Monday, October 3, 2011

If a tree fell in the woods and no-one was around, who would hear the sound? (answer below*)

The New York Times recently ran a multi-page article designed to keep climate change in the forefront of the news.  "Why would they do this?", you ask.  Many people are still confused about why there is so much talk now-a-days about the climate and who or what is the cause of any variables.   Some years ago the major concern was, global cooling...then after manipulating historical data they decided its global warming and if that wasn't enough then its man-made global warming.  None of the anthropological theories regarding causual effects of the whims of Mother Nature can stand up to solid facts.  The weather has been changing since time began and it will continue to change has long as there's a place called earth.
Then why all the fuss?  For as long as I can remember (since the 1940's), politicians on the left, have used climate changes as a scare tactic to the ignorant masses in an effort to tax the poor fools into thinking that something can be done about it by some government bureaucracy.  Most of this fearmongering comes from the United Nations, the most corrupt organization ever devised by man but some of it orignates from such places as the Pratt House and Chatham House with the latter two One-World-Order enthusiasts. 
So what do I think of the New York Times article, With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors ?  Propaganda!  All of it!  Pure and simple!   There's also a link to a slide show with a description aside each picture... they throw in such scare words as "some devastated forests may never return".   Well if they studied their history just a bit they would find that right here in colonial America most of the northeastern forests were almost completely wiped out by the settlers.  And guess what?   There is more forestation in such places as Massachusetts today than there were in the early 1800's.  Forests are a renewable resource and will grow back.
Now I suppose if you tax the people enough you can create more jobs that accomplish absolutely nothing...such as the one depicted in the picture above.  You know that all those sticks and twigs will break down whether you measure them or not.  Mother Nature has been tending to that job since day one! ~ Norman E. Hooben

*Answer to the above question, "Who would hear the sound?"   A couple of Harvard researchers on a grant paid for with your tax dollars.   Wake up people!

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