Saturday, April 24, 2010

There is no justice harsh enough...

The following questions were taken from a recent on-line survey. The X marks are my response. ~ Norman E. Hooben

What Price Should Obama Pay?

It's time for Americans to start thinking: What penalty shall Barack Hussein Obama pay if it's proven that he is not a natural born citizen and, illegally, he has stolen the office of President of the United States?
1. Should Mr. Obama be found to lack the qualifications, as specified by the U.S. Constitution, to serve as President of the
United States of America, what do you feel should happen?
X Arrested and immediately removed from office.
Impeached by the U.S. Senate.
Removed from office during legal recourse.
Allowed to serve during legal recourse.
2. How should the rest of Mr. Obama's four-year term be resolved?
Vice-President Joe Biden or the next untainted person in the order of succession serve out the term as President.
Vice-President Biden or the next untainted person in succession serve as interim only until a national election
determines a qualified President.
X Other
3. Because Mr. Obama's fraud required several people to conspire to ignore the Constitution's qualifications, should Vice President Biden be disqualified from serving as President as part of a fraudulent Democratic Party ticket?
4. Should Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi be disqualified from serving as President for signing two Certifications of
Nomination, one without the words "are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution?"
5. What price should Obama ultimately pay for premeditatedly perpetrating this embarrassing and costly fraud on the American people and our Constitutional Republic?
Prison for:
X Life
30 Years
20 Years
Ouster at a public ceremony
Loss of citizenship (right to hold public office, to vote)
6. What price should be paid by those in Congress who knew of the fraud and did not expose it?
X Prison
Ban from public office
Censure and reprimand

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