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Classic Censorship...Classic CNN ~ Censorship News Network

Update (January 2014) CNN lays off more than 40 journalists  (Only 40? They should all be fired!)

Update (October 2013): After reviewing this page please continue here: CNN, The Corrupt News Network being paid not to the people who want to kill us!

From Atlas Shrugs Comments Include...see below
VIDEO: Pamela Geller on CNN's @ErinBurnett, abruptly cuts segment at Hamas-CAIR description, FULL AUDIO secretly recorded

Here is the video of my interview with Erin Burnett on CNN earlier. The video cuts off at the end of the description of the ADL. Here is a transcript of the portion that CNN didn't run. I secretly recorded my interview and included the audio of the missing portion in the video as well. The interview was 14 minutes long, but CNN cuts it off at discussion of Hamas-CAIR, 9 minutes in. Much thanks to Big Fur Hat for dropping the secretly recorded audio of the entire interview into the video above.
This is what CNN's Erin Burnett censored:
PG: And CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood group --

EB: That is the organization, right, Council on American-Islamic Relations, they said these are hate ads and part of a larger problem.

PG: CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history. They were named as Muslim Brotherhood. They’re a Hamas group in America. Hamas is – the first paragraph of their charter calls for the annihilation of Israel. Is CAIR ever gonna support me and support freedom? Of course not. They’re not -- to me, they’re not a legitimate group. To me they’re a subversive group whose stated goal, according to an internal captured document in the Holy Land trial, was to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within. So that is a compliment. Seriously.

EB: OK, let me ask you about this issue about savages again, because I think that is part of the problem here. At least -- when people look at that ad -- it is a word chosen – will you admit this? – to make people recoil and pay attention.

PG: No.

EB: To poke up. To perk up and say, Look at this.

PG: No, it’s an accurate word. The definition of savage works, because any war on innocent civilians is savagery. Would you call those that beheaded a colleague, Daniel Pearl, savages?

EB: I would call them murderers.

PG: You wouldn’t call them savages? I would. I would call them savages. I would call Nazis, that slaughtered millions and millions of Jews and gypsies and homosexuals, I would call them savages. So I think now it’s not arbitrary: I think when you go to a dictionary and you look up what savage means, and that’s the definition –

EB: Uncivilized and barbarous.

PG: That’s right.

EB: So lemme ask you something else. When people see your name, you are a controversial person, which I know that you say that you’re not, but you are. I’m gonna say that I think that that is the case.

PG: You’re allowed, you’re allowed.

EB: All right. You have done other things as well. Obviously, as I mentioned, you were against the Ground Zero Mosque.

PG: I was against the Ground Zero Mosque.

EB: You have questioned the authenticity of President Barack Obama being born in the United States.

PG: No, that’s not true. That is absolutely not true. I ran a digital forensic examination calling into questions alterations that were made to the Certification of Live Birth. I don’t know what’s on the long form. I don’t know what’s on the vault copy. But I did say – and I didn’t say it, an actual digital forensic examination specialist said, there were alterations made to the original COLB. All I said was, What’s on the original vault copy that he doesn’t want us to know? That was all I said. Now, they change it, and they morph it – listen, I’ve written hundreds of articles. Two books. I update Atlas Shrugs, my blog, every day. You don’t have to guess as to my position. There’s no ambiguity to my position. You can read me.

EB: You said the president was a Muslim.

PG: I never said that. I never said he was a Muslim. I said, whether he is or he isn’t, what would he be doing differently? And--

EB: But isn’t that – but see, that, this -- these are the rhetorical games that one can play. Saying that let’s look into a digital forensic of an American citizen’s birth certificate is calling into question whether they were born here. Saying whether you are or aren’t a Muslim when you’ve been very passionate about your Christian faith is raising the question of someone, whether someone is or isn’t a Muslim, as if somehow being a Muslim is perceived as being negative.

PG: But you’re accusing me of something I never said. Let’s discuss what I said. I’m happy to discuss everything that I said. The same thing with Barack Obama. I don’t know what’s on the vault copy. Every other president has released the vault except him. It makes you question. Now you’re gonna say, “Pamela, you’re not allowed to question.” This is America. I can question. And frankly, I still think it’s a question. I do, I think it’s a question. And I do think that Obama is Islamophilic – yes, that’s what I said. I didn’t say he was a Muslim. There’s no way to know what’s in the man’s heart. And frankly, by their fruits ye shall know them, so we know him. I don’t know what’s in his heart, and I don’t care.

EB: The Center for American Progress calls you an “Islamophobia grass roots organizer.”

PG: Yeah. And American Center for Progress is an uber left-wing, Soros-funded, subversive organization. I mean, these are not legitimate organizations if you’re a rational, thinking person that loves individual rights, that believes in individual rights over statism, that believes in individual rights over collectivism. I’m sorry, but these are not legitimate organizations.

EB: Who you gonna vote for?

PG: Really? I’m voting for President Romney. So here we go: Geller Endorses Romney, there’s your headline!

