Thursday, November 27, 2008

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First Thanksgiving Proclamation

First Thanksgiving Proclamation


Rightwing Cowboy said...

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I've decided to catch up with some reading this morning. However, as I sit here this morning, the day after Thanksgiving, listening to the news, it’s 9:42 AM MST. The one item that hits me in the stories being reported is the death of a stocker who lost his life this morning. The crowds are nothing new for “Black Friday”. They’ve been happening for years. Populations grow and so do the crowds. But what seems to be happening is that the value of human life has dipped to the levels of such third world countries that we see in the Middle East with their 8th century mentalities. Is this what the our society is coming to? Is this any resemblance of the meaning of this season we are entering into, the birth of our Savior? Are we turning this season into something that resembles the Hajj in Mecca? If this is what it is all about I want no part of it.
A family will have a not so happy season this year because their father, husband, son, is now lying in a morgue, trampled to death by animals who probably have no idea what the Christmas season is really all about. I am sure that there will be little show of remorse by those shoppers who could not control themselves as they ripped the doors off the hinges to grab a piece of material that will soon be found thrown in the trash, a memory, if remembered at all.
Yesterday I thanked my Lord for the blessings I have received from him, my wife, children, grand children and extended family. I give no thought for Christmas gifts. I do not need a Wii or X-Box. I have no need for a Flat Screen. I have no need for an ATV or Snowmobile. I only want my family around me, to praise the Lord for what he continues to bless me with and will bless me with in the future. And I will pray for the family who lost a loved one in that stampede of greed this morning.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

I pray that at this time next year we have as much to be thankful for...for there is so little left.