Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We were right! Obama did not get Osama bin laden

A number of us bloggers did not believe for a minute (not even a half a second!) that Obama had successfully assassinated Osama bin Laden.  There was so much prior proof that bin Laden was no longer in circulation from the faux video releases to the declaration from Benazir Bhutto (a reliable source...a least not a liar such as Obama) that when Obama could not come up with a simple photograph and the follow-up murders of any witnesses only the left wing media bragged about the falsity.  ...actually the right wing talk-show hosts even got it wrong! (including guys like O'Reilly and Shawn Hannity) .  Some of us wrote about it here (YouTube Video), here, and here.  The following video is just further proof that Obama lies! 

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