Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The next politician who calls this the religion of peace needs to be put in uniform and sent to the front lines...the very front!

Jihadi videos shown in Wahhabi trial

26 November 2008 20:44 Source: Beta

BELGRADE -- The trial of a group of Sandžak Muslims charged with terrorism continued before Belgrade's Special Organized Crime Court on Wednesday.

The prosecution showed the judges video footage recovered from the computer of one of the defendants. The accused men are members of a radical Islamic faction known as Wahhabism.

The videos contain messages sent by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, and propaganda films glorifying Jihad and murder of non-Muslims. The computer was confiscated in the home of Ismail Prentić – the Wahhabi that died in the spring of 2007 in a shootout with MUP special police. His brother, Mirsad Prentić, who was arrested and is standing trial in Belgrade, said he had "no connection" with the videos.

The court saw dozens of films showing fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, murder of American soldiers and their bodies, photographs of U.S. troops crying, explosions blowing up tanks and APCs belonging to the U.S.-led coalition, and murder and humiliation of Iraqi soldiers loyal to the country's government set up after the fall of Saddam Hussein.
One of the films, entitled, "Why Jihad?", contains farewell messages recorded by 9/11 suicide bombers and terrorists, heard saying that "Allah will reward them with eternal life in paradise for their fight for Islam".

"America and the west can only dream about peace until there's peace in Palestine," Bin Laden is heard saying in one message.

Bin Laden's closest associate, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is also seen talking about "America's vicious crimes", and glorifying the former Taliban leadership in Afghanistan as the only one where "no law written by man rules, but only those of Allah".

The film has Arabic songs as the soundtrack, with text shown in Serbian subtitles, while explosions are heard as the sound effects.

The indictment quotes one of the songs that the prosecution says inspired the Novi Pazar Wahhabis: "Let our blood spill, on Allah's road we march, we are defending Islam".

One of the videos shows images of Mirsad Prentić and a Novi Pazar mosque, edited with the sound of an explosion, followed by the word, "congratulations!", written on the screen.
But Prentić told the court that he had never seen this footage, made by his late brother, and also claimed that he saw his sister-in-law's face for the first time in the same video, adding that the woman was always veiled.
The group, apprehended in two raids the special police forces staged in April and March 2007 in Sandžak, is charged with planning the murder of Mufti Muamer Zukorlić. The indictment also alleges that the defendants intended to blow up a mosque in Novi Pazar, and several buildings in Belgrade.
The trial continues on Thursday

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