Monday, May 24, 2010

Herbal Gardens Now Under Scrutiny - Grow Your Own Herbs...go to jail ...Has Government Intrusion Gone Too Far?

The following from: Genesis Communication Network

Pharmaceutical Lobby Gearing Up To Criminalize Home Herbal Remedies

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Thanks to the work of the Food And Drug Administration, the sale of comfrey teas, extracts and tinctures has practically been eliminated. Herbs and/or herbal preparations of many important, potentially life-saving plants are on the government’s blacklist. The dirty FDA even placed the herb Jin Bu Huan on its long list of Chinese herbal medicines already banned from importation. The list of banned herbs and herbal preparations is long. And it’s angering many longtime botanists and homeopathic healers.
What many in this country fail to see is that Obamacare is, on the one hand, pure unadulterated socialized medicine, and a giveaway to big pharma on the other. The worst of both worlds, you might say. Soon, like never before, Merck and Pfizer will have a monopoly on healing. To achieve this unprecedented health monopoly, they had to attack their competition, namely home tinctures, balms, and syrups. Want to make a simple red clover blood tonic? You had better learn how fast, before big pharma tries to ban all knowledge of home herbal preparations.
Thankfully, there are those who are making their knowledge available to the general public. Debra Nuzzi St. Claire is one such entrepreneur. A Master Herbalist, St. Claire has been studying and teaching herbal medicine internationally for the last 20 years, and has formulated over 270 products for the natural health care industry. With her impressive medicinal acumen, she’s put together DVD’s that show average Americans like Joe The Plumber how to better take care of their families through herbal self-empowerment.
So where is the home remedy movement headed? Probably to the same place as the grow-your-own-food movement and the get-your-gold-while-you-can movement: right into the homes of patriots nationwide.

Our inside sources in Congress have just informed us that new regulation once again targets herbal remedies in the war against freedom of choice in health care.

To monopolize the market, the pharmaceutical companies are pushing for new strict FDA regulations, and whenever possible, a new outright ban on many herbs. A total ban on raw herbs will be difficult, considering that herbs grow wild in practically every field and backyard in the country. What they can ban, however, is the production and the sale of herbal products. And, believe it or not, that is already happening.
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