Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why do we need a civilian national security force? overthrow the country!

Glenn, I know in you heart you have the guy figured out but you just don't want to say it publicly. For beginners, the "we" in the question does not refer to you or me or the rest of America. "We" means Obama and company...or as you say, "thugs". This guy you call the president is unworthy of the title and should not be identified with any prestigious title. Dictator is what he is and treating him with some kind of respect won't change him. Speaking of respect, why should any American respect him? He has shown nothing but disrespect to the entire country (I know you know that). He needs his national security force to overthrow the country by force...Don't forget the other part of his statement, "...just as strong, just as powerful as the military." This means heavily armed...HEAVILY ARMED! Guns, tanks, planes, bombs (big ones) and whatever it takes to disarm our military! You see, he said, "just as powerful as the military" and for what reason do you need such power by a civilian force? I gave you the answer overthrow the country! And don't you forget it! ~ Norman E. Hooben [ps: If it makes you feel any better, I've already been threatened by his goon squad.]

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