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Why don't we read headlines like this?

by Norman E. Hooben
“And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.”…except for America where the lie currently dominates and freedom is one step away from Armageddon.   The biblical quote may have some validity when the truth is told but when all you are exposed to, day after day, is lie after lie then Goebbels quote is more cogent (“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” ~ Joseph Goebbels) 

And so it goes for Syria…and Libya and Egypt etc., etc.  Americans and possibly the entire western world are being lied to by their own media and elected officials day after day…and for what?  Well for one thing Americans are too naïve and/or complacent to figure out when the power struggle to control their minds has been won over by the very people who had won them over.  Obviously there are exceptions to that rule; else I would not be here trying to explain the mess.
Let’s start with the guy who likes to misdirect the American mindset the most, Barack Obama.  Some of you may recall the statement Mr. Obama made regarding the attack on Libya, “…operations in Libya "only cost us a billion dollars" and no US troops were killed or injured.”  To the fickle American audience attending and/or watching the late night television show starring Jay Leno, Obama has intentionally re-directed the attention away from the slaughter of “…some 60,000 Libyan civilians”.  So Obama has spent a billion taxpayer dollars to supply our so-called allies of the NATO alliance with the airpower to murder 60,000 civilians and you’re OK with that?  Muammar al-Gaddafi killed only 12, 653 people to attain and maintain his power house.  How many more people must Obama have killed to maintain his residence in the White House?  By the way, Obama did not get Osama bin-Laden.  Before you go off on a tangent, two words, “Prove it!”  Obama himself cannot prove it; he destroyed all the evidence.  Osama bin-Laden was murdered by Omar Sheikh and that was verified by Benazir Bhutto before she was assassinated.  Obama made up the fake raid using his Pakistani connections to make it appear real and to use the faux-capture for political gain with the ignorant amongst us…don’t laugh, it could be you!

Now most of us (55% as of Sept 2011) know the main stream media (MSM) cannot be trusted but yet a huge percentage of those distrusting souls still vote for the politicians supported by the MSM.  It’s like they cannot disconnect between the media and politics.  So even though they do not trust the media they still trust their politicians…and that should be classified as insane!  So what has the MSM been reporting on regarding the recent mess in Syria?  Ask just about any American what’s happening and they’ll tell you that Assad is killing his own people.  Oh?  And where did they learn that?  Why haven’t we learned about the atrocities committed by the other side…Obama’s side!  Damn those fickle Americans they’re playing into Obama’s hand leading us right into more conflicts and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood along with the Sunnis with the hope of wiping out the Alawites.  But you won’t read about it in the MSM!

Why don’t we read more headlines like this? 

 The lies of those unable to destroy the Syrian strength
By Ghaleb KANDIL
Syria was never the center of the universe as much as it is today. All around the world, hundreds of pieces of information and thousands of reports, rumors, fabricated pictures and made up news are emerging via media networks that are shedding light on contradictory positions and statements of senior Western officials. At this level, the Russian government is finding itself forced to issue quasi daily statements to deny many rumors and clarify the falsification affecting the positions of its officials.
Firstly, the American empire is doing its best to push the bitter cup away from it, i.e. the recognition of its defeat in the face of the Syrian state. Indeed, it is aware of what this recognition will generate in terms of the total collapse that will affect the governments collaborating with it in the region, and the repercussions whose prices will be paid by those involved in the global war it is leading against the Syrian national state and against a resisting liberation leader who defied American arrogance back when the whole world was under its control. Today, this leader’s status is similar to that of Fidel Castro in the fifties and sixties of last century. Despite the opportunity offered by Russia to the US to indirectly recognize the defeat, the American empire deployed all its efforts to sustain the violence on the ground, and exploited the Syrian state’s cooperation with Annan’s initiative to obstruct its effects via the Gulf and Turkish governments, Al-Qaeda, and other formations linked to that alliance such as the Lebanese Future Movement.
Secondly, the Western propaganda machine is spreading a massive amount of lies in regard to the Syrian situation, with the main goal of generating a climate that would compensate for the state of impotence endured by the Americans and all the NATO member states, in light of the regional and international balances and equations that are providing Syria with immunity. The first lie is the promotion of a settlement allowing President Bashar al-Assad to step down. At this level, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov exposed the rumor surrounding the existence of Russian-American negotiations over what is dubbed by the West “Syria in the post Al-Assad stage.” In reality, the American planners among others know that president Bashar al-Assad enjoys wide support in the ranks of the Syrian people and that this support has increased in light of the crisis sweeping the country, as well as its repercussions which are making the Syrians feel as though they and their country are being subjected to a foreign attack led by the Americans against the state. Hence, according to his people, President Bashar al-Assad is the head of the national state, the advocator of a pan-Arab resistance project and the symbol of Syrian nationalism and the resistance option in the face of the foreign attack which features a global alliance aiming at destroying the Syrian strength and at strengthening the gangs of mercenaries, intelligence agents and extremists. The inhabitants of the Syrian countryside have discovered that the latter could not be farther from the slogans of freedom and dignity, and that they have started to introduce foreign murderers by the hundreds, professional intelligence elements and extremist groups whose presence and role had always been rejected by Syrian society.