Why didnt you inform her that her definition for Jihad was based on a weak Hadith, not unanimously accepted in the Muslim world? I wish you would have suggested she read the Qur'an, or any authentic scholarly collection of Hadith, or Reliance of the Traveler, or Milestons...goodness, she scolded you about lexicon while failing to understand the true, historically, scholarly definition of the word.

F@CK CNN. May our mutual God bless and keep you safe and free Ms. Geller.

Brilliant. Fearless. It is truly chilling to watch your videos today, as our "free press" crusades with our government against free speech.
While others lament and engage in an intellectual debate over the attack on the First Amendment, you have stood to draw the fire. My deepest gratitude Pamela Geller.

Pamela Geller~TRUE American hero. Stay the course Miss Gellar. The Crusades obviously didn't go far enough...Please let me know what I can to to help. I live in the Washington DC area (Fairfax, VA) email is --->

You came across as rational and fact-based, as usual. Bravo, Pam!

Pamela, I just watched the interview and you did so great! Thank you for being so smart and getting the truth out. I love your blog and support your efforts. I am trying to spread the word as well. Everyone needs to be educated on this savage..yes SAVAGE religion... I applaud you! God Bless!

This is from CAIR's website defending themselves from their critics.
Internet Disinformation #5: CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad publicly declared support for Hamas at Barry University in Florida in 1994, saying: “I’m in support of the Hamas movement.”
"This statement was made in March 1994, before CAIR was formed."

"Hamas did not commit its first suicide bombing until October 1994."

"The United States subsequently identified Hamas as a specially designated terrorist in January 1995."

"Thus, Awad’s remarks came seven months prior to Hamas’ first suicide bombings and nine months before the organization received the specially designated terrorist label from the government. "
So, consider the background to Awad's statement.
February 16, 1989 Hamas kidnapped, and murdered IDF soldiers Avi Sasportas and Ilan Saadon.
Three years later, Israeli border policeman Senior Sergeant Nissim Toledano was kidnapped, and murdered.
In 1993, Nihad Awad was a participant in the Hamas summit meeting in Philadelphia.
Then in 1994, Nihad Awad endorsed Hamas never telling us he was part of the inner circle of Hamas leadership in this country.
Even beyond this, the Islamic Association for Palestine published the English translation of the genocidal Hamas charter in 1988. Awad was the Director of Public Relations for the IAP.
How can anyone be expected to believe Awad didn't know these things when he endorsed Hamas?
Today, CAIR excuses this statement by pointing out that Awad said this before Hamas was officially designated as a terrorist group.
It may be fair to characterize CAIR's explanation as:
"So, he said it. So what? Sue me."
CAIR is not only part of Hamas, they are defiant about it.

You secretly recorded the audio!!!! WOW! You always have the upper hand, Pamela! Two thumbs up to you :)

Dear Pam, I watched the show, and what a show it was- Erin Burnett is a noo noo- with a snotty attitude. I watched her grill Bibi a few months back- vapid. I thought you handled yourself with finesse and strength, because you happened to be 100 per cent right in your responses. It was quite the dual, but you got the best of her-yasher koach!!! I posted a little article on my blog in your defense- Foxman is a schlemiel.

I wish there could be more discussion of what you mean by "DEFEAT JIHAD" and less about the historical connotations of the word savage. Doubtful that Erin Burnett truly understands Islamic supremacism and the role of jihad for the sake of conquest and domination. That is why the West worrying about insulting jihadis or thinking being polite and nice about jihad is a way to peace and harmony is absurd.
The point of freedom of speech is not just that you have the right to insult people you don't like, or have the freedom to express yourself, but that you have the right to tell the truth as you see it, even when there are people who don't agree or want the truth known. That's the bigger issue you were alluding to. Political correctness damages the efforts of those who want to reform Islam as much as it does the efforts of counter jihadists.

Erin on CNN, like Meghan on Fox, think they are the story.
Thank God for heroes like Pamela Geller and David Horowitz.

I WAS about to scream while watching the interview tonight. I AM going to post this interview everywhere to PROVE to LEFTISTS HOW the MSM is censoring anti-jihadists! IT WAS SO OBVIOUS once the interview suddenly went POOF!!! YOUR arguments were amazing! Erin's strategy is SO biased, SO BIASED I could not even believe it my LYING EARS! She only knows THINGS that seem convenient, and others she is totally oblivious. Regarding the ANTI Israel adds, which she said she never heard...EXACTLY, she never heard because BEING ANTI-ISRAEL is not controversial! She tried and tried and tried to put you on a bad light..she could not manage to do that. CNN’s censoring you is AN INDISPUTABLE proof that THERE is CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood influence in our media! I HOPE THERE’S a WAY you can call them on that! SHAMEFUL.
Love you Pamela
From your Brazilian/Canadian USA lover reader

Great job Pamela. These media pukes, including this bitch interviewing you, make me sick. I can't believe how much this country has gone down hill since the other puke took the oval office. Where is the patriotism that I grew up with? Erin could stay up all night and never compete with you. Thank You Pamela for your stand against the muslim pigs.........

