Friday, August 26, 2011

Sheriffs begin thumbing their nose at Obama...maybe they ought to arrest him and his cronies

Obama's executive order undermines the rule of law...
Think about that.  Is it not violating the law?  Of course it is.  Obama and his cronies are not above the law and therefor should be arrested just like any other criminal.  Now you say, "We cannot arrest a president, he has to be impeached first and then tried by the Senate."   To the best of my knowledge there is no such law that prevents any law enforcement officer from arresting anyone in their jurisdiction who violates existing laws.  The impeachment process is restricted to the U. S. House of Representatives and inside that ten square mile corporation known as Washington, D.C.  Outside those boundaries, the president and his cronies are fare game...and the power to arrest falls to the county sheriffs (actually the most powerful law enforcement officers in the land...they are the only elected law enforcement officers, all others are appointed ...the US Supreme Court had something to say about this in the Sheriff Mack Vs Bill Clinton's Brady Bill decision).  ~ Norman E. Hooben


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Findalis said...

Has anyone filed a lawsuit yet? I suspect that a ton of these should be filed and put the Obama Regime on the defensive for the next few months until the courts tell Obama to stop immediately.