Monday, December 13, 2010

Glenn Beck has ESP or I have a crystal ball

The man’s name is Jim.  My only association with Jim is via the Wednesday night card games we have over at the community center.  Last Friday evening the condo association had a little Christmas get-together where there was plenty to eat and also a chance to meet some of our neighbors who we would not otherwise know.  Jim was there and I had an occasion to sit by him when he said he had been visiting this website.  Among other things he told me some of the stuff he reads here is pretty scary.  With that said, I went into a short dissertation on my previous predictions and current outlook of things to come.  When speaking extemporaneously I cannot remember each and every word in the order of which I spoke.  Well today is Monday and after waking from a short nap there was this man speaking on the television…the man’s name is Glenn Beck.  Now either I can see into the future or Glenn Beck has ESP (extra sensory perception) for in Glenn’s opening monologue he stated everything I said in my dissertation mentioned above.  Now Mr. Jim if you happened to have listened to Mr. Beck’s monologue and you’re back here looking at stuff, please verify that my words mirrored his. ~ Storm'n Norm'n

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