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"this website make u cry and convert to islam..." ~ its just a quote, you got to read the commentary!

Obama has bragged about Islam's contribution to society but when one researches for some real proof of such a claim, its kind of hard to come by...'cept this gem from Bernie!
"This would only prove that Mohammed not only stole from the Torah but also from the Talmud."
Source: Planck's Constant

The Muslim Miracle of Halley's Comet
By Bernie 

In my article The Myth That Islam Encourages Scientific Inquiry I noted how ridiculous it is that so many Muslims believe (with delusional fervor) that Islam encourages scientific and intellectual inquiry despite the glaring paucity of Muslim achievements in any field of science.
In response to that article, a delusional Muslim left this comment: "this website make u cry and convert to islam: Miracles of the Qur'an."
So I visited that website and sure enough, I did make me cry - with laughter.
Here is one example in the section called Mathematical Miracles of the Qur'an
One of the greatest developments in modern astronomy is the discovery of Halley’s Comet. The 18th-century scientist Edmund Halley discovered that the comet comes around every 76 years. With that discovery, Halley established that comets have astronomical orbits.
The name "Halley" by which the comet is known, appears in a most striking way in verse 76 of Surat al-An’am in the Qur’an:

When night covered him he saw a star and said, ‘This is my Lord!’ Then when it set he said, “I do not love what sets.” (Sura An’am, 76)

Sura An’am, 76
The letters that make up the word "Halley" appear for the first time in the Qur’an in this verse. Furthermore, the reference to a “setting” star is highly significant. What is more, the Arabic word “kawkaban,” meaning “star,” appears right next to the letters comprising “Halley.”
Sura An’am, 76
76, the number of the related verse, on the other hand, may indicate 76 years, which is Halley’s orbital period. (Allah knows the truth.) The verse number 76 represents the Halley comet; because Halley becomes visible from the Earth every 76 years. That is to say, its orbital period is 76. For this reason, that Halley is mentioned for the first time in the Qur’an in the 76th verse is a miracle of Allah.
But does any of this horsecrap comport with science and reality? According to Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory webpage on Halley's Comet the actual average Perihelion is 75.3 years. The orbital period of 76 has only been approximately true for the last three centuries. For example, the comet's appearances in 1682 and 1759 were a little over 77 years apart. In fact, Halley's orbital period has varied between 74 and 79 years in the past two thousand years [P. Lancaster-Brown (1985). Halley and His Comet. Blandford Press].
If, as is alleged, that Allah knows the truth, then Allah should have instructed Mohammed to put the reference to Halley's Comet in verse 75 since that is closer to the actual average, 75.3.
Another problem is that verse 76 talks about a star. A comet is not a star. Allah should have known that.
But let's pretend that the Quran was really talking about a comet with a repeating period of about 70 plus years. So what? First century Jewish astronomers had already recognized Halley's Comet as periodic [Selig Brodetsky: Astronomy in the Babylonian Talmud]. This would only prove that Mohammed not only stole from the Torah but also from the Talmud.
A miracle of Allah? Don't make me cry.

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