure Borders Initiative or SBI, which was selected by DHS (and ultimately then-Chief Aguilar) in 2006.

The next four links show Andy Ramirez testimony as it happened on July 5, 2006. – Opening Statement – JD Hayworth questions Andy – Xavier Becerra questions Andy – Raul Grijalva cheap shots Andy

During the same July 2013 visit to Capitol Hill, Andy Ramirez also spoke to the top staff of Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who were thoroughly briefed on his documentation and the corruption in DHS. Issa’s staff also received a written copy of the report provided to other Members he met with. I must note that Issa is also a senior Member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Unbelievably, Andy was informed by another Congressman that he met with that it was pointless to seek support from GOP Chairmen Bob Goodlatte of the Judiciary Committee as Goodlatte was being pressured by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who had an adjacent district in Virginia. Congressman Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee would want to turf this to his committee as an “immigration matter”, though in reality, this is a corruption matter. Given McCaul’s approach on immigration legislation, and knowing that Speaker Boehner would not back this, Issa’s Oversight Committee was believed to be our best bet due to the pure corruption issue at hand given he’d taken on Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the IRS, and other top Obama officials in his committee.

Why wouldn’t they really help? According to Andy, Boehner, Cantor, and many other Republicans were trying to get ‘amnesty’ pushed through and his report was simply in the way. Apparently we can’t have the public knowing just how corrupt DHS really is regarding border security and immigration issues. That might hurt their deceitful and progressive plan to cram amnesty through and have the same criminals run it.”

Ramirez stated to me that the doors were also shut by other leading conservative anti-Amnesty Reps, sighting the push for amnesty and Boehner not wanting to be sidetracked. One Member who was most interested in helping fight this informed Andy that his hands were tied, but he had informed Chairman Chaffetz and his staff and forwarded the report and documentation.

We will be revealing all their names over the next few weeks in continued articles.

Hearing all this on my show from Andy was just about making my head explode I was so angry. Here we are facing the 2014 elections and are desperately needing and hoping for real conservative leadership to win — repeal Obamacare and fix things. Then we hear how even the ‘conservative’ republicans like Darrell Issa who know better are supporting the manipulative and deceitful push for amnesty. They are doing this while they look the other way in exposing massive and multi year corruption in the DHS regarding border security and the border patrol! It is just inconvenient to confront and deal with corruption and observe the law.

At this time Andy Ramirez and I are exposing the slammed door and inaction by Oversight Chairman Issa and his staff because they were fully informed by Andy and chose not to act. Instead Ramirez was given smiles, thanked for his time, and what have you, but ultimately showed the door because ‘Boehner’ wouldn’t go for it and they were pushing for amnesty.

Andy and I feel like we were on the set of ‘Alice in wonderland part 2’ as many GOP and most Dems and Obama are trying anything they can to slam ‘amnesty’ through while people aren’t looking and are being swallowed up in horror by Obamacare.

The same corrupt DHS, internal affairs cover-ups and fraud will run ‘amnesty’ in its various color of the week, as was running and destroying our border patrol and national security at ports of entry. At least the crime family is organized and experienced so crime will continue to roll out smoothly against Americans.

Spread this around to everyone you know and stay tuned for part 2.

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