Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama's Energy Plan...coming to a neighborhood near you.

Photos by Norman E. Hooben


Joe said...

Oh, doesn't that look just ducky! I want some windmills next to my house too!

Lew Waters said...

Sort of shows you why those strong uber proponents of such alternative energy, blocked construction of a wind farm in Nantucket Sound.

How do you spell hypocrite?


Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"How do you spell hypocrite?"

The plural is KENNEDYGORE

or the possessive form


redhawk said...

NOKENNEDYGOREKERRY issues here.. THe way these Morons want us to have to look at these Uglies it would only be fair that all of the 3 Idiots have Wind Turbine Farms installed on Nantucket spound .. Pam Beack and across the Street of each of their Mansions.. Brach Houses.. Mountain Retreats and HOVELS...Then and Only then should we have to put up with any such idiotic things!!!