Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Demise Of Seal Team Six... What role did Obama play? UPDATE: SEAL TEAM 6 WAS MURDERED!

Did Obama play a role in Seal Team Six Demise?   Personally I wouldn't doubt it...  Between him and Eric Holder they're probably the worst liars that ever operated out of Nation's Capitol and along with the most corrupt Congress that ever represented the people we'll probably never know the truth (just look what they've done with Holder over the Fast & Furious gun-running fiasco... nothing! Holder should have been hung!)  Am I going too far with my conspiracy theory?  Hell no!  I'm not going far enough!  Obama is pro-Islam and anti-American and if you haven't figured that out yet you're a damn fool!  The following (see below update video) is an exchange of thoughts over at Facebook...apparently I'm not the only one who can see through the smoke and mirrors. ~ Norman E. Hooben
ps: The story about the killing of Osama BinLaden was very unique...I never heard of anything like it in the entire history of the world...Kill your enemy, then cover it up with some kind of funeral at sea to further cover it up...that's when the first thoughts of Obama killing off the only witnesses came into play...the thoughts were more vivid when the helicopter went down...and don't forget that Obama has his network and is very friendly with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood...both (or I should say, "all three") want to destroy western civiliazation...this story is not finished.

UPDATE... Seal Team 6 was murdered!

‎22 SEAL Team 6 members among those killed in Afghanistan
Their name conjures up the most celebrated moment of America's post-Sept. 11 military campaigns. Now the Navy SEALs belong to a grimmer chapter in history: the most deadly incident for U.S. forces in the 10-year Afghanistan war.

    • Gary Hatch Kinda make ya wonder doesn't it; the fact that there were 6 members on that helicopter that might have been a part of the Bin Laden operation? Perhaps this was a way to silence their voices from speaking about things they knew which someone wanted make sure nobody found out about! What an evil world we live in!
      11 hours ago · 

    • Debrah Kelly-Pospisil ‎@Gary Hatch...evil world indeed & so unfortunate that you are not alone in wondering about such things.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Terri Green There were too many troops on that Chinook. 32... there should have been 2 helos with that many special forces. Perhaps another mission. And Obama wants to draw down? I saw double up and finish what needs to be done.
      11 hours ago ·

    • Debrah Kelly-Pospisil ashamed thatt I do not know my geography....but how far is Libya from Afghanistan?
      11 hours ago ·

    • Gary Hatch Now more than ever, I so dearly wish the truth about this tragedy be sought out in an unbiased manner, uncovered and if anyone had anything to do with it, be made to face the full wrath of We The People for their actions! Not saying this is an act of sabotage, but it is interestingly curious at this point, given who was on that helicopter, and the strange unexplainable circumstances!
      11 hours ago ·

    • Gary Hatch Correction, the actual mileage is 3035.15..
      11 hours ago ·

    • Debrah Kelly-Pospisil Thanks so I'll stop thinking what I was thinking then.
      11 hours ago ·

    • Norman Hooben

      I'm a conspiracy theory kind of guy...I think Obama planned the entire ordeal to cover-up the Osama Bin Laden kill...which may not have been Osama Bin Laden...after all who were the only witnesses? That's right, the Navy Seals...OK call me... a nutcase, but with everything else Obama has accomplished this theory wouldn't surprise me... Ya gotta admit, its a better theory than to blame Bush...which reminds me...if George Bush was in the White House the MSM would be blaming him for the terrible tragedy...

    • Gary Hatch

      Well, your actual thought while perhaps a bit misdirected, may not be as far off the mark as you think it to be! I am telling you straight up; we have entered into an era, where there are people in power right now who have no shame, embarra...ssment, or conscious about doing the most hideously evil things if it suits their agenda or needs! The devil is on the loose and he is swinging his scythe wildy about, caring not whom it is that gets in the way!

    • Norman Hooben I hear that!