After your engaging discussion with Burnett tonight on CNN there is a chance she will wake up tomorrow and question her ultra leftist understanding of what the Muslim world wants. You took her to task in an elegant way, keeping your cool against the host who with her definition of jihad reveals how little she is knowledgeable of this savage/infantile plague on our planet. You have a new fan, thanks for your courage.

When Erin says jihad is an internal struggle, like being at war with yourself, I think that is describing mental illness. When you can't accept yourself as you are, you end up in a state of derangement when you fight against yourself. If you wanted to improve yourself, you would circumcise those aspects of yourself that lead you to sin. You do not go to war with yourself, you go to war with an outside enemy.
If any jihadis really are trying to go to war with themselves, that could be why they act so insane that they are killing people over cartoons that aren't even a part of their culture or society. When people are in a mentally unstable state, they are easily controlled by despotic leaders such as the imams, sheiks and clerics who are stirring these people into a frenzied lather.
If jihad is an internal war, then Islam is a religion that promotes insanity. So take your pick, either they are at war with the world, or they are at war with themselves. They are not at war with the spirits of darkness as a Christian is, because when they wage jihad, they are physically raiding embassies. They are a Satanic knock-off of Christianity and I am extremely offended that they compare their struggles in taking over the world to the struggles of a Christian trying to live a holy life.

Wow! So refreshing to see Pamela Geller stand up for righteousness and defend it against journalist poser like Erin Burnett. Finally someone tells the truth and CNN cannot stand it! There is a reason why CNN is hitting bottom because it has become the mouthpiece of anti semitism, anti-Christians and pro-islamists.


Erin Burnett
I have to tell you I WAS always very confident and trusted CNN's 'unbiased' reputation until TODAY when I saw your interview with Pamela Geller and the interview was edited and cut off! Fortunately people today have access to alternative media and I was able to find the rest of the interview. HOW shameful. HOW depressing to imagine that CNN would not give voice to alternative views and censor them, as controversial as they may be. Nothing that woman mentioned was hateful. She directs her militancy to EXACTLY those 'extremists' that one time CNN calls them 'fringe' and do not represent the larger community, and ALL of a sudden, a freedom fighter like Pamela, when creating awareness about those 'fringe' elements, they in a twist become the MUSLIMS that are offended and the community is calling her hater and bigot! HOW is that possible? If this fringe is not representative of the LARGE Muslim community, how come the Muslims are taking pain for the comments directed to the 'fringe'?
Erin, there's only one truth, and the truth is the one you are avoiding and fighting against, tarnishing her stance whenever you could during that whole interview, and that became more obvious on the part that was cut off! Pamela left that interview with a message, the message of what is really going on in the battlefield of ideas. Freedom x Sharia-anti-Blasphemy , this is what is coming down to, and you better wake-up! Do us all a favor, read the Koran and follow Jihad Watch for just one week..ONE WEEK, and be exposed to the facts that are happening in the world that CNN dares not to speak. Watch the videos from MEMRI TV that translates with subtitles in English news from Palestine, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc.., watch the TV networks in the Muslim world calling for the death of Jews and Christians and infidels from the pulpits of their mosques, all with support of Islamic sources and the Koran. WATCH it and find out for yourself that Jihad IS Holy WAR!

"This is American and I can question."
Yes, exactly that.
That clip moved me.
The battle is hard ...
... the war is worth winning.
Kudos, Ms. Geller.

CNN = SHAMEFUL!! This "Erin" can't even TRY to be objective! Pathetic!! Where did they dig her up??
Pamela, you were fantastic. In great form: gracious, differentiated, to the point and chrystal clear.

Would Erin and/or CNN wake up to the word "savages" if Anderson Cooper were beheaded? Because we all know Anderson would be hung and/or worse in by savages for simply being gay. Or what would Erin call them then? meanies??

You American women are the real savage beasts:
American woman tries to cut off her sleeping husband's head with an electric saw:
And to see 100s of more examples of savage acts by western women against men:

What this shows is how we live in solitudes . The aware and the sheep.
Granted that she was not harsh, rude or even unreasonable. She didn't edit the show, the producers did. It is one thing to differ on the ADL but CAIR?
Seriously. How can any "reporter" take that BS. I learned the bad stuff about Cair on CNN years ago when Hooper was interviewed explaining why and how they want to turn the USA into an Islamic state. I wonder if those tapes are still in their vaults.
Pamela was perfect. She managed to appeal to the reporter in Erin and not ending up in a pissing match. That is important because in this fight enough people will join the good side by just asking the right questions . In other words, this petty censorship will not work. It looked like an edit from Syrian TV. People will ask themselves:
- How come two seemingly nice and reasonable people differ in opinion on this institution which's mention we take for granted in discussions about the conflict.
Google will do the rest.
Good Job Pamela

You're a class act, Pam. Love you.

