Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chinese Built Submarine...it only takes a fifth grade education but guess who's building yours?

The following video is about a project developed by a vicarious adventurer who wanted a little reality in his life.
Now if you keep up with the news you would think that China is a country that owns most of our debt and also a potential enemy in the event of another great war.  As an integral part of the American weapons inventory submarines have always played an important role in winning a war.  During World War II American submarines were made at a various locations in the United States and the design and construction plans were generally considered secret...maybe even top secret.  As with any government contractor that produced weapons of war the employees usually had to undergo some background checks in order to get a security clearance.  I myself once worked for Raytheon (I worked on the guidance system for atomic submarines and other naval radar systems.) where I had to fill out all kinds of security forms.  That was over forty some odd years ago. 
Not long ago I read somewhere that the reason we won world war two was that we out manufactured the enemy...and the author was probably 100% correct (While I'm thinking about it, a good book on the subject of manufacturing ships is The American Home Front:1941-1942 by Alistair Cooke [side note: the book was written during the years stated but not published until just a year or two ago] ).  Then along came NAFTA and other treaties not entirely understood by the ordinary citizen except those who lost their jobs when all the manufacturing jobs went south...and north...and on the other side of the globe to China!  I recall one story several years ago that the machinists were hit hard by NAFTA...many machinists are still out of  work in their chosen field. 
So many of us now see the words, "Made In China" on so many products including high tech computers.  But one thing I venture to say without doing any research is, "I bet none of our weapon systems were made in Japan or Germany prior to World War II."  Something is definitely rotten in Denmark or should I say Washington, DC when our future weapons of war are now made by our future enemies.  So the next time the United States Navy christens a new submarine make sure you look for the 'Made In China' label.  That's right folks, U.S. submarines are made in China!  How's that for an Obama Defense Department? ~ Storm'n Norm'n

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Lew Waters said...

I dug around during the time so many were outraged over the new Air Tanker Contract dispute when Boeing lost the contract initially and it went to Northrop Grumman and EADS.

One of the main arguments against it was that they would be using the Airbus fuselage and Boeing is American Made (Union).

In the digging around I did I ran across "Boeing equity investment in China is considerable, and Boeing procurement from China is significantly greater than other aviation companies. In fact, Boeing is China's aviation manufacturing industry's largest foreign customer. But the most critical Boeing investment in China is training, particularly safety, aviation quality practices, business and executive training, as well as technical support."

Boeing in China