    • Gary Hatch

      Well Norman, funny you should say that considering the fact that Obama refused to show a body! Just that in and of itself is extremely suspicious, and the fact that there were members of the Seal 6 team on board only heightens my suspicions... even more so! I guess my thought on this is, is there anyone going to get pissed fucking off enough to force the damn truth to surface, or, are we all going to continue to hide in our holes like little scared rabbits and tweet all day long about who did what to whom? It is just about damn time someone took the initiative to get to the bottom of this and a whole lot more shit that nobody has yet to figure out, and start kicking some God Almighty Ass! I am sick and tired of us continually playing defense! We need to go on the offense for a damn change! One person in and of themselves cannot make this happen. It is going to take a majority of us who are just fucking pissed off enough to start swinging the damn bat to get their undivided fucking attention! Do ya hear me now? Well, do ya?See More

    • Norman Hooben Ref:"Do ya hear me now? Well, do ya?" 

    • Gary Hatch Lol, how ironic I should mention the bat eh? Your a good man Norm and I, proud to know you sir!

    • Norman Hooben

      Now my conspiracy therory is beginning to hold water...: according to the London Telegraph Seal Team 6 was on the downed helicopter...check this out: Most of the 30 US troops and crew on board were from Seal Team Six, equivalent to Britain'...s SAS. Some 23 members of the same 120-strong fighting unit raided the compound where the al-Qaeda leader was hiding in Pakistan earlier this year.​/news/newstopics/onthefron​tline/8686426/Taliban-shoo​ts-down-Chinook-and-kills-​bin-Laden-hunters-in-bigge​st-Nato-loss-of-life-in-Af​ghanistan.html
      See More
      Nato forces suffered their worst single loss of life during the Afghan war wh...en a Chinook helicopter was shot down, killing 38 – including American troops from the same unit that killed Osama bin Laden.


Findalis said...

This whole episode from the killing of Bin Ladin to this last weekend smells rotten.

While it can be assumed that we could have gotten bin Ladin that day, there were many inconsistencies that didn't add up. Starting with no dialysis machinery for one. bin Ladin had a severe kidney disease and needed dialysis on a regular basis.

Two the method of burial. A burial at sea with full honors. To an avowed enemy? That was wrong.

Now this. This smells of a set-up. These SEALS were murdered to cover up the lie of bin Ladin's death.

More and more Sheik Obama is racking up deaths. From the drug dealers in Massachusetts to the SEALS in Afghanistan he is killing those who either oppose him or can spill the beans on him.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"A burial at sea with full honors. To an avowed enemy? That was wrong."

That was strange...never heard of anyone ever doing this...even the worst scoundrels in history never did things like this...Attila didn't, Stalin didn't, Hitler didn't...the only one I know of that did is sitting in our White House...his name is BARACK HUSEIN OBAMA... Why the people are waiting for an election to get rid of him is also a mystery...they do sell ropes down at the hardware store and though I'm somewhat against the death penalty, in this case I'd chip in to buy the rope!

Findalis said...

I prefer the old-fashioned methods. A trial first then a hanging. But before that how about tar and feathers?

Storm'n Norm'n said...

We're on the same page...the hardware store also sells buckets of some feathers out in my neighbor's chicken coop...LOL

Ben said...

Norm old friend, the time has come. We can not wait, we can not put up with Obamination any longer.

A new Facebook group has been created for the purpose of voicing outrage and disrespectfully demanding mass resignation.

I am asking you to publicize it. I am asking my fellow readers to join it, add their friends, tweet it, and do everything they can to make it go viral. The intelligent fraction of the electorate is outraged, and needs a way to make their execrations heard in unison. This is the way:

This group is an open demand directed to President Obama, his appointees & assigns, the timid Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and every Congressman & Senator who voted for or failed to stand firm against Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, TARP and Obama Don't Care.

We have no confidence in your ability, skill, will or desire to lead this nation. We have no faith in your fidelity or trustworthiness. We consider you part of the problem, not part of the solution. We disrespectfully demand your immediate resignations.

You are shit. Many of you can and will be flushed in November of next year. Why wait? Flush yourselves now; limit the stink.

Resign! Resign!! Resign!!!