Before landing at CNN, Erin Burnett was a, er, reporter (snicker) at CNBC, considered an heiress apparent to the "Money Honey" title held by Maria Bartiromo.
But back to the issue at hand: It is no surprise that Ms. Burnett and her producers would have taken the stance they have viz Pam's appearance. This last Thursday, author, "New Age" pseudo-"spiritual" adherent and Detroit talk radio host Mitch Albom was on her show, and both sought to blame the latest spate of Islamofascist attacks all around the Middle East on Judaism and Christianity - in short, typical moral equivocation. As if Jews or Christians were rioting and looting around the world the way the Muslims are in many countries, with "that film" as their excuse and pretext. (And the next day, Albom had - surprise, surprise - a mouthpiece named Victor Begg from something called the "Michigan Muslim Community Council" [né the "Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan"] on his radio show.)

Erin Burnett made me laugh. I have found no sources anywhere that tells me this woman has ever lived in a Muslim country, let alone visited one. Yet she takes the role of a temp imam where she lectures everyone on the meaning of Jihad. Erin doesn't grasp it: it is true that in Islamic scriptures Jihad means internal war against your own animal qualities to develop yourself, and not an instruction to bomb other people. However, that is NOT what the majority of Muslims interpret it as. The masses have been taught that Jihad represent an aggressive stance against non-Muslims. And that is how they utilize Jihad.
Again and again from the middle east we hear intellectuals discuss the problems of Islam created by Imam's, created in the mosques itself by indoctrinating the youth to hatred and extremism. They themselves bear testimony to the fact that after they leave Friday sermons, they leave angry and agitated because of the hate indoctrinated into them. And this indoctrination goes on week after week, year after year, and is openly exposed to children from a small age up. By the time they are grown, they are completely filled to the brim with the ideas of hatred of jews and non-Muslims, to consider them dirty, pigs, dogs and to never integrate with them but to always wage the jihad of war with them.

I am a muslim born Turk and I can say that, without an iota of a doubt in my mind, Islam is a disease, it is a pestilence of the mind. A muslim (especially the arab and pakistani kind) can no longer be considered a human being as far as the definition of the term includes certain faculties of the MIND, not just that you have friggin hands and legs and feet and walk upright, etc. Islam has an intricate, closed circuit logic inner mechanism where the poor lost believer is systematically deprived of his/her ability to think, analyze, question and decide for himself. It is because of this mechanism that most muslims can be considered as some kind of robots of blind worship emerging from some deep darkness in human history. They are always ready to pounce upon ANY random natural or human phenomenon that happens to violate the rigid self-protection mechanism that plague of a religion has imposed upon its slave believers. I can explain in more detail as to HOW islam enslaves people, how and WHY it does this, etc, is not a mystery actually. Here is a hint: ....
OTOH, it is a mystery to ME and people like me as to how to cure this disease. You can't go on a killing rampage, you can't nuke all these lost souls, you just cant. You can't live with them on the same planet either. What to do? I have one suggestion but would anyone have the courage to carry it out?
PS: I am an agnostic, I believe all religions are bullshit. And I might come across as one but I am definitely not a racist. Believe you me folks, there is this intense darkness, this intense danger as regarding what islam is... Like I said, I can explain... Humanity needs to cure itself of this disease...

What more proof do people need. CNN reveals it's true colours. CNN and obviously Erin, are showing support for Cair (of all people). How much lower will these dangerous enablers stoop.
What is revealed behind the CNN mask, is not a pretty sight to behold. The mask slipped to reveal that CNN support Cair - therefore CNN are not to be trusted, they too are enemies of the USA. Traitors.
Good job well done Pamela. You were one step ahead of them. Well done you.

Did you guys catch where the vapid Erin says to Pamela "’ve been very passionate about your Christian faith..."
REALLY? Pamela Geller, famous American Jew, has been "passionate about" her "CHRISTIAN faith"?
THAT's how lazy that CNN woman is, she could not be bothered to spend five seconds learning anything about our Pammy than what Erin's prog masters fed to her. That alone reveals that Erin Burnett has absolutely no integrity or credibility and completely invalidates anything else that comes out of her lie-hole.

Wouldn't you love to see Erin (or any of the MSM) go head-to-head with Pam without their advantages of a ear bud, a producer feeding her data and guiding the interview, a text display of talking points that apparently has a dictionary with the definition of 'savages' built right in, and the ability to terminate or edit the interview as they see fit?
Good job on recording the interview, Pam. I hope CNN is livid you did that.

I love that you was secretly wired for sound. lol Reminds me of time I did that to my employer who was trying to get rid of me because of my diabetes.

Go Pam! Your a legend! The truth will set you free! Down with Islime! are a one woman army....I am impressed.

Great job, Pamela!
Watching her snide condescending tone made me cringe, but you handled yourself with a lot of dignity and class. Especially impressive were your quiet yet firm "I didn't say that" replies when she was twisting your words. And calmly "educating" her on the facts that she was so clearly ignorant or dismissive of.
Very smart of you to figure out, that if CNN is inviting you for an interview, something is not going to be kosher. To guess that they just might edit the video is just common sense, so kudos for getting wired and exposing the fraud that they are. But how stupid of them to just blatantly cut you off? Well, actually no more stupid than thinking they could confront you with this amateur, and then manage to edit out the "inconvenient truth".
Admire your work and your courage! Be safe, and all the blessings to you.

