Friday, January 28, 2011

So this is collective salvation...

The following from: America's Independent Party

Obama: "My individual salvation depends on our collective salvation"
Although he may think so, I don’t believe he was attempting to imply that he’s the salvation. But he is talking about: New Age, globalism, it takes a village, collectivism, kingdom on earth, etc. Here's a transcript. Below that are some additional resources and editorials I found on the subject.__________________________________

“… working on issues of crime and education and employment and seeing that in some ways certain portions of the African American community are doing as bad if not worse, and recognizing that my fate remain tied up with their fates, that my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country. Unfortunately, I think that recognition requires that we make sacrifices and this country has not always been willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary to bring about a new day and a new age."
Note: numerous “uh”s, “uhm”s and stammers replete in the recording have been omitted for the sake of readability.
Additional resources continued here.
The following from: Are You Happy With

Obamas Collective Salvation Quote

Great quote from Obama which reveals his core belief system. Hopefully most of you have heard it, but if not here it is. Some people thought Bush was a crazy Christian.  Don’t remember him stating he thought his salvation was dependent on society as a whole. Remember, Obama is making decision on this belief!

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