Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can we believe this happens in America? ...yup! (it took them a week! gimme a break!)

Fifty-eight dollars, lunch, and a bus ticket home...gimme a break! It's got to be

worth more than that...at least a week's pay and a new Cadillac for the garage!


NC man in jail a week for mistaken identity

NC man in jail a week for mistaken identity

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Authorities say a 44-year-old North Carolina man spent a week in jail because he has the same name as a suspect 23 years younger.

The News & Record of Greensboro reported Saturday that Jesse Ray Hardy Jr. of Greenville was arrested Monday, then taken to jail 160 miles away to face charges of resisting an officer, breaking and entering and failing to yield to a pedestrian.

Court officials say the real suspect shares the same name and hometown, but is not related.

The mix-up wasn't realized until Friday, despite court appearances in both Pitt and Guilford counties.

Judge Susan Bray apologized to Hardy as she worked to get him released.

But he didn't have a way home.

Bray, prosecutors, defense attorneys and bailiffs collected $58 to buy Hardy lunch and a bus ticket back home.

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Rightwing Cowboy said...

You'd better believe it's worth more than a free lunch and bus ticket home! A BUS TICKET HOME!!!!! What the hell is that?!?! I'm sure the warrant listed the suspects age. Let's see 21, 43. A bit of difference in age? Someone common sense is kept up their bureaucratic butt!!!!