Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Regarding Global Warming...facts that everyone should know!

EPA Suppresses Pertinent Information Regarding Global Warming
On a number of occasions I have warned about the politicizing of things beyond our control. The practice of legislating technology that has not been invented yet is one of my great peeves. Fooling with Mother Nature is another!
It is simply amazing that a significant nobody can suddenly have more knowledge than the goddesses Ankhaile and Oreithyia by simply getting elected. First it was global warming. Supposedly man was getting Ankhaile angry and being a god, Ankhaile punished us with hot air (mostly from the mouths of politicians). Then it was global cooling (Another Ice Age Time Magazine 1974) and Oreithyia spewed forth some major ice storms. Now we're back to global warming and both Ankhaile and Oreithyia agreed to the change! Wow! It's all so simple now...change...aah ha, now I get's climate change! And it is all caused by the gods Ankhaile and Oreithyia.
Did you ever wonder why the politicians harp on an issue like climate change? Since I've been following this since I was a child (Global Warming, Bah Humbug) I can tell you. It's all about the money...and control!
The United Nations has been using climate change to generate revenues for years (long before Al Gore) and they have been forcing governments around the world to heed to their beliefs...all in the name of... I repeat, money and control! (Note the reference to the United Nations in the video below). - Norman E. Hooben
There's more...

Below is a reprint of a July 1, 2009 letter to Congress by a team of atmospheric scientists.


You have recently received an Open Letter from the Woods Hole Research Center, exhorting you to act quickly to avoid global disaster. The letter purports to be from independent scientists, but that Center is the former den of the President's science advisor, John Holdren, and is far from independent. This is the same science advisor who has given us predictions of “almost certain” thermonuclear war or eco-catastrophe by the year 2000, and many other forecasts of doom that somehow never seem to arrive on time.

The facts are:

The sky is not falling; the Earth has been cooling for ten years, without help. The present cooling was NOT predicted by the alarmists' computer models, and has come as an embarrassment to them.

The finest meteorologists in the world cannot predict the weather two weeks in advance, let alone the climate for the rest of the century. Can Al Gore? Can John Holdren? We are flooded with claims that the evidence is clear, that the debate is closed, that we must act immediately, etc, but in fact


The proposed legislation would cripple the US economy, putting us at a disadvantage compared to our competitors. For such drastic action, it is only prudent to demand genuine proof that it is needed, not guesswork, and not false claims about the state of the science.


Finally, climate alarmism pays well. Many alarmists are profiting from their activism. There are billions of dollars floating around for the taking, and being taken.

Robert H. Austin
Professor of Physics
Princeton University
Fellow APS, AAAS
American Association of Arts and Science Member National Academy of Sciences

William Happer
Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics
Princeton University
Fellow APS, AAAS
Member National Academy of Sciences

S. Fred Singer
Professor of Environmental Sciences Emeritus, University of Virginia
First Director of the National Weather Satellite Service

Roger W. Cohen
Manager, Strategic Planning and Programs, ExxonMobil Corporation (retired)
Fellow APS

Harold W. Lewis
Professor of Physics Emeritus
University of California at Santa Barbara
Fellow APS, AAAS; Chairman, APS Reactor Safety Study

Laurence I. Gould
Professor of Physics
University of Hartford
Chairman (2004), New England Section of APS

Richard Lindzen
Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences, AGU, AAAS, and AMS
Member Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Member National Academy of Sciences


redhawk said...

It seems that the Meaning of TRANSPARENCY is being REINVENTED by the Obamacommunists just like Bubba Felon tried to reinvent the meaning of " IS"

Rightwing Cowboy said...

It's only transparent when it's out in the open. In a brown paper bag you can't see a damn thing. This does not surprise me in that FOX has brought it out and the other mainstream media don't wanna talk about it.