Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well Burst My Bubble! Ben Bernanke admits the Fed is a crook!

You don't have to read between the lines here...
Those of us who have been telling you for a long, long time that the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve and that all your income taxes go to European bankers is pretty much admitted to by the guy at the top.  Check this video out and listen to Ben Bernanke try to wiggle out of his opening statement... 

...How many trillions of dollars was that?  ...And Bernanake says he doesn't know where it went!  Gimme a break!


Ben said...

Ayn Rand would say "check your premises". In this case: check their biases.

Economics isnot a zero sum game.
Availability and cost of credit are extremely important factors in economic growth. Increasing interest rates is a form of inflation.

The Fed ain't the problem. Congress is the problem.

Chicago Ray said...

"The Fed ain't the problem. Congress is the problem. "

With all due respect, ALL of DC is the problem and we need to thin the herd in Washington

cut the government by 50% and then the Unions and I belong to 2 so I'm not a Union Hater...R Paul is right, the medicine is a tough thing but we need it like they needed it in Greece.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Actually you cannot separate the Fed from the Congress...they are all in this together. It was the Congress (and this includes the Clintons and Carters) who set the pace through the legislative process. Everyone seems to forget too easily that the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)(Carter did Part I and Clinton put teeth into it with Part II) was well thought out by the New World Order clan. And then to have Community Organizers (aka Obama types) enforce the provisions of the CRA through intimidation, etc.
And yes, I agree that the unions are a big part of the problem. Here again, you have the same people (Clinton-Obama types) in the background that help control the mindset of those unions...usually by a self-interest for the members without regard to the consequences of their actions (i.e. strikes, worker demands, etc won't affect the company's survivability) when everybody is out of work and all the companies head south (or to China) the mindset of the unions is, "it's-a-no-my-fault"