Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obama's Approval Rating by members of the military... What is it going to take to knock some sense into this minority?

15% of America's men and women in uniform are mis-informed, un-informed, or are have no form at all (See poll results below ↓). To think that there are this percentage of people who should know better approve of an obvious traitor is nothing less than remarkable. We could account for some of this with the fact that Obama has planted some of the most anti-american scumbags in leadershp positions with the intent to undermine America's military might along with downsizing and the firing top military officers and NCO's as an excuse for a few percentage points...but 15%, somethng is definitely rotten at the core. The very idea that one would become a member of any branch of our Armed Forces should make Obama's approval rating 0%. Who in their right mind could possibly approve of this guy and still don the the crap out of me! ~ Norman E. Hooben
Here’s What Active Duty Military Think of the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ and It’s Not Pretty
by Jennifer Burke @ TPNN
The Military Times recently conducted a poll of active-duty members of the military to gauge their approval, or lack thereof, of Barack Obama’s presidency.
The results are, to put it mildly, horrendous. Among active-duty members of the U.S. military, Obama’s approval ratings are at an all-time low of 15% down from 35% in 2009. In addition, his disapproval ratings have increased from 40% to 55% with this current survey.

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