Thursday, January 8, 2009

Save The Dollar - Stop The Amero

The government has been working behind the backs of American citizens to destroy the American dollar...

The so-called melt down was a deliberate way to reduce the value (your purchasing power) of the dollar so as to benefit the Mexican Peso which as worth about ten-cents on the dollar.
In order to reach parity with the peso the government (made up of the New World Order clan) had to come up with a reason to allow the peso to be equal to both the American and Canadian dollars and the only way to do this was to have the dollar collapse. The Canadian dollar reached parity a few years ago.
This is not a scheme of any one political party. It is an on going plan by both Democrats and some Republicans (namely, President Bush and a few others). Others involved include the Clintons, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger Obama and a few more bad apples...
It is the one main reason that your elected officials will not close the borders!
Please note the map on the Amero pictured above...this is your new borders! No more patriots will be pictured on your money!


Anonymous said...

Norm I got this tonight..looks powerful:

Movie Trailer-Obama Deception

Trailer of the Movie that starts March 15th (BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE) page&fmt=18

Check out:

Internet radio

Compliments of Sam a commentor on TH:

Thanks for the Inch. Now Gimme a Mile. BrianR

He is putting it out there!


Anonymous said...

Nice boat..My Mom had a Cape Dory
back in the early 80's. Everybody but me got to go out in it!


Storm'n Norm'n said...

The MacGregor, I presume...
I like the boat and it's reasonably priced compared to most other sailboats. I wonder how many Ameros it will cost?
America needs to wake up as to what the politic elites are doing behind our backs. The Amero is bad for America...