Fenasi Kerim, I enjoyed reading your post. I feel that it echoes what I have said and I am glad, because I came up with what I said by speculation, but you corroborated it with experience. I didn't get the part where you explain the psychological mechanism in more detail. I guess I would have to go to your wikipedia link. Anyway, I think by keeping the truth in your mind you are fighting back. You are becoming a light shining in the darkness. When you preserve the ways of life that sustain life and health, you are becoming the salt of the earth. In these two ways you are mirroring the image of Christ.
Even though you choose not to follow religions, Christianity is at its heart a faith first. It is a love of the truth and devotion to that. Through this you gain power, and opportunities reveal themselves to you on how to fight the good fight. It is a hard walk and many are called but few are chosen. If you choose to embark on this path, the rewards will be evident along the way and the promises of heaven are of no comparison in greatness.
You must learn to protect yourself by cutting the old parts of yourself off that lead you to sin, once you have knowledge of the truth of Christ. This is the shaping of a warrior. From an agnositc angle, I would say stay aware, stay with the good people in the light, and keep your mind filled with edifying and useful things.
People may choose to follow Islam despite our best efforts, but we as individuals can choose to hide our hearts from it and stay pure.

Pamela, as always, you did a great job and I/we thank you! I am SOOO impressed by your ability to sit face-to-face with dhimmi fools without going ballistic. Like the vast majority of our moronic media, Burnett has no clue, and refuses to get one. These people are far worse than the jihadi savages because they sanction savagery and spread outright lies to the dumbed-down viewers. Despite your many examples of savagery, she maintained her media-elite attitude. I wonder if she were being held hostage by the savages, if she'd then call them what they are. Coward-Burnett should go to the middle east and try reporting from the arab street. Then again, these fools are so ingrained in political correctness/deception that I doubt even Lara Logan would dare speak the truth...they ARE savages! Pamela, thank you for fighting for Freedom!

America's "free press" is today anything but free. It is nothing more (or less) than a propoganda organ for the the statists on the left. And CNN is one of the worst offenders.

I would like to know:
If Erin Burnett of CNN claims that she finds the Metro ads "as offensive" as the anti-Israel ads, then where are her open oppositions to the anti-Israel ads? This hypocrite of a woman talks total bullshit! Where is her interviews with Muslims who spew anti-Muslim hatred? Where is her interviews with the groups that give the public only half truths about the Israel-Palestine issue, when real facts are that Israel is the one that was occupied of their land, stolen by brutality and invasion from Arabs who took everything they had.

Imagine if you were a regular CNN and msm viewer and you watched this segment. Would it make you think what you thought all along was wrong? I believe it would.
See, this is one of those interviews/debates that changes peoples' minds.
Pamela, when you talked about the beheading of Daniel Pearl as savage, that is something that makes people nod and think, "yeah, that was savage". It's moments like that when people use their common sense because it makes perfect sense. People who do things like that are savages!!
And I absolutely love the fact that you taped all of it!!! They're not capable of keeping up with you. Love it!
Thank you sooooo much. It is about time that people started recording their interviews to prevent the drive-by media censors from covering the truth.
Pam - I think that great interview just earned you a lot more fans.
Job well done Pamela I hope we see more of your comments.. BZ! They know that we know. Lets stay in their face.
CNN was experiencing a jihad (struggle) trying to find a way to catch you up. This chick Erin was all over the map. Pam you know your material, there is no one who can catch you up, and for CNN to put this hand waving, snide, little twit up against you, it shows they don't know YOU! They didn't do their homework, but no surprise there right? Laughable!
You frustrated CNN so badly, they knew this Erin chick wasn't a suitable match for you (not too many are against you Pam) that is why they went jihad on you, and cut you off! Even more laughable! They should be embarrassed!
Now Erin said in the earlier part of the interview with you this: "When you say narrative, I see your ad and I see the same narrative that an anti-Israel ad would have. It's a narrative of hate."
Then later in the interview Pam, when you brought up the amount of money spent on the anti-Israel ads, that no one in the media bothered to report about or get upset over, that's when Erin said this: "I have to say I am not familiar with those ads."
She continuted to say, "That is an interesting political conversation on aid to Isreal, on what it is and what it accomplishes, and a topic for a separate thing."
OK, so first she claims she KNOWS about anti-Israel ads, and then she claims she doesn't. I mean, where do they get these people from. Such liars!
Then CNN cuts you off when they can't handle you.
But to say about aid to Israel, that its an "interesting political convo on what it is and what it accompishes" while she's waving her arms and hands and leaning into you frin her high chair. You must've been like, lady, easy on the caffiene!
Considering everything from this interview, collectively, I heard all I needed to hear. I think I know where CNN stands on the topic of Israel. These are frightening times indeed!
I'm not sure I like the idea of calling them savages. I doubt that will help anything. Some certainly act like savages at times, but personally I'd rather see an ad that compares Mohammed's teaching with Jesus' teaching.
Jesus: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
Mohammed: Kill unbelievers and pursue them unto death.(perhaps a more direct quote of the Quran would be better)
Who do you want to follow? Who do you think is speaking truth?

