Wednesday, August 10, 2011

China...forget about the debt, look what else she's up to... and academy cadets saluting the Chinese flag on American soil...get out!

By Norman E. Hooben

First we have a guy in the White House who bows to the leader of Communist China ...a sure sign of weakness not to mention the embarrassment to the United States of America and all of her previous leaders.  No American president has ever submitted surrendered themselves to a leader of another nation as this guy Obama has done (sickening).  Then we have a series of stories that if for no other reason clearly shows that China is exerting its dominance over the once most powerful country the world has ever known. 
We have everything from food safety issues to missiles and secret underground building facilities for assembling attack submarines (Who are they going to attack?):
1.  See satellite photo of submarine base here: West Coast Missile Firing...update
2. Read about food safety here: Organic food from China...and Organic food: Buy or bypass?
3. Read about anti-American music at the White House here: Anti-American Music At The White House played by Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang ...and its not just any song.  As Chinese netizens have pointed out, "My Motherland" is the theme song for a famous anti-U.S. movie about the Korean War from 1956, titled "Battle on Shangganling Mountain."
4. See (video) where your EPA sends your tax dollars to China here: The EPA...Who needs them? ... Did you say, "China"?
5. Read about an American bridge being built by the Chinese here: Building Bridges Brings More Jobs...But for who?
6. And lets not forget Bill Clinton's dealings with China here: China Steals US Nuclear Weapon Technology
 Now China has its very first aircraft carrier.  China's first aircraft carrier 'starts sea trials'reads the headline over at the BBC.  I suppose we could go along with the spokesman in the video and say something like this, "Everybody else has one so why not China."  Just why does China really need an aircraft carrier?  Generally speaking any other country that has aircraft carriers pose some kind of a threat, either potential or real, to the United States.  If the Chinese have lived peacefully for all their existence without an aircraft carrier maybe they're not thinking peacefully...and aircraft carriers are not considered defensive weapons... which leads me to this conclusion; the Chinese are planning to attack.  "When?", you say. 
Oh it won't be anytime soon but could very well happen within ten to twenty years but definitely in your lifetime...maybe mine too if I get to live another twenty years.  You see the Chinese are very smart, they won't attack us until they learn all they can from us...and they do that not only by some of the methods mentioned in the stories outlined above, but from our schools.  Among those schools is one I'm very concerned about and that is the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. 
Now I'm calm cool and collected writing this and all because I knew in the end I wanted to leave with the following story...the problem is, its difficult to not to get upset with the people in charge of the Academy for allowing what you are about to see could only have happened because the guy in the White House is still bowing to the Chinese.  Watch the video below...I've already watched and it gets my blood corpuscles to the boiling point...there's a link to part II if you want to see more...its all just sickening! ~ Norman E. Hooben


Findalis said...

My blood is beyond boiling with this traitor called Sheik Barack Hussein Obama. He and his traitorous cronies have done everything they could to surrender this nation to our enemies. Hanging is too good for these creatures.

Lew Waters said...

我想我们更好地利用中国的经验教训 ;-)

With the aid of Google Translate, it says I guess we better take Chinese lessons

Or, ready ourselves to fight.