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"...accumulating power to the point it will not be lost."

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Posted by Jesse "The Mind" Norman on Monday, May 25, 2009 9:00:00 AM

In my last blog I laid out the case that Obama isn't really an ideological politician. He is about an all-consuming power grab. Alinsky's book "Rules For Radicals" isn't only a step by step rulebook to accumulate power in order to bring about social change, but it is also really about accumulating power to the point it will not be lost. While Alinsky's intentions were for marxism to bring about "social justice", it can be used to do with whatever the person who accumulates that power feels like doing with it. This is all about power. Ideology restricts too much of the audience. Ideology can come later. Ideology has to be put aside until that power is accumulated. With our Consititution, the people have to give that power away willfully. That is happening right now. Obama is out to break people into blocks of voters. That is why he is still campaigning. He's turning people into blocks of voters and then conquering enough of them to keep him in power. That's why he's empowering his allies such as unions, media, other minions like ACORN. He also is gathering power unto himself in an eerie game of Monopoly. The banks, auto companies, again the media, and even friendly states are powers he will bring under his umbrella. That is what Alinsky learned in Chicago, but then mastered it beyond any philosophy any Chicagoan had. Accumulate blocks of voters. Accumulate people willing to do the dirty work while you stand back and put forth a positive message for the masses. Intimidate through the minions. Blind the masses to opposing messages. For this to work nationally however, conditions must be just perfect and it would take a transformational figure to pull it off. Economic hardships. Confusion. Conglomeration of important financial institutions. America having not the brain capacity to see through anything because they do not pay attention. No matter how bad things are and no matter how much America dislikes the policies, Obama must and will continue to put his smiling face out there because that will make enough Americans secure in him. "I can't stand what he's doing with this country. Look at what this moron is doing. He's taking down what this country stands for, but I like this guy. He's such a great guy. He's like me. Look at his smile." A majority hate his policies, but yet still approve of his job. Totally incongruent. That is the mindless state of America that he is able to make them hate his policies but adore him. The nonmixture of oil and water can only be seen by the unblinded. That's where the Obama acolytes come in. Blind the masses. It worked and unless something extraordinary is done, it will continue to work. In this blog, I will lay out how to beat Obama before it's too late. I have no doubts Obama will win in 2012. I have very little doubt to the abolishment of the 22nd amendment. Too much power already and too many allies. Within four months, President Obama has already become the most powerful president in US history. Once that amendment is abolished, we will have our first dictator since the British monarchy with King George III. If a candidate and people follow by these rules, we can divert off from this trajectory. I think this is what it will take. Do not think this is impossible. Dictatorships started somehow. Follow what Hugo Chavez has done and is continuing to do, then you will see the parallels to this President is undeniable.

Facts have to be amassed as allies: One must have a good grasp of facts to counter the lies which the American people have become blinded to thinking that are real facts. They have bought into the mindset that if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes fact. Be relentless with your stating of facts. You cannot overstate facts. You MUST not understate them. McCain understated every fact he brought up. The lies are too broad and spoken of from a point of view of fact upon the blindful masses. Use facts and use them until either the people give in or look into them. Footnote your facts. Always use footnotes when presenting facts. The best footnotes to use are the ones you will find occasionally slipping through the cracks of the mainstream media or liberal outlets. Enough people know of the liberal bias and what the biggest source for bias is, so if you use facts that favor your position from them it will go a long way. Use eloquence and strength when presenting facts. Put them in a way so there is no parcing of the word. Make sure the facts are presented in a way to remove any possible question to its authenticity. The biggest enemy to a liberal happens to be the biggest enemy to Alinsky's strategy that Obama is employing. Those are facts. Bring up that the most progressive states are the states that are the most in trouble. Bring up that no experiment into socialism works. One must be relentless about stating facts, and that I cannot overstate. Pound the drum until their ears bleed. Realize what you're up against.

Confrontation is your friend: I don't mean confrontation while pulling punches. I mean let go of the restrictions of that little box you're in. Throw out in a fury as if you were Floyd Mayweather. Civility is your enemy right now. I don't mean being violent. I mean say things the way they really are. Say them with conviction. Call Obama out. To beat Obama, a person MUST call him out. Don't be afraid of the media. They'll attack you anyway. You want them to attack you, but take the battle to Obama. Call him out. Get personal. Get very personal. Don't be above the fray as Obama appears to be. He can be. You can't. Do you have minions to work your will? He does. If you call him out, he will show more of his true colors. Get under his skin. Get into his melon. Make him respond to you personally. Because of his thin skin, it won't take much. Make the people aware of Saul Alinsky and how Obama said his book was better than any class he took in Harvard. As is the case in using facts, use this relentlessly until America looks into Alinsky. This will bypass the mainstream media. Their response will be to try to paint Alinsky as a humble community organizer. Enough of the people that look into him will see him differently. If you can do this, you can render Obama's minions impotent. Enough people can then awaken to the Alinsky strategy and how Obama is using it. Speak with the anger that the people of America who are aware of what's going on has. Do not plead with tone or words like McCain did when he used his "nice guy" voice time and time again during the campaign. You cannot do that and beat this man. Be as mad as Bob Dole, but be as eloquent as Obama. That takes a special person. So far, I haven't seen anyone that fits that bill.

