Saturday, June 5, 2010

Now here's a good question..."Why ?"

Source: Telegram Blogs

We the People
by John Briare
WHY? Simple Questions I have...

Over the years, I have some simple questions that I just can't get logical answers for... So I'm hoping you can help. Here we go --

Financial Questions...
Why do people spend more than they make?
Why do these same people then force me to help them pay their bills?
Why do people blame the banks for giving them loans they could not afford?
(Did the banks buy a new car and go to Vegas or on a Cruise with those funds they gave you?)
Why do people think that one person paying 15% of their income in taxes and someone else paying 33% of their income in taxes is fair?
Why doesn't everyone simply pay 20% of their income in taxes - exempting the first $60,000 from any tax - No Deductions?

Education Questions...
Why can't parents send their children to schools of their own choice without having to pay both a Public Education System and Private School Education?
Why can't Public Schools just compete against private schools - let them compete for every dollar they get?
Why don't teachers get tested?
Why does Massachusetts have almost 300 Superintendents of Public Schools - many making more money than the President of the United States?
Why does our society consider someone who went to college as being smarter and more capable than someone who became a tradesman or opened their own business?
(lots of College Degrees working retail right now and over $100,000 in debt - is this really smart?)
Why do Companies have a BA Degree Requirement?
(When I ran a $100 Million+ Sales Division - I waived that requirement for my employees and found the ones who did not have College degrees often did better than those who had them.)
Why do College Professors have tenure?

Government Questions...
Why isn't English our Official Language?
Why are Government Workers paid hourly? Shouldn't they be salaried?
Why do we pay lifetime pensions after only 20 years of work? Shouldn't they retire at same age that the rest of us can legally collect Social Security?
(A Family member just retired from Law Enforcement - 43 years old and will receive a hefty pension for the next 40 years. He can begin collecting immediately. Why?)
How Come Massachusetts does not utilize Volunteer Fire Depts like NY and so many other states?
Why doesn't Worcester county have 1 dispatch center for all 911 calls?
Why aren't there regional lockups instead of each town having their own?
Why is our Legislature Full time?
Why do we keep making laws without rescinding laws? Eventually won't we all become criminals?
Why do Politicians like Barney Frank keep getting re-elected? Scandal after scandal - this guy has more dirt on him than a farm.
Why do we keep sending Money to Foreign Countries who hate us?
Where did the $700 Billion in Stimulus Money go?

Legal Questions...
Why aren't there more lawyers who specialize in suing other lawyers? They would make a fortune!
Why can anyone sue anyone in this country for less than $20 in filing fees?
Why don't we have "LOSER Pays" as the foundation within our legal system?
Why do renters have more rights than homeowners?
Why can renters take a tax deduction in Massachusetts but homeowners can not?
Why don't we just shame people who attempt to abuse, corrupt or profit from our legal system?
(I just read that someone is suing Google because they followed a "trail map from the Google Maps Website and found that the road was unsafe.
Shouldn't we feature these types of people on the front page of newspapers for being Stupid. Hello... If there are tractor trailers going 60MPH and no place to walk on the side - stay off the darn road!)
What happened to good old fashioned common sense?

Social Questions...
Why do people think Democracy is more important than Liberty?
Why do people think that a baby within the womb is not alive? And does not have the basic right to life?
(It is a Federal Offense to destroy an Eagle's Egg. Is a Baby Eagle more valuable than human life?)
Why do people think War can be civil?

I could go on and on with the questions....
but I feel as if either society has gone mad -- or maybe... just maybe... it is I who no longer fits in.

And if that is the case --- I'm not changing.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent - Thanks For Sharing.
We need more folks like this.