Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sandra Bullock Sick Of Society's Rules... after you read that, let's go to the movies!

Source: FOX News

Sandra Bullock Sick Of Society's Rules
Has Message For Little Girls...
Bullock wants to spread a strong message to young girls...
Sandra Bullock played the sexually pent-up, over-informed nerd Mary in the comedy "All About Steve," and the experience of being ridiculed onscreen made her remember her own childhood difficulties.

"Why is that young boys and men are unique and eccentric and mavericks when they're different but women are ‘odd’ when we are eccentric or different? Would I have wished someone would have said to me when I was 12 or eight when I had my speech impediment? Uniqueness is something my mother pounded it into me," Bullock recently told Tarts. "She said be unique and I didn’t understand it then, now I look at it and I go I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else and I know I’m off. I had a lisp as a child, it’s all these things that made me different and I tried to squelch and then once I realized I had squelched them I didn’t feel like myself anymore."

Bullock is so upset with the unwritten rules and regulations in today’s world she wants to spread a strong message to young girls.

"Don’t change, be who you are. Society is really strong in their opinions so I made peace with the fact that the things I thought were weaknesses or flaws were just me," she added. "Why are we forcing people to follow another person’s path in life taking away their real happiness? What is about us that is a culture that tries to get rid of what we consider the runt? Sometimes the runt turns out to be the best of the litter."


Its not that I don't like going to movies, its just that there are not enough of them to get me in the mood. Over the past holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) we spent the better part of two months on Cape Cod. I don't know what it was that attracted me to the theater in one of the local shopping areas, but it was there that I saw the ad for "The Blind Side" starring Sandra got me in the mood (the ad or Sandra, take your pick). Rather than me give you a synopsis, let me just say, "Go see it!" Blind Side is an excellent movie and according to the ad, a true story. The acting is good and for those of you who are football fans let me say this, "Don't miss it!" Enjoy... ~ Norm Hooben


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I used to think I was unique.

Now I realize everyone else is unique. I am just ordinary.

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