Well, as you can imagine things here in the dream fulfilled homestead, things have been a bit on pins and needles.  I have taken a drastic measure throwing off years of work and relationships that could possibly become fractured, in order to follow this Grizzly Groundswell Reformation.
Well, this morning an Eagle landed in my backyard as to tell me everything is in God’s hands.
Eagle soaring   Eagle by Chad T. Everson
I took these first shots tonight as he came back for more of Gladys.
Eagle eating Gladys Emanuel by Michelle G. Everson
Michelle shot this last photo this morning of the eagle devouring our Glady’s Emanuel hen that suddenly died a few days ago.  She must of had a heart attack and died upon her perch.  She was one of my favorite hens, a cross breed that was stunning.
Gladys Emanuel   Gladys Emanuel

Crocus & Tulips
In life and especially when you surround yourself with life, tragedy often is followed with great joy and then again with great tragedy again and again with a few moments in time where you can actually stop and smell the roses.   Politics is the same way.  It is hard for me to remember when this effort was not beset on from every other angle.
The exciting thing for me today is that whether this new Grizzly Groundswell Reformation works or not, it is all in God’s hands.
Get Grizzly!