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Liars Figure and Figures Lie ...and men brag while women downplay

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Obama and Homeland Security Ignored Warnings about Boston Bomber

See update at bottom of this post. It’s enough, isn’t it, to turn even reasonably rational adults into—gasp!—conspiracy theorists.

Let the Coverup Begin:
Saudis Say They Warned U.S. In Writing About Terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev
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As he further moved to cover up his role in the Benghazi coverup Tuesday, the president claimed he’d allegedly leave no stone unturned in the investigation into the Boston bombings.

“We want to leave no stone unturned,” Obama said during a news conference.“Based on what I've seen so far, the FBI performed its duties. Department of Homeland Security did what it was supposed to be doing.”
No stone unturned, huh? Well, here’s a massive boulder.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent a written warning about accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2012, long before pressure-cooker blasts killed three and injured hundreds, according to a senior Saudi government official with direct knowledge of the document.
The Saudi warning, the official told MailOnline, was separate from the multiple red flags raised by Russian intelligence in 2011, and was based on human intelligence developed independently in Yemen.
Citing security concerns, the Saudi government also denied an entry visa to the elder Tsarnaev brother in December 2011, when he hoped to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, the source said. Tsarnaev’s plans to visit Saudi Arabia have not been previously disclosed.
Let me guess: Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and the rest of the Obama clown patrol didn’t want to appear Islamophobic, right? Or perhaps they simply ignored it.
The Saudis’ warning to the U.S. government was also shared with the British government. ‘It was very specific’ and warned that ‘something was going to happen in a major U.S. city,’ the Saudi official said during an extensive interview.
It ‘did name Tamerlan specifically,’ he added. The ‘government-to-government’ letter, which he said was sent to the Department of Homeland Security at the highest level, did not name Boston or suggest a date for his planned attack.
If true, the account will produce added pressure on the Homeland Security department and the White House to explain their collective inaction after similar warnings were offered about Tsarnaev by the Russian government.
A DHS official denied, however, that the agency received any such warning from Saudi intelligence about Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
‘DHS has no knowledge of any communication from the Saudi government regarding information on the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing prior to the attack,’ MailOnline learned from one Homeland Security official who declined to be named in this report.
Don’t expect another Obama presser any time soon after that disaster yesterday. In the meantime, every one of these morons needs to hauled before Congress immediately. Now while most of the media has aided in the Benghazi coverup, will they stay mute while evidence pours out that the administration did nothing to prevent this attack?

Update...related story: Boston jihad bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official

When the world's best joke just happens to be true !

This just cracked me up !!! ~ Storm'n Norm'n

A guy traveling through Mexico on vacation lost his wallet
and all of his identification. Cutting his trip short, he
attempted to make his way home but was stopped by the U.S. Customs Agent at the border.

"May I see your identification, please?" asked the agent.

"I'm sorry, but I lost my wallet," replied the guy..

"Sure buddy, I hear that every day. No ID, no entry," said the agent.

"But I can prove I'm an American!" he exclaimed. "I have a picture of Ronald Reagan tattooed on one side of my butt and George Bush on the other."

"This I gotta see," replied the agent.

With that, the guy dropped his pants and showed
the agent his behind.

"By golly, you're right!" exclaimed
the agent. "Have a safe trip back toChicago."

Thanks!" he said. "But how did you know I was
from Chicago ?"

The agent replied, "I recognized
Obama in the middle."

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Rubio: No longer standing on his own...or 'our' convictions.

Like many of the conservative persuasion, I was impressed with Senator Marco Rubio's stand on various issues...including his early comments on immigration.  But the tide of the conservative right is ebbing away from Rubio's previous strong standing among his supporters.  In my humble opinion he ought not to be listening to the likes of McCain and others mentioned in the commentary below.  Rubio needs to stand on his own two feet... (more of my humble opinion at another time). ~ Norman E. Hooben

From Maggies's Notebook
How’s This for Treason: Rubio Shamesty Bill Trashes E-Verify Immediately – Replaces It With Nothing for Years

Senator Marco Rubio is “vehemently” disputing that his immigration legislation written with Senator

Senator Marco Rubio
Chuck Schumer as lead-man on the team will gut E-Verify, and replace it with nothing for years. E-Verify is the only tool employers have to verify that a potential job applicant is in this country legally, and those offering job opportunities face large fines and possible jail terms if they do not use E-Verify. So the Republican Senator from Florida denies that E-Verify will be gutted, but oh my…

However, Rubio staffers were unable to show TheDC any text in the legislation that gives the current E-Verify system legal backing until the new system is mandated in several years.
The multi-year gap in E-Verify enforcement creates a political problem for Rubio and the other advocates of the Senate immigration bill.
The E-Verify rules are critical to Rubio and his allies as they try to pass their pending immigration revamp, partly because a large swath of the public is worried about the economic impact of immigrants, both legal and illegal. Source: Daily Caller

Weighing in on this issue is Secretary of State for Kansas, Kris Kobach, who says “if there’s no statutory authority for E-Verify, then there’s no E-Verify.” Kobach is an attorney, Harvard-Oxford-Yale “trained.

One of the definitions of “treason” is betrayal. This is certainly betrayal of those Conservatives who worked hard to send Rubio to the U.S. Senate. It is betrayal of American sovereignty.  Either Rubio clearly understands that E-Verify will go away and he’s 1) willing to lie about it - doesn’t have the ‘pair’ to stand up to Schumer and other committee Liberals like John McCain (R-AZ), Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), or 2) he hasn’t read his own legislation to find out what Senate Scoundrels slipped in when he wasn’t looking.

