Friday, August 28, 2009

Howard Dean Comes Clean...Democrats are afraid of lawyers! Unbelievable!

Source: Stephen Kruiser

Howard Dean Brain Farts, Admits Democrats Are Afraid Of Trial Lawyers

(Via Ace)

Looks like I’m not the only one who wonders why tort reform isn’t at least part of the Teddy’s Dead Health Care bill.

First, enjoy the hypocritical Democrat congressturd asking his constituent for ID before he’ll answer the question. When the question is finally asked, Rep. Braindead punts to Howard Dean. Dean is, of course, Crazy Joe Biden Lite. The brain farts come at a pace that make it seem as if his synapses were packed with garlic. As is the case with Biden, when he speaks about his own party the powers that be get ulcers because the mouth is usually running 75-100 miles an hour faster than the brain (”Gird your loins!”).

DoctorGovernorSpaz cuts to the chase and says what we’ve known all along. Except he gets to say it without being called racist. Or lawyerist. Or something.

And now you know why lawyers really hate doctors.


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Mark Harvey said...

Howard Dean is an ass.