Loving your enemies is something that is very difficult and I don't think we Christians are very good at it, but it doesn't mean we have to just lay down and become doormats for the Muslims and allow them to do whatever they want to do. It does mean we should genuinely care for them though and even pray for them.
This highlights a huge difference between Jesus and Mohammed, Christianity and Islam. I think this kind of an ad would be more effective.
As Pamela marches indefatigably through the war zone that Islamists have declared on any opposing view for over 1389 years , we must all stand shoulder to shoulder with her as she stands for one thing---the truth. This includes all aspects; moral, financial and indiviual initiative.
Tell me Miss Burnett, what did Ambassador Stevens do to anyone besides his stated job... in Toulouse, what did that beautiful innocent girl and her family do to anyone...tell me...hunted down by hyenas and murdered by--- Savages. I believe that they are countless good Muslims that are trapped in Islam and they must be able to free themselves without fear of retribution... and Pamela is doing exactly that-standing for Freedom and personal Liberty.
Erin Burnett, you are willfully ignorant and they would do to you what they did to Lara Logan...shameful that our soldiers have to sacrifice all for your absolute submission at home.
clearly the Shoe fits otherwise the Muslims who Oppose this add agree with the Jihadists..and why are we not seeing the "Moderate" Mulsims denouncing those they claim have Hijacked their religion?
Fabulous job Pamela! That recording is going to Hurt the Crescent News Nutcases.
Truth is something the are not used to having to deal with. You really gave them a whopping dose of it.

Pushing the letters back up hopefully.
This dovetails with what we've been noting for years in the counter-jihad movement: the MSM is almost completely subverted by Muslim Brotherhood front groups already. Close to home, the Orlando Sentinel can't publish anything about Islam without approval from the local HAMAS-supporting CAIR imam.
Here's the headline to this story in my local paper:
"Ads call some Muslims 'savages'
Surprised? Not me!
I am very very very proud of you Pamela Geller. Mighty God bless you and chose you to speak bravely on our behalf. Erin is disgusting, and so naive, and obviously stupid. I can see she is jealous of your intelligence. She knows nothing about islam teaching yet she comment jihad is struggle. What a stupid woman. She needs to learn quran from ABNSAT program. Let her read one by one the verses in quran and hadist and sunnah and translate them. If she still says islam is religion of peace then she is the dumbass woman in entire earth. Bless you Pamela. Thank God for you. Thank you for your work.
First she claims that Pamelas ads carry the same narrative as the anti-Israel ads, a narrative of hate. Then later in the interview she contradicts herself by saying that she isn't familiar with the Anti-Israel ads.
Pamela you are my new hero! I will post this on B page to spread the word.
way to go Pamella, you nailed them and they had no where to go after you leveled them and were scared of the stuff you were getting to.
Many thanks;
Off topic
Former Dutch MP and brave Apostate, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (, writer and campaigner speaks on BBC Newsnight. Of course, she spoke the truth, but it seems, as per usual, Islamists and Leftists don't think so, so they are now organising people to bombard the inboxes of the BBC with complaints. Nothing much changes does it?
You can go direct to Ayann being interviewed at 18:21, when the discussion starts.
Bravo Pamela! The obamamedia are getting increasingly frantic as Nov. 6 draws closer. They can only sit on the garbage can that is their unholy messiah and his little muzzie brotherhood friends for so long. They don't realize that the more they try to keep it closed, the more rot leaks out until the whole thing explodes. That's what's happening now. He figured he had the Spanish media in his pocket as well and then....oh my! No wonder he had his hand between his legs grabbing his d***. Keep pounding away at him. Thanks so much, Pamela.
Pamela Geller it is refreshing to see someone that has the guts to call a spade a spade , you ate her lunch , its a shame that women is a disgusting example of the feeble mimded trash that we have in the media your are superior , and was superior to this half wit in every aspect you Mam are a true american keep up the excellent work true americans are with you all the way .
Love how the smirk on the CNN host slowly fades over the interview as she realizes she is wrong and out of her league.
Great job Pamela!
I watched your interview and was very impressed. We need more of this clear, truthful, courageous dialogue. And good for you for recording your own interview. Because it is so obvious that the media is bent on slanting things to their own point of view.
I don't understand why we should all be so tolerant, sensitive, afraid of Islam. All I see is hatred, intolerance, violence from them.
Re Erin's insistence that "jihad" means "struggle", as though these Islamists are on an introspective journey to "find themselves": didn't Hitler write of his own "struggle" in "Mein Kampf"?
Cheers for Pamela, and you have my admiration for being one of the bravest women in the former United States of America. Please continue on against the savage forces that have gathered in every country, just waiting for the Imams to call them to battle against civilization. thank you, Berengaria
I can only echo the sentiments of the others who posted before me. You are a brave truth teller who stands, as the fictional character, Superman used to for "truth, justice and the American Way". The American Way...something this president and his minions have tried to undo in the past four years. G-d forbid he should steal the election and serve four or more! (by Executive Order, of course!) we're done. Play taps.
Unless Romney wins in a complete landslide or the Soros owned company who owns the voting machines don't have them rigged before or aft, we're done. IT IS EVERYONE'S JOB FROM NOW UNTIL 11/6 to get the word out!
There are very few people that I truly admire these days, but, you are definitely worthy of our gratitude and appreciation for your courage and dedication to the TRUTH! You are a FEARLESS WARRIOR who stands against not only the external threats to our society, but, also to the spineless media mouthpieces who persist in covering up and defending these radicals who would slit their throats if they had the chance! You are the voice of sanity and I pray that God will protect you from the vicious attacks that you endure. If the 'moderate' Muslims are so moderate, why are THEY not condemning these SAVAGE acts...savage means not only murdering innocent people but sodomizing them and dragging them through the streets, beheading them, mutilating women and children! You have my deepest admiration and respect for what you are doing....I only wish our elected officials would display as much courage as you do every minute of the day. Stay safe!
Hurrah for you! Waking up America is a difficult and frustrating business, as a blogger I know, but don't stop. Thank you for all that you've done and are doing.
P.S. to my previous message....Ronald Reagan said: "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid". You live that daily and we should all be so unafraid!
May your guardian angels grow in strength and number is included in my daily prayers. You IQ is higher and you are more knowledgeable than the barking headed tele/note reader at CNN. Good challenge and response at FOX. A++++++++++++++++++++ for PG. No one could have performed better than PG. Smart to record.
If you want to start war with Jihad terminate too a big criminal organization - Mossad
whose kill innocent people (eg Iran sciencist)
Ok, so Muslim savages in Pakistan - one of the most extremist Muslim nations on earth (along with Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan) - has turned their Love for the Prophet day into an anti-American and burning the U.S. flag day.
I wish we could send some instructions to these animals: Make sure your face is close and you're breathing deeply while burning our flag! :-D
Love you Pam keep fighting