Attack him personally only on issues: Nothing else. The other things may be sexy to bring up, but the mainstream media will only show those attacks while ignoring the others that actually carry weight to most Americans. People should have learned during the Clinton years that no matter how bad a personal scandal may be, it has nothing to do with what is really going on. The populace gets turned off by such things, unless it happens to conservatives. That is the ugly truth, so accept it. You cannot use the same strategy and expect it to work. There are enough issues to attack this President on, and if the American people knew what the facts were they would be more apt to listen to you. Again, put them in a direct, unquestionable way. Do exactly what Dick Cheney did. Speak firmly, eloquently, and call this Alinskyite out personally. He has very thin skin. That's Obama's biggest weakness. The more anyone dares to stand up to him, the more his true self he reveals. Joe "The Plumber" asked him a simple question and Obama let it slip that he wanted to spread the wealth. All he did to make Obama mess up was ask him a direct question. Obama attacked Joe which showed an ugly side. He was supposed to let his minions do his dirty work, but his thin skin caused him to go away from his positive, Manchurian Candidate message. It's very possible and even easy to take Obama off of his game and cause him to make mistakes. Palin was able to get into Obama's head so much he flubbed up when he made that lipstick on a pig comment. You could see on his face that he was trying not to say it, but he couldn't stop himself. She didn't do much to get under the skin except she had energy and charisma. She stole a bit of his thunder. Obama was intimidated by that because he thought he was the only one that had those two things, until McCain named her his VP candidate.

Fight back at the mainstream media: I've heard people say only go on friendly media networks and outlets. I couldn't disagree with that more. Go on those minion networks, even MSNBC. But instead of being a punching bag, attack them. Attack them and call them out for their bias. Don't be afraid. Confrontation is your friend, remember. Just as you do this to the mainstream media, do the same to Obama. Go after him as if you have nothing to lose. If you want to beat him, then don't worry about possibly turning some people off. As long as you do it on issues and use facts, they will not be turned off by you. The ones that will be turned off by that are the ones that have already pledged their allegiance so there's no chance of swaying them anyway. Fight back at the moment. Don't wait until you gather a press release. Fight back right there and use examples of their bias. Put them back on their heals. Show you are not afraid to fight anyone. This will also intimidate Obama. The American populace just might see it that you are fighting for them, not yourself. Either way, they will find respect for you for standing up for yourself and the issues you are passionate about. The American people are passionate and angry. Be their representative by matching their anger when you attack Obama and fight back against the mainstream media minions. Make them understand that you understand them. Make them feel like you are fighting with their voices.

These are the things I believe that will take down this President. Only after reading Alinsky's book and studying Obama personally am I able to suggest these things. He has glaring weaknesses. Expose them and be unrelenting at attacking them. Gather those who are equally willing to say things the way they really are. Gather the strong who will not be intimidated by the acolytes. That small coalition will be big enough to take the great Alinskyite down. Do not allow attacks upon you to go unanswered. Do not try to correct misperceptions or false attacks. Let your allies do that. You answer the attack instead by going after the source of the attack personally. Expose their bias, not their lies. Let your allies expose their lies. In short, go everywhere. Make people hear you and your anger. Fight with every ounce of your strength for them. Fight with nothing to lose. Don't worry about the future. All that matters is now. For the people at Townhall, be even more vocal. Keep gathering. Don't attack personally on anything outside of an issue. Once we do that, we lose. Don't be afraid to confront anyone, but do it by using footnoted facts on issues. That's all. Their side is allowed to get away with personal attacks on nonissues. We can't. If we stick to this and realize what we're up against, we can take down the great Alinskyite. If not, then our future is very much in doubt. Power is a snowball rolling down a hill. It will only get bigger over time.


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Bringing Up Sotomayor the Racist Latina as an Example of Judiciary Integrity is but another way to say .. I DO NOT WANT THE US CONSTITUITION to Continue ... THe New Obama Constitution shall be exposed via the New National Press Station ( aka known as NBC.. MSN BC and CNBC) while the rest shall be Nationalized and put under the New Czar for Communications the Great Constitutional Egregious Highly Motivated Professor Ayers .... Alamost as Good as having Pravda Declare that in 100+ days this Idiot has Killed Capitalismj....without awhmper from the Subjects no less!