Friday, July 31, 2009

An Open Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander (since I cannot vote for you, I'll help you OUT by spreading this letter around!)

Source: The Grouch At Right Truth

An Open Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander

I sent this to the senator's website this morning.....I'm seething!

Dear Senator Alexander,
I am dismayed by the report that you have decided to vote FOR Sonya Sotomayor for associate Supreme Court Justice.

This woman is a racist pure and simple. If you or any other white man had said they would make a better judge because of your rich white experience, you would have been crucified.

That aside, this woman is a radical left wing liberal who will not defend the constitution but will rather use her position on the court to "make policy". She said so senator.

I voted for you when you ran for governor and also senator. I am angry that I will have to wait until 2014 until I can vote you out of office, but I will not forget what you have done, senator. Rest assured, when 2014 approaches, I will be speaking out and sending letters, reminding all my friends and colleagues what you have done.

The time for bipartisan nonsense in Washington is over, senator. As the left wing Barack Obama tries to destroy our healthcare system and take over a fifth of our economy with government run programs and as he tries to drive the remainder of our economy into the ground with nonsensical cap and trade, we no longer need wimpy Republicans who compromise and cross the aisle. We need strong conservatives who will stand up for what is right. You have failed, senator. You should have looked Sonya Sotomayor and Barack Obama in the eye and said, "Not no, but hell no!" We need Republicans who are not afraid to bloody the noses of the Democrats whenever they can. You are not that man, senator.

Since I cannot vote you out until 2014, I would invite you to resign. If you won't do that, then I would invite you to change parties. If you're going to act like a Democrat, you should be one. At least your colleague, Senator Corker voted the right way, this time.

The next time the Republican party calls my number begging for money, I'll tell them that as soon as they give me Republicans that will act like Republicans, I'll consider contributing. Rest assured, your name will be mentioned.

Thomas Hamilton MD.


Grouch said...

Thanks Norm'n


Storm'n Norm'n said...

No problem...anything to help the cause!


ps: My regular posts go out to approximately 40+ people...some of them spread it some more.


Anonymous said...

Amen norm. Lamar is an embarrassment to the state of Tennessee. He is in politics for nothing less than personal gain.