Syria's Chemical Weapons and John Kerry's "barefaced" lie!

inconsistent with reality”

Source: Information Clearing House
Chemical Weapons Claims a 'Barefaced Lie,' says Syrian Minister

April 27, 2013 "Information Clearing House" -"RT" - Without hard evidence, American accusations of chemical weapons use in Syria fall short of UN proof standards, says a UN chemical inspector. And in the way proposed, a probe would only result in an Iraqi scenario, the Syrian information minister told RT.

The anti-Assad lobby in the UN is using the chemical weapons scare as a new way to exert political and economic pressure on the Syrian government, the country's information minister Omran Ahed al-Zouabi told RT.
“First of all, I want to confirm that statements by the US Secretary of State and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie,” he told RT. “I want to stress one more time that Syria would never use it - not only because of its adherence to the international law and rules of leading war, but because of humanitarian and moral issues.”

Syria itself made the official request to the UN to investigate the incident in Khan al-Assal, which is an “important and brave step,” al-Zouabi stressed.

“It proves once again that the whole policy of the Syrian government is targeted against use of any kind of weapons of mass destruction by anybody: terrorists, Israel or any other neighboring state,” he said.

The United States pretends that there are no terrorists acting on Syrian territory at the same time being a country “involved in the biggest terror acts in the world,” the minister claimed. “The US is concealing that Qatar is financing terrorists, supply weapons to them. Thus, the US is basically involved in what is happening in Syria.”
‘Iraqi scheme of inspections’
In all their “absurdity and deceitfulness,” al-Zouabi explained, such statements by some Western governments are made in pursuit of basic goals.

“Their aim is, first, to cover those who are really behind use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal, and secondly, to repeat Iraq’s scenario, to pave the way for other investigation inspections. To provide, based on their results, maps, photos of rockets and other fabricated materials to the UN, which as we know, opened the way to the occupation of Iraq.”
Russian foreign ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich meanwhile said that the UN Secretary-General's initial positive reaction to Syria's appeal for an investigation“underwent a drastic change under the influence of a number of states.”

“The management of the UN Secretariat demanded that Damascus agree to the establishment of a permanent mechanism for inspection throughout Syrian territory with unlimited access to everywhere,” Lukashevich explained.
“The proposed scheme of inspections is similar to those used at the end of the last century in Iraq, which, unlike Syria, was under UN sanctions.” After months of silence, the UN is now referring to information from France and Britain about other cases of alleged use of chemical weapons last year, which Lukashevich believes demonstrates a highly politicized approach.

“It's difficult to understand why leaders of the UN Secretariat preferred to follow those who are concerned not about exact steps towards the suppression of use of chemical weapons in the Syrian crisis, but about changing the ruling regime of a sovereign state.”
Inspectors on standby
The United Nations again pushed on Thursday for unconditional and unfettered access for its team of investigators, which has been on standby in Cyprus since Syria refused it access nearly three weeks ago.

“We do not trust the American and British experts from a political point of view,” al-Zouab explained. “We also do not trust their qualifications. Their aim is to juggle with facts.”
“We won’t mind if Russians would be among the experts, quite the contrary, we only welcome this idea. We are quite sure in their high qualification and ability to clearly see into such matters.”

Experts from Russia and China however were not included in the team to ensure it wasn’t biased, according to the United Nations.
At the time Russian EU envoy Vitaly Churkin criticized “this kind of logic,” saying in that case he “would recommend excluding all NATO countries too.” Syrian officials maintain that they are ready to accept “a neutral and honest technical team to visit the village of Khan al-Assal” in the province of Aleppo.

The Syrian opposition meanwhile is also dead set against the inclusion of Russian and Chinese experts in the investigation team.

The Russian side has no status allowing it to conduct a fair and impartial criminal investigation,” the Syrian National Council said in a statement, because Russia “is a major supplier of conventional and strategic weapons to the Syrian regime, as well as the main political guarantor of it staying in power.”

The UN needs to immediately investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria,” an anonymous member of the council told AFP. “Should it find the regime used such weapons, it must act immediately, at least by imposing a no-fly zone.

No samples whatsoever
Whether or not illegal chemical agents were used by either side during the Syrian conflict can only be determined by analyzing samples collected at the scenes of alleged attacks, said the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which despite not being a United Nations body, collaborates with the UN on such inspections.
None of the governments and intelligence agencies accusing Damascus of using chemical weapons have presented any of the evidence that would be required for a clear analysis, such as soil, blood, urine or tissue samples, said Michael Luhan, a spokesman for OPCW.

But even if samples were provided, the OPCW would never get involved in testing something that its own inspectors did not “gather in the field” because of the need to “maintain a chain of custody of samples from the field to the lab to ensure their integrity,” said Luhan.

“This is the only basis on which the OPCW would provide a formal assessment of whether chemical weapons have been used.”
Meanwhile, waiting for a green light to enter Syria, members of the UN team “have been collating and analyzing the evidence and information that is available to date from outside,” Martin Nesirky, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said on Friday.

‘US retains the ability to act unilaterally’
With varying degrees of confidence” the American intelligence community has determined that “the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons,” US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Thursday.
Giving the statement added significance, early afternoon on Friday, White House press secretary Jay Carney announced that the Obama administration has a number of options in regards to handling such reports - including direct use of military force - and that United States retains the ability to ‘act unilaterally’ in choosing one.

Just hours later, President Obama himself said, "horrific as it is…to use potential weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations crosses another line with respect to international norms and international law.” His remarks came after a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah in the Oval Office, amid mass demonstrations against deployment of US troops on Jordanian border with Syria.