Sunday, February 12, 2012

Syria: Obama Takes Sides With Al Qaeda

Syria: What the main stream media and the Obama Administration do not want you to know. ~ by Norman E. Hooben

For the most part, the mainstream news media (MSM) depicts the Assad régime as a brutal Dictatorship that goes about slaughtering its own people.  While identifying those who are slaughtered as Syrians that may very well be true but the problem is deeper than that.  The problem lies within the different sects of Islam, for unlike Christian sects who can get along politically with each other, (i.e. you never see Baptists at war with Catholics, or Methodists versus Episcopalians and so on) Islamists of different cults generally hate one another and there is very little toleration to be in the company of, or neighbors to one another.
Syria’s president, Bashar al-Asad, belongs to the Alawite tribe of Islam whereas the larger populations of Sunnis and Shi’ites (also two factions that do not get along) are under the control of an Alawite military.  While the roles may be reversed nothing is mentioned by the MSM when tens of thousands of Alawites were killed by the other Islamists…Muslims, if you will.  So we have Muslims killing Muslims in an ongoing battle that has lasted hundreds, if not, thousands of years.  Are we supposed to take sides?

Well for one, Obama has already taken sides with the Sunnis and their anti-American Muslim Brotherhood but more importantly he has chosen to be on the same side as Al Qaeda in this Syrian dispute.  Remember, Muslims in general want to destroy western ideology with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as two of their most radical proponents. (I don’t intend to get in an argument over Obama’s preferences for it is clear as clear can be what he has accomplished in Egypt and Libya.)   For all you Christians who have been following the news regarding Bashar al-Asad’s slaughter of his fellow Syrians, you should know that Christians are for the most part protected under the Asad régime but will be slaughtered when the Muslim Brotherhood and/or the Sunnis come to power. ~ Norman E. Hooben
The following were used as references to formulate the above opinion…make that, facts!
2.      Bashar al-Assad

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redhawk said...

About Obama and AQ... Nithing does surprise me anymore...His " Pill issue amsked as women Health care"... 1.6 Trill for Drug dealers ( they do not pay taxes) free Wireless being paid by US tax payers hidden in our bills by the Obama FCC...NOTHING New that the USSR hasn't done befoire Collapsing...6 Nov 2012...Either America is reborn or forever damaged!