As others have said CNN is nothing more than the Crescent News Network, a stealth Al Jazeera. I wouldn't trust them to tell me the time of day.

Which branch of the IRGC do you work for? Or is it Hizballah? Dearborn?

@Bertram W
You can't play the Aayan Hirsi BBC video outside of the UK. I wonder why?

Great job Pamela overall given the circumstances and that CNN holds all the cards. Unfortunately it is they who decide what is permissible and impermissible speech. But like the frog who's slowly brought to a boil in a pot, I think small doses of anti-Islamic thinking will eventually turn that light-bulb on in their darkened empty heads.
If I may say, don't fall for the false dichotomy fallacy of "all or none" which is a well-worn tactic of muslims and the left. To them if all muslims are not suicide bombing, then there is no problem. In fact, their terrorism is just one of them symptoms of the cancer of Islam.
They need to understand that the ideology of Islam is the problem and muslims who support it's aims, which in my view is about 90% of them. So this is far from being a 'tiny minority of extremists.'
Also regarding the issue of jihad, I think you answered her brainwashing quite well. I would've gone a bit further and spoke about the thousands of jihads waged against humanity over 1400 years to conquer and Islamize many countries resulting in the deaths of 270 million people and that muslims follow the example of their prophet who did the same.
They need to understand that nothing about Islam is redeemable, from top-to-bottom it's a violent, hateful, war-mongering, fascist, totalitarian death cult and much worse than Nazism. They've given you the platform to speak and I'd take it to the hilt.
The best way to short-circuit their thinking is to make the link between Islam and Nazism, because they are very much alike. Islam is Nazism with a (moon) god. If liberals begin to realize the connection, then they will wake up sooner. Anyways, thanks for everything you do-knowledge is the key, we must win the information battle-space, then we'll win the actual war.

It has become trendy to poke the Muslim beast; the more it howls to more it gets poked. The beast can get angrier than a junk yard dog and devour every joker and poker. From a distance the game of poke is lots of fun, but the neighbors of the beast live in fear.


I can only echo the kudos before me - you are SO impressive in the debate! It's like watching Verbal Tap-Out! You're a wonderful person and I tell everyone about you, thank you for all you do!

i prefer truth what moslams do is human sacrifice and that is savage but a socity such as ours that dose the same abortion = human sacrifice can not stand, when we can get back to self sacrifice and servant mentality we will have oportunity. during the hittler war our thinking was cleared by our need for survivle . now will 6 million plus need to die before we are aloud do defend our familys countries and beliefs. until we embrace truth all we build is on sand.
thanx for joining the crusade
keep truthing

Pamela "Braveheart"
It appears this CNN "interview" or the attempted biased entrapment by this self-indulgent/twit/excuse of a "reporter" has failed judging by the amount of new fans commenting here (76 comments). I see your brilliant "amazing" presentation and poise in THIS CNN "interview" (entrapment) as THE possible tipping point for those who have been sitting on the fence out of ignorance/blindness to what these Islamofacists have in store for humanity. It warms the heart of this fan/friend who has been with you here for awhile.

nuke mecca.. it's the only way to prove that allah is a fraud

Lol, good luck Breitbart!
Breitbart News is doubling its reward--to $100,000--for one of the missing pieces of Barack Obama’s past, which may be the key to understanding his collapsing Middle East policy: the “Khalidi tape,” a video kept under wraps by the Los Angeles Times since April 2008.
The Khalidi tape shows Obama at a 2003 farewell party for radical Palestinian academic and activist Rashid Khalidi, and reportedly features vitriolic anti-Israel rhetoric.

