Wednesday, August 10, 2011

STATE SPONSORED MORAL DEGENERATION ...Its happening in California!

The bill also forbids the use of any textbook or other school material that reflects "adversely" on gays.  ... If this is the case then this blog would become illegal in California...because this blog is adverse to state sponsored moral degeneration.

The following from: Eagle Forum
California Mandates Teaching Gay History
California students will now be mandated to learn about gay historical figures, according to a bill just passed by the California state legislature. This bill passed easily in both Houses with big Democratic Party majorities. The bill requires students to study "the role and contributions of ... gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans ... to the development of California and the United States." The bill also forbids the use of any textbook or other school material that reflects "adversely" on gays. The bill was written by an openly gay Senator, Mark Leno of San Francisco.

An opponent of this bill, Randy Thomasson, says that California public schoolchildren will now be taught to admire homosexuality, same-sex marriage, bisexuality, cross-dressing, and even sex-change operations. Kids will also be taught to support gay political activism because of the law's emphasis on "portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society." Thomasson predicts that teachers will have no choice but to positively portray gay lifestyles, lest they be accused of "reflecting adversely" or "promoting a discriminatory bias." He points out that parents will not be notified or able to exempt their children from this teaching because the gay lifestyle lessons will be part of the core curriculum.

This new legislation does not specify a grade in which instruction should begin, so many parents are concerned that gay history could be taught as early as first grade. Critics also say the law will force taxpayers to replace textbooks and other school materials at a time when California is facing a massive fiscal crisis.

Parents, you better check into what your state legislators, school boards, and school curriculum committees are deciding what to teach your children. If you don't want your children indoctrinated with these ideas, you need to make your voice heard.

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