Sunday, May 30, 2010

Immigration Protest Downtown Atlanta...and a bit about voter fraud

The following commentary accompanied the above video:
"There was an immigration protest in Downtown Atlanta which revealed some shocking discoveries. The speakers spoke almost entirely in Spanish, but a few speakers spoke in English and called for "black, brown, and progressive whites" to stand together and fight the "culture that opposes all things public" A Democrat GA State Representative shamelessly called on the crowd (by definition filled with illegal immigrants), to register and vote! He did not qualify this statement to only include citizens, but clearly was calling for voter fraud."
Just a thought about that last comment, "...but clearly was calling for voter fraud."  Back in 2006 I witnessed voter fraud or at least a clear attempt at it. During the 2006 November elections I was a poll watcher in another county.  Too make a long story short I will try to describe the phone conversation with the judge who was notified of the questionable voter.  By the way, the judge's name was also on that particular ballot (and she won re-election). 
After explaining the details of the attempt at fraud to the judge I was lectured by the judge as to the possibility that this voter's name may be her married name.  To make another long story short, let me just
say that I counted the times this judge repeated that phrase, "It may be her married name."  Well after the seventh time I interrupted the judge and spieled off the following: "Excuse me judge, but I am not stupid!  I heard you the first time that this "may be her married name" and I don't want to hear it again!  What I do want to hear from you is that it may be fraudulent and then you get down here and do your job!" Then I hung up on the judge... end of story; the judge never showed up and the voter voted!  ~  Norman E. Hooben

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