Great Job Pamela. That CNN reporter should have stayed at CNBC since she obviously cannot understand anything that is going on today in the world.
She would probably think that Iran is not planning a hideous attack on Israel and the free world.
Keep up the great work you do.

O / T
WGNRadio chats with Jeff Bardin, who infiltrates al Qaeda sites before turning over the info to the government,0,5827461.mp3file

I literally could not believe Erin hit you with the H-Word. "It's the same narrative -- a narrative of hate."
That's how desperate and drunk on propaganda they are at CNN.
But when she claimed that "jihad" means "a personal spiritual struggle," and not a holy war by Muslims against Jews, Christians and the West... well, that one really took the cake.
I think all it will take for the scales to finally fall from poor Erin's eyes is for her to watch that ridiculous statement she made.
Great job, Pamela!

Google "Erin Burnett Dubai" and you will see what kind of woman is this.
We Love You Pam.

Erin is drunk on Kool Aid. CNN spits out these clones like there is no tomorrow. Way to go Pamela.

@Bertram W - You can't play the Aayan Hirsi BBC video outside of the UK. I wonder why? Posted by: Kufar Dawg | Friday, September 21, 2012 at 11:40 AM/i>
That is a shame Kufar Dawg. Maybe someone will copy it and upload it onto Youtube at some point.

This was a good hard pressed and challenging interview handled very competantly by PG. Being cut off when an important point is about to be made is always infuriating, i know, the BBC did it to me, but recording it anyway and webbing it was good thinking.
I can see nothing but good coming from this poster campaign, it's already bringing
the true situation to more and more people, go easy on the post removals here though, especially those modest ones. Anyone critised here should have a right of reply.
Ofhs, can someone delete that anti-semitic drivel from Zak. The neo-nazi vapour oozing from from Zak's post makes it hard to read other posts. Get rid.
I watched the entire interview, and Erin Burnett comes across as a very stupid person!
She never once listened to what Pamela said.
I never liked this precocious person when she was on CNBC, and I certainly don't like her on CNN, which I never watch anyway.
Keep up the good work.
There are some of us in SF who are with you.. Keep posting those ads..
As I wrote on the YouTube comments - this was an outstanding interview! one of your best!
I think the tide is finally turning.
Islamic riots are backfiring, as more and more people are understanding what we are up against.
This is historical event that showed the real guts of CNN and bravery of Pamela Geller. Bravo Pam !!! People, just go to youtube and leave your comments in support of Pam and her (our) cause.
A bit off subject but when you get around to it you have my permission to post this version of Obama's flag...
I don't think anyone else noticed the 5 pillars of Islam
your alright . those of us who love what little freedom we have left salute you . you ever get down this way we owe you a couple beers for all the good work your doing .
I own an English language Koran printed by the royal Saudi family. I studied Islam in an Islamic missionary school on the far side of the world. Jihad means war, holy war, killing people, etc. I went to the source and studied with them.
Watching Pamela debate is like watchng John Galt debate . . . fill in the blank. And besides, she's sure nice to girl watch.
from Debka:
An Israeli soldier killed, second injured in clash with terrorist bombers from Sinai September 21, 2012
Sgt. Netanel Yahalomi, 20, from Nof Ayalon was killed and a second Israeli soldier was seriously injured in a clash with terrorists from Sinai Friday. The attackers reached the border near Mt. Harif in southern Israel wearing bomb belts and heavily armed with automatic weapons and grenades for a major terrorist attack and opened fire on the troops guarding work on the border fence. In the heavy exchange of fire, all three terrorists were killed. Both Sgt. Yahalomi and his wounded comrade were yeshiva students serving in the Artillery Corps.
The clash occurred on the Israeli side of the Negev border in an area which is still unfenced because of the difficult mountainous terrain. Israeli and Egyptian forces remain on high alert.
Iran pours more troops into Syria, ready to target Israel from Syria and Lebanon September 20, 2012
Iran continues to fly military personnel and quantities of weapons into Syria by civilian aircraft which cut through Iraqi airspace, American intelligence sources disclosed early Thursday, Sept. 20. UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon also said that, "Unfortunately, both [Syrian] sides, government and opposition forces, seem to be determined to see the end by military means."
Clearly, Iran is augmenting its military involvement in the constantly escalating Syrian civil war, broadening it into a multinational conflict which threatens to drag Lebanon in, by means of the Iranian-Syrian ally, Hizballah.
The UN Secretary General's statement implying that the two Syrian sides are determined to fight to the bitter end is echoed in Iran’s resolve to fight to the bitter end for Assad, on Syrian soil.
Tehran is not hiding its actions. Sunday, Sept. 16, Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Commander Gen. Ali Jafari said openly that Al Qods Brigades units were present and operational in both Syria and Lebanon.
rest here at Debka dot com:

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