Friday, April 23, 2010

Booing Obama Off The World's Stage bonus video just for stopping by

"When Obama wagged his finger in the face of Stephen Harper, he insulted all Canadians."

 Booing Obama By Judi McLeod  Thursday, April 22, 2010

imageIn the not-so-long-ago days before the Barry Soetoro “Metrosexual”, the bad guys got roundly booed at Saturday afternoon matinees.
This was back in the days before politically correct drowned out commonsense; the days before the Sean Penns and Tom Hanks came down from the silver screen as media darling political activists.
Booing was at much at home at baseball where “Kill the Umpire!” originated as it was at the movies.
Whoever would have thought back then that someday a president of the United States of America would go about the world maligning his own country and people, or that when he did, the booing would come largely from the Internet and Tea Parties, and not the mainstream media?
Down through the ages, bullies, sore losers, and despots have been called out by the big “Boo!”
Anyone connected to the Web knows that President Barack Obama bows deeply to the enemy on the world stage, while he, at least figuratively speaking, continues to give the finger to the people he was elected to serve.
On home turf, Obama has been accused by House Republican leader John A.  Boehner of being a “finger wagging” lecturer. 
Obama’s finger-culture copycats the foul-mouthed Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel whose point is made by flipping the bird.
On the world stage, Obama has been seen poking his finger at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and during last week’s Nuclear Summit at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Israel is America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.
Canada is America’s number one trading partner and shares a 3,000-plus mile border with the U.S.
When Obama wagged his finger in the face of Stephen Harper, he insulted all Canadians, including the loved ones of 142 Canadian soldiers who gave their all fighting alongside American troops in Afghanistan.
When Obama canceled plans to attend the funeral of Polish Prime Minister Lech Kaczynski and played golf instead he gave the finger to grieving Poles and their relatives abroad.
Canada Free Press gives a resounding “Boo!” to Obama for Israelis, Canadians and Poles.
Meanwhile, even from an oppressed people,  the boos for Obama are getting louder every day, and and history will someday record how the most powerful man earth was booed right off the world stage.


Bonus Video:  Thanks for stopping by.

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