Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Memory...lest we forget*

Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a suicide attack Dec. 27, 2007, just two months after returning from exile for a political comeback. Benazir Bhutto, educated at Oxford and Harvard, became the first female prime minister of a Muslim country when she took the helm in Pakistan in 1988.  See photo-slide-show hereUS News & World Report

Benazir Bhutto was a brave leader...smart and ahead of her time she was most likely the best thing that could have happened to Pakistan politically before she was  murdered by the opposition.  I'm sure we could list a number of her accomplishments but that's not the impetus of this post.  She was, to the best of my knowledge, an honest person and wasn't acustomed to telling fairy tales.  Maybe she didn't tell all of which she knew concerning the death of Osama bin Laden but she did identify his murderer...and it wasn't Barack Husein Obama!  It was another Muslim by the name of Omar Sheikh.  See videos here and here  ~ Norman E. Hooben
*lest we forget who killed who

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The above collage has been nominated for 'Best Picture of the Year' in the category, 'Collage that depicts a true story' and I nominate the picture below for best picture of a dream that will come true...

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Findalis said...

I wonder if she knew Usama was hiding in her nation?