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Warning! May Be Harmful To The Eyes

First the warning story...and you should crap your underwear (No apologies here! There is no better way to describe it!) when you see what's happening to our military's missle defense. See below.

From the Wilson County News (Texas)
Wilson County News

Beirut native warns U.S. about radical Islam

Beirut native warns U.S. about radical Islam
WCN/WILLIAM J. GIBBS JR.• Reprints at San Antonio resident Nabil Aramouni, 46, displays an image of what the American flag could become if radical Islam continues to threaten the American way of life during his presentation May 27 at the Wilson County Republican Women’s Club meeting in La Vernia. Aramouni, a native of Beirut, Lebanon, immigrated to the United States during the 1980s so he could attend college.
William J. Gibbs Jr.
Wilson County News
June 17, 2008

LA VERNIA -- Imagine living in a place where you were denied food, services, and the furtherance of your education simply because of your spiritual beliefs.

Imagine night after night sitting awake with your gun in your lap, in an attempt to protect your home and family during a 16-year civil war that was provoked by the anger of radical Islamic factions trying to take over the government.

Imagine having to undergo 11 surgeries following a bombing that occurred while you were attempting to save the lives of an entire family.

These experiences were a memorable part of Nabil Aramouni’s upbringing in Beirut, Lebanon. The 46-year-old San Antonio resident said America might become such a place if Americans remain ignorant of the true nature of radical Islam, and how it is destroying the country from within. He voiced these concerns during a lecture titled “Are We to Consent to the Crescent on Our Flag?” at the May 27 meeting of the Wilson County Republican Women’s Club here.

Aramouni believes that while Muslim nations have not been successful in physically conquering the United States, the economic conquest has already begun.

“The price of gas is dominated by the Middle East,” he said. “Making prices higher puts an economic burden on us.”

According to Aramouni, the domination philosophy behind radical Islam is driven by the concept of Sharia law. Founded on the ancient principles of the Koran and Sunnah, Sharia law influences every aspect of Muslim life.

“Where Muslims exist, under Sharia law, the religion should be Islam,” he said. “Basically, they’re trying to take over in that way.”

Aramouni says those who wish to advance radical Islam are also attempting to do so by simply outnumbering their opposition. Fluent in Arabic, he often overheard some of the messages from the Lebanese imams in the mosques at night.

“They told people to ‘go and produce, have more kids. Don’t worry about the number of kids you have, we need to outnumber the Jews and the Christians,’” he said.

According to the Population Reference Bureau, there were more than 4.7 million Muslims living in the United States in 2005. That same year, there were a total of more than 1.3 billion -- about one in every six -- people worldwide who identified themselves as Muslim.

Because of the numerous governmental changes in Lebanon throughout time, Aramouni said, Arabs began to slowly infiltrate the Middle East’s only Christian country, bringing Islam with them. Squabbles throughout the years built up to a civil war, which lasted from 1975-91.

During the civil war, the rift between Muslims and Christians continued to grow. According to Aramouni, Beirut was split east and west, Christian and Muslim, respectively. Government-issued identification specified each person’s religious beliefs.

“During the war, we as Christians could not go into the Muslim area,” Aramouni said. “The American University of Beirut is in western Beirut, which is the Muslim area. I could not go there or I would have gotten killed.”

Christians were also restricted in obtaining bread, water, and electricity, which made life even more difficult for Aramouni, who is one of seven children.

“When I was a Boy Scout, we broke into a bakery to get flour and water so we could make bread for us to eat,” Aramouni said. “My dad knew a Muslim Sunni who would bring water, flour, and rice to the border at night for us.”

Aramouni, like many other teens and young adults determined to fight for their country, volunteered for Lebanon’s Civil Defense Army. This move proved tragic, as it almost ended his life when he was 21. While en route to a house fire in which three children and their mother were trapped, the fire engine was bombed and Aramouni was critically injured.

“[The bombers] did not care,” Aramouni said. “They knew very well it was a firetruck.”

While in his hospital bed, during the course of 11 operations, Aramouni said he became a born-again Christian. Shortly after his release, he fled to the United States so he could attend college. He has since become an American citizen.

“Christians in Lebanon lost not by the physical war, but by the economic and psychological war,” Aramouni said. “Resistance was there, but they won the war by
having everything expensive and cutting power and water.”

While Aramouni admits that there are some Muslims who are genuinely good, friendly people, he said those who subscribe to the views of radical Islam are intent on taking over Lebanon and other countries like it.

“At one point, they want to push out the president and have an Islamic president and have the Islamic country of Lebanon,” Aramouni said. “What year is that going to be in the United States?”

At the end of his presentation, Aramouni displayed a picture of the American flag in its present form. Then, he displayed another flag where the crescent and star symbol depicted on national flags such as Algeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey replaced the 50 stars.

“What will we do to stop [this] from happening?” Aramouni asked. “I hope our flag will never change.”

Now...Are you ready for this? Story from Atlas Shrugs



The goals of the New World Order are one World Government, One world currency, and ONE WORLD RELIGION. Are they preping us to become Muslims? Muslims are SO easy to control after Friday Prayers, are content to stay uneducated and poor. Perfect for the New World Order 3rd world slaves. Just visit any Islamic Paradise and get out of the tourist areas. Most of these countries reached the ultimate level of civilization for their times. Now look at them. What do they ALL have in common?

Jack Wilson

This is despicable. Just like during the primary debates with Hillary, Barry is flipping America off right in the open. How can anyone look at his actions and say that he is not muslim? This guy is a blank slate for his believers to project their desires on.

I was just looking for words to say while signing in and believe me you wouldn't want your drunken sailor boy friend to hear them...Yes this is despicable and every other friggin' adjective you can put on it. This crap has got to stop and the sooner the better...November can't come soon enough!


At first, I looked at the logo as having unintentional similarities to the islamic crescent and star.

But now, the more I see it... That is definitely an intentional crescent and star. What purpose, besides islam, would those two coupled symbols have in the field of missile defense systems? Any? Does anyone know?

I can understand the star - striking and destroying missiles in the upper atmosphere or even in space. Even the blue field within the crescent could be explained as sky. But why isn't the earth, presumably the circle inside the crescent filled? Why is the atmosphere around the 'earth' crescent shaped (see the MAS logo) instead of symmetrical?

Other examples of the crescent surrounding earth symbol, check Alex Rawls' comment (#65) at Gateway Pundit.

I suspect this design was created by a muslim artist, and probably given preference in the name of diversity.


America DOES have a muslim president.

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Ben said...

I tried. I tried. I tried, God damn it, I tried. Nobody would listen. Everyone who voted for that 'slime should be disenfranchised. Once is enough!!!