Sunday, November 18, 2007

Global Warming...Bah humbug!

This global warming thing is getting old and me with it. Sometime ago, maybe I should
say, a long time ago, when I was yet a child somewhere between the age of eight and
ten, I first learned of this potential threat. The reason I put the spread on my age was
the fact that it was during the time President Harry Truman was in the White House.
Yes, we had alarmist back then, but they did not play politics with mother nature and
carbon footprints were never mentioned.

Although I cannot remember the precise date nor the exact source I can boil it down to
either the Fall River Herald News or some popular magazine of the era; Time, Look, Life,
etc. My friend Frankie also read the piece as we talked about it afterwards.

The article proclaimed that the sun was going to explode and during the years leading
up to such a catastrophe the earth would experience higher temperatures. Based on
the scientific calculations at the time, this event was to take place several million years
in the future. With that said, I clearly remember Frankie stating, "Well if President
Truman is not worried about it why should we."

So there you have it. The global warming buck did not stop at Harry Truman's desk!

Al Gore, "Get over it!"

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Joe Alves Jr. said...

I personally think that there are more urgent and important things that take precedence over Global Warming, if there is such a thing. Not being a scientist, I wouldn't know about that subject, but right now we have a war on terror and nukes in Pakistan that could fall into the hands of Islamo Fascists. The Law of the Sea Treaty is another threat that could be the downfall of this great country. One of our biggest threats to the security and well being here in the United States, who I believe are worse than terrorist, are the Democrats. So today being Thanksgiving, I give thanks for my freedom, my family and friends, my belief in God, and a great life of retirement. But most of all, I thank God that I'm not a Democrat.