Thirdly, the second lie being promoted by the American propaganda is related to the claim that what is happening in Syria might slide towards civil war. The Western propaganda at this level was launched in the form of warnings against the threat of civil war, at a time when all the Western, Turkish and Gulf efforts have been pushing in that direction since the beginning of the incidents, through repeated attempts to depict the events as being a sectarian conflict and the adoption by the West and its agents in the region of the MB group and the gangs of takfir to which they offered all possible financial, military and media facilitations and assistance. The Syrian people on the other hand proved to be immune against these attempts, while the Syrian national state was able to maintain a wide base of popular support, to embrace its army and its national choices and engage in a battle to defend the country and the unity of the people alongside Syrian political and religious leaders.
Fourthly, the third lie was the claim that the conflict between the Syrian state and the terrorist gangs was revolving in a vicious circle and that it would be impossible to settle this confrontation.  Full story continues here:

Then there are the lies about Libya.  How many Americans read this headline?

Biggest success? NATO proud of Libya op which killed thousands
­The price of success
­Speaking on March 31, Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, reported that “the so-called humanitarian air raids have taken the lives of dozens of civilians in various areas of Tripoli.” The senior cleric went on to say “in the district of Buslim, a building collapsed because of the bombing, killing 40 people,” as cited by Agenzia Fedes, the information service of the Pontifical Mission Societies.
However, despite the decision to turn a blind eye to the casualty figures, one of the few instances the alliance could not deny culpability in was a June 19 NATO missile strike that resulted in the deaths of nine civilians.
Attacks of this nature were happening on a daily basis throughout the intense bombing campaign.
Speaking in September, the health minister in the new Libyan government estimated that at least 30,000 people had been killed and 50,000 wounded during the first six months of the war. Some, however, have estimated that the real figure could be much higher. 
Writing back in September, Thomas C. Mountain, an independent journalist currently living in Africa who was a member of the 1st US Peace Delegation to Libya in 1987, estimated that NATO had dropped over 30,000 bombs on Libya, with an average of "two civilians killed in each attack.” Thus, Mountain has estimated that some 60,000 Libyan civilians had been killed by NATO air strikes alone by the end of August.
Shortly thereafter, when rebel forces began the siege of Sirte, Moussa Ibrahim, a spokesman for the now-deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, told Reuters via telephone on September 19 that "in the last 17 days, more than 2,000 residents of the city of Sirte were killed in NATO air strikes."
As of today, some 26,000 NATO sorties and 9,600 strike missions have been conducted by NATO, with an average of four bombs used per attack.  

­A country in ruins

­Though it may never be known just how many died in “the most successful operation in NATO history,” the alliance has shown little interest in rebuilding a nation that has in many ways been wrecked by its seven-month military campaign.

According to Palestinian human rights activist Shawan Jabarin, “The military operation damaged everything in Libya, not just Gaddafi and his regime, but the society [as well].”

Former MI5 agent Annie Machon went further, telling RT that NATO’s intervention had plunged Libya back into the Stone Age. ...
Full story can be read here:


Bonus case you forgot or just never knew.

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About Syria, Civil War? Isn't that already in progress? I believe Obama will not step on Putin's toes. Wimp factor big time, but also Assad is a Dictator with a wife born in Britain. Lots of connections. There is likely something between Obama and Assad the world doesn't know about.

Yes, it's all big lies.