Saturday, April 25, 2009

If You Think You're Poor haven't seen nothing yet!

Obama Administration Seeks World Currency
Obama Administration Seeks World CurrencyApril 13, 2009Tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner has indicated support for a world currency to be managed by an international group. This is after he testified before the House Financial Services Committee and said he would renounce any attempts to have America move away from the dollar.

After giving Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) assurances he would not support a global currency to replace the dollar, Geithner spoke before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York and responded to a question about whether the dollar could be replaced by a global currency. His answer:

…we’re actually quite open to that suggestion” and added that this would be “evolutionary” and “building on the current architecture” of the world’s currency.
Appearing on Sean Hannity’s program, Bachmann noted: “Secretary Geithner has left the option on the table. I want to know which it is. The American people deserve to know.”

While in London, Geithner expanded on his views by stating: “Our hope is that we can work with Europe on a global framework, a global infrastructure which has appropriate global oversight, so we don't have a Balkanized system at the global level, like we had at the national level.”

These summits are merely formalities with photo ops and fancy dinners. All the negotiating is done prior to the summit so Secretary Geithner knew what would come out of the summit ahead of time. Government officials negotiate these agreements ahead of time. His statement to Rep. Bachmann was dishonest. He had to have known that the global currency discussion was part of the pre-summit talks.

President Obama agreed to place our free enterprise system under the control of socialist bankers in Europe. A global currency would fit right into this new scheme.

Rep. Bachmann has introduced House Joint Resolution 41, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prohibit the President of the United States from signing any treaty or international agreement that will force the U.S. to adopt as legal tender any currency other than the dollar. Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) has called for the resignation of Geithner over his handling of questions about the dollar and a world currency. According to Mack:

It’s shocking how Secretary Geithner, all by himself, continues to tear apart his national and international credibility.

Just when the American people thought our confidence in him couldn't sink any lower in the wake of the AIG fiasco, Secretary Geithner's multiple changing stances this week on China's calls for a new international reserve currency have raised even more questions about his on the job performance and his inability to inspire any confidence in his leadership.

What does Secretary Geithner really believe? Does he support China's call to abandon the U.S. dollar in favor of a new international reserve currency? Does he understand that a strong dollar is essential to America's economy, and that our freedom and prosperity are directly tied to the dollar's value?

The American people deserve clear and articulate answers from Secretary Geithner. His failure to answer these simple questions will only further erode his standing at home and abroad.

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